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Solar and Gas Water Heater

Where the use of some heating equipment is not economically justified or only hot water is needed, a water heater is the best option for providing hot water. This article reviews capacity, models, brands, specifications, and the best price of water heaters for wholesale purchase.


If you are planning to get a water heater in order to have the needed hot water at any time of the day and night, and you do not know what type of electric, gas, wall, or even solar water heater to use, with what capacity, brand, price and specifications. You can find all the answers to the questions about the purchase price, technical specifications, types of gas, electric, wall-mounted, solar water heaters, and so on in the rest of this article.

wall-mounted water heater

Water heater categories based on the fuel

In general, water heaters can be divided into three categories according to the source of heating energy:

  • Gas and diesel water heater (floor-standing/wall-mounted)
  • electrical water heater
  • Solar Water Heater

Tank water heater

Tank water heaters are one of the most common water heater models. As its name suggests, this type of water heater has a tank in which hot water is stored and can be used when we need it.
In terms of fuel consumption, water heaters with tanks have different types of gas, diesel, and even electric fuel. Solar water heaters also can have a tank to store hot water to provide hot water at night or even on cloudy days.

Tankless water heater

In these types of water heaters, water is heated instantly. Tankless water heaters provide a limited amount of hot water instantly. The use of tankless water heaters is usually suitable for those who only use hot water for toilet and washing.

The difference between water heaters with pilot and ionized ignition

In pilot water heaters, the lit flame is permanently on, but to turn on ionized model water heaters, a smart ignition system is used. It should also be noted that there is very little sediment in the converter tubes of water heaters with ionized systems, which is why the life of this device is long.

Types of solar water heaters

Solar water heaters, which are actually types of tank water heaters, can be divided into the following three categories according to their function:

Thermosyphon solar water heater

In thermosiphon water heaters, there is no pump installed to move water, and this operation is done only by using the energy of the sun. The main problem of this system is freezing in cold seasons because the double-wall source of the spa must be installed at a level higher than the collector and in the space outside the building.

Pressure-pumped solar water heater

A pump is used in the pressurized solar water heater, which has a closed system to move the fluid, and antifreeze is used to prevent the water from freezing. These water heaters are less efficient in areas where the temperature difference between day and night is high. The advantage of this system is that the storage tank can be placed indoors inside the engine room.

Gravity return solar water heater

In the solar water heater, with the gravity return of the water through a closed system, it absorbs the heat of the sun and heats the water in the tank through a heat exchanger. This system is active as long as the heat of the sun is sufficient; otherwise, the pump is disabled, and the water is drained into the tank due to gravity.

It is recommended to use a solar water heater for office units, but if you want to use a wall-mounted gas water heater, water heaters that produce less than 12 liters of hot water per minute will also be suitable for you. In general, one of the best ways to supply hot water for commercial and office buildings that do not require the use of large volume and long-term hot water (such as bathroom showers) is to use permanent solar water heater systems.

solar panels

Advantages of using a solar water heater

Solar water heaters are one of the great types of water heaters, and we considered their advantages below:

  • An endless source of solar energy
  • Being safe and increasing safety assurance
  • Clean and without environmental pollution
  • Free and always available
  • A suitable alternative to reduce the consumption of other fuels
  • Prevent global warming
  • The place of storage and supply of hot water needed at night and even on cloudy days (up to 24 hours)
  • The possibility of transferring and storing the hot water of the solar water heater to the hot water coil source of the building

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Water heater purchase

There are points that you should pay special attention to when choosing and buying a water heater. Paying attention to these points will make the water heater you choose have the efficiency you want and have higher durability, in addition to buying better. These important and practical points are the capacity and size of the water heater, the amount of energy consumption, the quality and durability of the water heater, the brand and the country of manufacture, safety, warranty and product guarantee, etc.
On the site of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, technical information of dozens of models of water heaters from reputable brands with original warranties has been presented for you to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Also note that In the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the water heaters are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

Water heater price

Water heaters, like other products, have different types and features such as capacity, brand, type of application, type of fuel consumed, quality and lifespan of the water heater, etc., which are among the factors affecting the price of the types of water heaters. However, enough information about this heating device has been placed on the DamaTajhiz HVAC for you to prepare the water heater you need; according to them, all the water heaters provided on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website have reasonable prices, and the discounts desired by consumers in this Prices are included for wholesale purchase.

Important parameters when choosing a water heater

When choosing a water heater, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • The amount of hot water required in lit/min: Based on the number of toilets, the number of family members, and the amount of hot water consumption, you can get a water heater of the right size.

  • Type of water heater: Gas water heater - Electrical water heater - Ground water heater - Wall water heater - Solar water heater

  • Water heater safety: If the safety of the water heater is important to you and you want to use hot water safely, you should get a water heater that has a thermal switch in addition to the standard safety systems.

  • Instant hot water: If you want the water to heat up very quickly after turning on the faucet, look for a water heater that can heat the water at the same time as turning on the faucet, and don't wait for the water to heat up.

  • Pay attention to the water pressure: Water pressure varies in different areas; if you live in an area with very low water pressure, buy a water heater that can work with low water pressure. Of course, to turn on the low-pressure water heater, minimum water pressure is still needed because otherwise, the water heater will not turn on. In this case, it is better to use a water heater with a standing model tank.

  • With or without pilots: Water heaters with pilot lights are among the old models in the market that need a permanent lit flame to work, which slightly increases the cost of gas consumption. Still, today, due to the advancement of technology, water heaters have entered the market that are without pilot lights and work using an automatic ionization ignition system. The working mechanism of this system is such that in normal mode, the device is completely off, but as soon as you turn on the hot water tap, the automatic ignition system turns on the water heater, and you can use instant hot water. With this method, gas consumption is reduced. Therefore, it is smarter to buy a water heater without pilots.

Note: Choose the size of the water heater according to the space you intend to install it.

Important Note: The amount of hot water consumed in the bathroom is about 4 liters per minute, for the bathroom about 9 to 12 liters per minute, and for the kitchen about 6 liters per minute.

water heaters

Water heater implementation and installation points

Important points in the implementation and installation of water heaters are as follows:

  • To use solar water heaters, you should pay attention to the minimum space required to install the solar water heater on the roof.
  • Also, regarding the installation location of solar water heaters, you should pay attention to the point that the shadow of the neighboring buildings or even the shadow of your building (during the day and taking into account the different angles of sunlight and the movement of shadows) will not be created on the solar energy absorption panel.
  • In the installation and implementation of wall-mounted gas water heaters, the distance between the cabinets, the side wall, the place of the chimney, the distance from the gas valve, and the permitted installation height etc., must be paid attention to.

Dear user

While thanking you for the trust you have in the technical opinions of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group sales experts, it should be noted that the determination and selection of the desired product brand based on history, brand strength, service, and product price is ultimately determined by the buyer. But in the field of water heaters, most of the users and buyers choose and buy best-selling brands such as Butan, Avisa, Ariston, Azmoon Kar, Stable Eltron, Azmayesh, Barfab, etc., according to their quality, price, and after-sales service.

Due to the fact that all products on the DamaTajhiz HVAC are provided with an original warranty, if you buy any type of water heater and solar water heater offered on our website, you will definitely get all the discounts related to the special sales of each of the brands such as Butan, Azhir, Ariston, etc. If, after reading the above information, you need more questions to decide on buying different types of gas, electric, solar water heater, etc., you can contact the experts after contacting the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group and extension numbers 107-108-304 of home and office equipment sales to get advice and ask your questions.

Also, due to the fact that DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, as an official member of the Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Sellers Association, provides all types of water heaters and solar water heaters in the Middle East region, if you need Solar, Electric, and Gas Water Heaters for any of the countries in the region, you can place a purchase order. Entrust yourself to our sales experts with confidence, product warranty, and reasonable price.

"Buy with confidence and peace of mind."

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