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  • Rosemount Radar Level Transmitter model 5400
  • Rosemount Radar Level Transmitter model 5400

Rosemount Radar Level Transmitter model 5400

دما: (150+)-(40-) درجه سانتیگراد فشار: تا 16 بار
  • Temperature: (150+)-(-40) degrees Celsius
  • Pressure: up to 16 bar
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Guide to choosing and buying Rosemont radar transmitter level model 5400

Rosemount, the manufacturer of the model 5400 radar level transmitter, is one of the successful manufacturers of precision instruments, relying on modern European technical knowledge, experienced specialists, as well as advanced machines and equipment, to produce quality products in line with the highest quality assurance standards in Europe.

Rosemount model 5400 radar level transmitter

The function of detecting the fluid level in the radar level transmitter (Radar Fill Level Transmitters) is by broadcasting radio waves. These transmitters are installed on top of the tank containing the fluid and like radar, they send radio waves to the surface of the fluid inside the tank and receive the reflected waves. The duration of sending and returning waves indicates the fluid level inside the tank.

Radar level transmitter

Advantages of Rosemount model 5400 radar transmitter level

  • Accurate measurement
  • Easy maintenance without recalibration
  • Easy installation through two-wire technology
  • High flexibility, including for solid materials and corrosive materials
  • Prevent overflow and suitable for integrated safety system
  • With dual input technology, it produces stronger signals and more accurate measurements than the 2-wire radar transmitter.
  • A very resistant antenna with minimal protective cover increases accuracy and reduces the number of repairs.
  • This transmitter's easy-to-use measurement and learning functions make setup faster and easier
  • Circular polarization reduces reflections caused by obstacles and tank walls
  • Advanced transmitter software can be easily installed
  • Safe and appropriate functional systems

The installation location of Rosemount model 5400 radar level transmitter

Things that should be considered in choosing the level of radar transmitters are:

  • Working temperature range
  • Structure and type of tank
  • The type of fluid inside the tank
  • Absence of other objects in the measuring range for correct operation

Features and technical specifications of Rosemont model 5400 level radar transmitter

  • Measurements: pulsed, free emission radar
  • Repeatability (±0.04 in (±1 mm
  • Accuracy (5401 ±0.4 in (±10 mm
  • Output 4-20 mA
  • Protection against water penetration Type 4X, IP66, IP67
  • made in the USA

The authenticity of Rosemount model 5400 radar level transmitter

Damatajhiz company confirms the authenticity and physical health of Rosemount model 5400 level radar transmitter.

On the reference site and store of Damatajhiz, all kinds of radar transmitter levels have been presented to you, dear customers, to create a good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.


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