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Pool Heat Exchanger

A pool heat exchanger provides hot water to the pool by exchanging heat with the hot water coming from the boiler/engine room boiler. Below, you will find technical specs, brands, capacity, and the best price of pool heat exchangers for wholesale purchase.

Guidance on selecting and reviewing Pool Heat Exchanger

A heat exchanger facilitates heat transfer between two fluids (gas or liquid) by utilizing the temperature differential without any mixing or direct contact.
For example, the swimming pool heat exchanger transfers the heat of the boiler's hot water to the swimming pool's water without direct contact between them.

DamaTajhiz HVAC Group provides a variety of heat exchangers suitable for both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. These heat exchangers are constructed from steel, titanium, and copper, depending on pool water, usage, capacity, and price. Based on the mentioned specifications, you can select the most appropriate heat exchanger for your swimming pool.

Different Types of Pool Heat Exchangers

There are, in fact, only two main types of pool heat exchangers, which are also the most effective types out there:

Plate/Fin Heat Exchangers

A plate/fin heat exchanger is a type of compact heat exchanger that uses corrugated sheets and flat metal plates to create finned chambers that transfer heat between fluids, usually in gas form. The design of the fins and flow arrangement can be adjusted to accommodate different types of fluids. Plate/fin heat exchangers are usually used in various industries, including swimming pools, home usage, aerospace, cryogenics, etc.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

Shell and tube heat exchangers find extensive use in air conditioning, swimming pools, and even chemical industries. The heat exchanger with shell and tube design lets the gas or liquid pass through interconnected tubes. Another fluid with a different temperature flows around the tubes within the shell.
Therefore, the heat is transferred from the hot fluid to the cold fluid due to the temperature difference between the two fluids and through the walls of the pipes without direct contact.

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

These tubes are usually made of copper, but depending on the application, they can also be made of stainless steel, nickel, aluminum, brass, and titanium.
Sometimes, to increase the heat transfer efficiency, the direction of the fluid flow in the tubes and in the shell are usually opposite, which is called a "non-aligned shell and tube heat exchanger". However, according to the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid inside or outside the pipe, in whichever direction this coefficient is lower, it is possible to use finned pipes from the inside or finned from the outside, which naturally will cost more.

The converters also have two simple and flanged models. If basic pool maintenance is done rapidly, a simple converter is a better option due to its lower price. Otherwise, flanged converters can be used, and the front head can be disassembled and cleaned easily.

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Types of shell and tube heat exchangers

  1. U-shaped Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

In U-shaped heat exchangers, the tubes are bent in a "U" shape and use a tube sheet on only one side. They work in such a way that one of the fluids enters the tube and the other one through the shell and the walls, the exchange of heat between the fluids.
In U-shaped heat exchangers, the possibility of mechanical cleaning is lifted, but the good thing about them is that they use only one tube sheet. The liquid flows through the pipes, takes a 180-degree turn at the end, and exits from the same side, which is called a two-pass flow pattern.

U-shaped Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

  1. Single-Pass Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

The "Single Pass" means that the fluid enters from one side and flows out directly from the other side. This configuration does not have any curves, making it simple to clean the tubes manually. This model also incorporates double tube sheets.

Single-Pass Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

  1. Multi-Pass Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

The "Multi-Pass" concept refers to the fluid's movement through the pipes. The fluid enters from one side and, after a 180° turn, enters another group of pipes, then comes out from the same side it entered.
This model is actually the combination of the "U-shaped model" with the "Single-Pass Model", and as you can see in the picture, the fluid inside the pipes has flown through two directions, with the pipes not getting bent. Therefore, it is possible to clean them physically, and at the same time, a double tube sheet is used.

Multi-Pass Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Heat Exchanger Placement in the Pool Heating System

In the guided picture above/below, the proper location of the pool heat exchangers in the pool heating system next to other equipment has been drawn. Keep in mind that the heat exchanger should be positioned after the filter and before the disinfection equipment, such as chlorine.
Steel plate heat exchangers are commonly utilized for pool water heating.

Heat Exchanger Placement in the Pool Heating System

Buying a Swimming Pool Heat Exchanger

In order to choose the most suitable heat exchanger, in addition to calculating and determining the capacity and thermal level, the type of converter, dimensions, material, working pressure, and the diameter of the return water pipes should also be considered.
Also, pay attention to points such as whether the pool is indoor or outdoor, the amount of time required to heat the pool water, the temperature difference to increase the pool water temperature, and the number of converters required.

Now, take your time and compare different models of pool heat exchangers from reputed brands provided on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website, such as Aquamarine and Thermopol, in order to grab the best heat exchanger possible. Moreover, you can always consult with the experts of DamaTajhiz HVAC so they can guide you even further.
On the DamaTajhiz HVAC website, the technical information of dozens of pool heat exchangers from reputed brands with their main guarantee has been provided so you can experience an optimal and smart purchase.

Also note that in the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the pool heat exchangers are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

Price of the Pool Heat Exchangers

The pool heat exchanger price varies based on its heat capacity, size, weight, and material. You can choose the right model that suits your needs and budget from various pool exchangers at the DamaTajhiz HVAC website.
It should be pointed out that the prices of all the swimming pool heat exchangers provided on the website of DamaTajhiz HVAC are all up-to-date, with the discount being already included on them for wholesale purchase. Therefore, the best price for our pool cleaners is guaranteed.

Dear Users:

While thanking you for your confidence in the technical opinions of DamaTajhiz HVAC sales experts, it should be noted that the buyer ultimately determines the selection and choice of the desired product brand based on history, brand strength, service, and product price. But in the field of pool heat exchangers, most of the users and buyers of best-selling brands such as DamaTajhiz and Aquamarine choose and buy Thermopool according to their quality, price, and after-sales service.

If, after reading the above material, you have more questions about deciding on the purchase of different types of pool heat exchangers, you can get advice from the pool, sauna, and jacuzzi sales experts by contacting the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group and extension numbers 106-103-105. And ask your questions.

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