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As you know, Providing the comfort of the home or workplace (office and business) requires cooling, heating equipment, etc.; In the following, the most common household and office equipment that are used to ensure the well-being and comfort of people in residential and office places are mentioned. Please be with us.

Water Purifiers and Air Purifiers

Why is it emphasized the necessity to use a water purifier at home and work today?

Because of the growing population and the increasing industrial and human pollution in water and soil, the quality and health of the water have dropped even in cities that used to be healthy in the past. Infiltration and increasing the contamination in the water, especially nitrate of human wastewater to the layers of groundwater and water resources are very dangerous and can increase the risk of various diseases.

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Air purifier

In certain advanced nations, the field of facility engineering is referred to as comfort and environmental engineering. This designation holds significance as it encompasses the essential aspects required to establish and enjoy favorable living conditions. Apart from maintaining suitable cooling and heating temperatures, modern individuals also need to address other factors, such as regulating humidity levels, purifying airborne particles, and eliminating various pollutants from the atmosphere. Consequently, the presence of heating and air conditioning systems, as well as air and water purifiers, becomes imperative in both residential and commercial spaces. These necessary installations contribute to the well-being, health, and contentment of occupants in homes and offices.

The significance of air purifiers in residential and commercial establishments

In the past, only Tehran and Arak were recognized as cities with polluted air in Iran. However, the current scenario depicts a rise in pollutants and dense dust in numerous cities across the country, including Ahvaz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Karaj, Kermanshah, Ilam, and more. Consequently, the necessity of utilizing air purifiers has become more apparent than ever before.

It is crucial to acknowledge that suspended particles and pollutants present in the air of large urban and industrial areas can be absorbed into the bloodstream of individuals within a mere 20 minutes of breathing. This, in turn, leads to severe and significant health issues in both children and adults.

In adults, these pollutants can result in headaches, elevated blood pressure, nausea, and in some unfortunate cases, even heart attacks or strokes. Shockingly, according to statistics from the Iranian Ministry of Health, approximately 7,000 deaths occur annually in Tehran alone due to air pollution. Furthermore, the entire nation of Iran witnesses around 22,000 victims each year.

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The necessity of using air purifiers

In the following, we will examine the necessity of using air purification:

  • Every year, millions of people around the world suffer from premature death due to complications of air pollution. According to a study published in The Lancet Science Magazine, nearly 9 million people died in 2015 because of breathing air pollutants, mostly in large and polluted cities. These deaths were caused by respiring suspended particles and carbon dioxide gas in the urban air and developing various diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, respiratory allergy, dyspnea, hypertension, palpitations, and heart or brain attacks. These pollutants first enter the lungs and then the body's circulatory system in just 20 minutes, and by blocking the coronary arteries, they increase blood pressure and eventually may terminate in heart attacks.
  • The most recent study reveals that air pollution has a detrimental effect on blood pressure by causing the hardening of artery walls, leading to heartbeats, heart attacks, and strokes. This impact is particularly severe in older individuals and those with high blood pressure. Unfortunately, the negative consequences of air pollution are even more pronounced in older people, as their heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiration can be affected within just an hour of breathing the polluted air in major cities.
  • In general, air cleaners play a crucial role in eliminating toxic and harmful gases, such as O3, SO2, NO2, CO, and CO2, by capturing suspended particulates in the air and removing pollutant ions in industrial areas. Moreover, these devices effectively inhibit the growth of fungi and mildew, significantly reducing the occurrence of asthma and allergies.
  • Furthermore, the domestic air purifier not only absorbs and eliminates suspended particles and air pollutants like bacteria, fungi, viruses, and pollen, but it also effectively removes unpleasant odors in enclosed spaces. By completely purifying the air, it provides consumers with clean, healthy, and enjoyable air.
  • In today's urban living, where various types of pollutants are prevalent in large cities, the use of air purifiers in every household and office has become an indispensable necessity. Additionally, we highly recommend complementing the air purifiers with double-glazed windows and UPVCs, as they effectively prevent the entry of soot and suspended particles.
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  • Due to the tangible effects of air pollution on the increase of respiratory, cardiac, allergic, and other diseases in large cities, using efficient air purifiers in thein order to produce clean, healthy, fresh air will be very effective for treating asthma and allergies as well as respiratory, cardiac, and chronic sinusitis diseases. It is not surprising that in the absence of air purifiers (including the domestic types) in large and polluted cities, each child breathes suspended particles and poisonous respiratory detoxification as much as four cigarettes in a day, even if he does not leave the home.
  • Pollutants leaked from cars, production units, or other sources are the most important agents of air pollution. Most of these pollutants, which are not visible to the naked eye, cause serious harm to human health. Since the human eye is unable to see particles below 10 microns, most of the infections, such as bacteria and viruses can not be seen by the eye. Filters embedded in air purifiers, such as HEPA filters, active carbon filters, and UV lamps, can help remove and absorb particulate matter, including dust, smoke, and chemicals. In some air purifiers, another technology called Electrical Attraction (electric gravity) has been used to break molecules. Electrostatic precipitators, electronic filters, and negative ion generators in air purifiers use this method.

Application of water purifiers in home and office facilities

The rapid decline in the water level of the underground water table has led to a decrease in the quality of drinking water in cities. Moreover, the dams in major provinces have experienced a significant drop in water storage, sometimes reaching below 60%. This has further exacerbated the issue. Additionally, the water treatment plants in big cities, equipped with outdated machinery, are no longer capable of fully purifying potable water. Furthermore, the deteriorating and sedimented pipelines in these cities are unable to maintain the quality of sanitary water transportation. In light of these circumstances, it is advisable to consider using a water purifier for daily home and office use, as it can effectively ensure the provision of clean and safe water.

Important points about the necessity of using a home water purifier include

In the following, we will examine the necessity of using water purification:

  • Nitrate, a highly hazardous pollutant found in urban water treatment plants, poses a significant challenge as it is not effectively removed through conventional methods. To address this issue, the implementation of a cutting-edge water purifier with advanced filtration capabilities becomes imperative in order to eliminate nitrate from the water supply.
  • In urban water treatment facilities, the addition of chlorine serves as a means to eradicate bacteria and disinfect the water. However, it is crucial to acknowledge the direct correlation between chlorine and various health risks such as cancer, fetal abnormalities, heart disease, and asthma. Furthermore, the remnants of deceased microorganisms, resulting from the chlorination process, contribute to another form of water pollution. Hence, it is essential to explore alternative methods to mitigate these concerns and ensure the provision of clean and safe water.
  • Typically, purified water sourced from urban wastewater treatment facilities flows through corroded and antiquated pipelines, leading to the contamination of the purified water.
  • Considering the detrimental effects of chlorine gas on human respiratory health when present in swimming pools or baths, as well as it's potential to cause hair loss and skin damage upon contact, it is advisable for household water purification devices to eliminate chlorine from the urban water supply system effectively.
  • To ensure the prolonged quality of mineral water stored in bottles, preservatives like fluoride are commonly added. However, it is important to note that fluoride is a chemical agent, and its prolonged usage can pose risks to health.
  • Be sure to note that boiling water does not eliminate the microbial contamination in the water and does not eliminate the impurities and hardness in the water. Still, more boiling water increases the number of salts and nitrates present in it. This matter itself causes many diseases, so despite the fact that there is a very wrong belief among people, boiling water does not improve the quality and purification of water. According to the above conditions, we can say that today, one of the essential requirements of life is the use of a device to ensure the provision of high-quality water to us and our loved ones, so there's no choice but to use a valid water purifier.

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