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Level control and measurement

In the discussion of choosing and studying level control and measurement equipment, the following content is for you, dear visitors of the Damatajhiz HVAC website, so that you can choose and bulk buy the appropriate control and measurement tools for your living or work environment.

Analysis and Selection guide for level control and measurement equipment

If you want to use level control and measurement equipment to control the height of the surface and prevent the tank from overflowing, and you do not know what level control and measurement equipment to use, with what model, brand, price, and specifications, Stay with us in the rest of this article to answer all your questions regarding the purchase price, technical specifications and the best types of control and level measurement equipment you need!

Level measurement, or in other words, measuring the height of the fluid level, is done to control the height of the surface and prevent overflow in tanks and some process devices. Measuring the height of the fluid inside the tank and controlling it by connecting and disconnecting the inlet and outlet flow to the tank environment is of great importance. For this reason, two or even three types of measuring devices are used to estimate tank height accurately.
Among the equipment used to control and measure the level, we can mention the level indicator (level indicator), level switch, level meter and level sensor. In this article, we have tried to briefly introduce you to the types of level control and measurement tools and their functions.

Level index

َ A level indicator (level index) placed on the tanks can show the height of the materials inside the tank can.

Types of level controls

Level switch

Level switches, which have a level measurement sensor, are used in many industries to control and measure the level of fluids from the bottom of tanks to the top of the fluid level. By sending ON-OFF commands to electronic circuits, the level switch can control various equipment (electro pumps, solenoids, etc.). To know the level and apply control, we need tools that, if the level reaches the required values, the corresponding switch will issue the command to turn off and on the current.

Level switches can be divided into the following types:

Floating level switch

In the level of float switches, the change of the liquid level causes the movement of the float inside the device chamber, which is transferred to the mercury switches through the communication levers and the rotation of the axes through the holding arm, and this causes the movement of the mercury inside the key from and It turns from one side to the other, which ultimately causes our current to flow between its electrodes. This way, sending ON-OFF commands to electrical circuits is possible.

Float level switch

Features of the Floating level switches
  • Continuous and regular control of the fluid level
  • It is installable in places with high temperature
  • The ability to install in places that require a high-reliability factor
  • With the ability to install in dangerous places that require a license and performance certificate
  • No need for continuous repairs and service
  • Having complete sealing using the seal bellows mechanism

Ultrasonic level switches (ultrasonic level gauge)

Ultrasonic level switches are used in various industries for water purification and pump control in measuring currents passing through open channels and the level of very viscous liquids close to solids. These sensors emit high-frequency acoustic waves (200KH to 20KH) that are reflected in contact with the fluid and detected by the transducer.

Ultrasonic level switch

Vibration level switches

Vibration level switches control the level of liquids and powdered solids in various industries. Vibration level switches can measure the level of excellent powders and granular solids. They can measure the level of very fluid powders and electrostatic materials by determining the appropriate vibration frequencies and adjusting the appropriate sensitivity.
The vibrating switch starts to vibrate with a defined frequency in normal mode. When the desired fluid reaches a certain level, the change in the domain environment causes the value of the vibration frequency to change. Finally, the desired switch output command is issued.

diapason level switch

paddle Level switches

Paddle level switches are used to measure the level in tanks of powdered and granulated solids such as granules, sand, etc. In paddle switches, a metal paddle is connected to an electric motor, which rotates until the material's surface reaches the metal paddle. The metal paddle stops moving as soon as the material's surface reaches where the paddle is installed. The pressure caused by the paddle stopping causes the motor to move from its axis. Finally, the switch valve commands the whole or empty tank level.

Paddle level switch

Factors to consider When choosing paddle Level switches
  • Circuit feeding type
  • Shaft length and its connection type
  • Engine speed (rpm)

Capacitive level switch

Capacitive level switches continuously and discretely have the ability to monitor the maximum and minimum values in the tanks. Capacitive level switches are used to determine the level of powdery, granular or flake materials or to determine the border points of two liquids with different densities in tanks. In a capacitive level switch, the greater the amount of material between the electrode and the surface of the tank, the greater the dielectric property of the capacitor. Based on that, an output proportional to the height of the tank is obtained.
Among the advantages of determining the level through capacitive level gauges, we can mention the absence of moving parts and the stability of performance over a long time.

Capacitive level switch

Diaphragm level switch

Diaphragm level switches are used in various industries to measure the level of liquids, especially powder and solids. Diaphragm level switches mechanically without the need to be fed through the pressure applied to the membrane or the thin membrane of the diaphragm and the like can, by transferring this pressure to a micro switch, send the suitable output for monitoring the tank's full and empty status.

Advantages of diaphragm level switches
  • Ease of use in special functional conditions (high temperatures or explosive environments)
  • This sensor does not need a power supply.

Diaphragm level switch

Capacitance admittance level switch

Capacitive admittance level switches are used to measure and determine a wide range of solid materials, organic liquids and slurry. These sensors can measure with a dielectric constant of at least 1/1 (soot and ash) and up to 88 (water). Sludges, slurries, dehydrated cake, sewage (with a dielectric constant of approximately 50) and liquid chemicals such as quicklime (with a dielectric constant of approximately 90) are measurable with these sensors. The admittance level switch has a guard section, so the circuit determines only the change of admittance current between the active section and the tank wall.

Capacitive admittance switch level

Level transmitters

From the level transmitter to measure one of the physical parameters (METERING) and convert it into a standard signal (such as 4 to 20 milliamps or zero to ten volts) in the processes of pressure control, determining the level of the height of the material inside the tank, etc. and transfer It is used for control and monitoring to a distant place such as the control room (TRANSFER).
The output obtained from level transmitters is usable in displays, PLC systems and all control equipment. Today, the transmitter is widely used in oil, gas, petrochemical, steel, cement, foundry, pharmaceutical, medical engineering, and generally any system that requires industrial automation.

Level transmitters can be divided into the following:

Floating level transmitter

The level of floating transmitters is suitable for measuring water level, diesel oil and coal storage, etc. In floating-level transmitters, when the float moves, the machine's gear connects to the float, which causes spring movement. It displays the size of the surface according to a scale and finally produces an analog signal.

Float level transmitter

Magnetic level transmitter

In the magnetic transmitter tube, a magnet is placed inside a float on the liquid's surface. With the floating motion of the rotation of the magnetic strips outside the tank and considering the color difference on both sides of these strips, you can easily find out the position of the liquid level in the tank by observing the color of the strips.
The magnetic level transmitter measures the level (height) of liquids in tanks. In this method, it is possible to read the height locally and transmit the signal to another point. Also, this method has advantages such as increasing the safety factor, reducing maintenance and long-term operational costs, etc.

Magnetic level transmitter

Smart level transmitter

Smart level transmitter

parameters of the level gauges

  • Temperature range (temperature range)
  • Tank pressure or line pressure
  • Number and type of desired output
  • environmental conditions
  • Measurable height
  • Connection type
  • Fluid density or viscosity
  • type of fluid
  • Accuracy of equipment

Level control sensors

A sensor is a sensing element that converts physical quantities, such as pressure, heat, humidity, temperature, etc., into continuous analog or discontinuous (digital) electrical quantities. Sensors are used in all kinds of measuring devices.

The types of level control sensors are divided into the following groups:

Optical level control sensor

Optical level control sensors detect the level of liquids such as alcohol, ether, distilled water, various acids and industrial oils, etc. These sensors operate based on sending modulated infrared waves and receiving refracted waves from the prismatic tip of the sensor. Suppose the sensor's tip comes into contact with the liquid. In that case, the refraction angle of the waves changes and they do not reach the receiver and the output of the sensor changes. The body of these sensors is made of stainless steel. Their probe's material is acrylic, resistant to various liquids and acids.

Optical level control sensor

Magnetic level control sensor

Magnetic level control sensors detect the liquid level in tanks at one or more specific points. Magnetic level control sensors are installed vertically in the tank without a power source. Magnetic level control sensors include a polyamide float that moves along with the liquid in the tank. The float movement along the rod triggers the switches inside the rod and activates the device's output.

Magnetic level control sensor

Capacitance level control sensor

Capacitive level control sensors (sensors without contact and electrical contact) are a type of proximity sensor used to detect the presence of materials in metal tanks. Capacitor level control sensors are suitable for level control in tanks filled with powdery, liquid and granular materials. Although the similarity of these sensors with inductive sensors, capacitive-level control sensors can detect non-metallic materials (glass, paper, plastic, liquids, cloth) in addition to metallic materials. Capacitive level sensors are also usable beside generators to control machines' program status for counters and detect almost all metallic and non-metallic materials. Capacitive level control sensors are used to determine the water level in plastic bottles, detect opaque and black objects, detect powder inside bottles, detect wires with copper cables, etc.

Capacitance level control sensor

 types of the Capacitive level control sensors
  1. Capacitive surface control sensors with the coated probe: suitable for conductive materials such as water, iron oxide, aluminum oxide, etc
  2. Capacitive surface control sensors with uncoated probes: suitable for materials with high electrical resistance, such as cement, clay, plaster, various oils, plastic granules, ceramic powder, etc

Purchase order and warranty of level control and measurement equipment:

  • In the level control equipment group of the Damatajhiz reference website, information and prices of various models of level control and measurement equipment, including level transmitter, level control, level switch, etc., from brands such as Fantini, Rosemont, Anders Hauser, etc. are provided to review, choose and buy wholesale.
  • Because all products on the Damatajhiz website are provided with an original warranty, if you bulk buy any control and level measurement equipment, all the special sales discounts of each brand, such as Fantini, Rosemont, Anders Hauser, etc., will be included in your offer.  (Ask Damatajhiz experts for the specialized sales of level control and measurement equipment)
  • Note that all level control and safety equipment offered on the Damatajhiz website has a reasonable price. The discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.
  • After reading the above, if you have any more questions to decide to buy any kinds of pressure control and measuring equipment in bulk, you can contact us through email or whatsapp to get advice and ask your questions.

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