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Water softeners and descalers are among the most essential equipments to prevent sedimentation in the water of cooling, heating and especially steam systems. In the following, the differences and how to choose and use them are reviewed and the best prices of water softeners are presented for wholesale purchase.

Water Softener & Descaler Selecting Tips

One of the biggest problems in the water used in boilers, air conditioning equipment, central heating, and industrial equipment is the presence of magnesium and calcium ions or water solutes in large amounts, which change the water temperature in closed heat transferring systems, which reduces their efficiency.

Water softeners are used to remove and destroy these deposits, and resin water softeners are probably the best option to remove them in the building's heating and cooling system.

softener and descaler

Benefits of the Water Softener

Water softeners can have many benefits for your health; the following are four of the most important ones:

  1. Reducing the harmful effects of water hardness on heat transferring and air conditioning systems.
  2. Saving money and energy.
  3. Extending the lifespan of equipment and pipes.
  4. Reducing the possibility of depositing calcium and magnesium sulfate on surfaces and pipes of any device.

Different Types of Water Softeners

Water softeners come in numerous models based on many factors; in the following, we will talk about them to make sure you receive all the information you need.

Different Types of Water Softeners In Terms of Performance

Based on the performance, there are four types of water softeners:

  1. Resin water softener: A Resin water softener is a special type of water softener that has a very resistant metal cylindrical or FRP body with a pipe and a multi-way valve on its body. By removing all excess ions in water, resin water softeners provide the most stable method of water softening in institutional and industrial systems. It works in such a way that a bed of silica with resin filters most of the deposit in the water.

  2. Magnetic Water Softener: It is possible to convert calcium crystals from calcite to aragonite by installing magnetic water softeners on a pipe of the same size in the water flow path, and finally, these crystals will become microcrystals floating in the water, which will not be able to settle for a long time and are eventually discharged from the outlets.

  3. Ultrasonic Water Softener: Ultrasonic water softeners create an electromagnetic field and prevent deposition in the heating equipment pipes. This type of water softener is very easy to install, and all you have to do is place it around the corresponding pipe.

  4. Electronic Water Softener: This type of water softener not only prevents the deposition but can also remove the pre-formed deposits on the pipe wall. Which has a great effect on increasing the efficiency of converters and increasing the amount of heat transfer in them.

Reverse Osmosis Method in Water Softeners

In reverse osmosis, first, the hard water is pumped to the device and then passes through the semi-permeable membrane; at this stage, the water deposit cannot pass through the membrane, and for this reason, the water coming out of the device is completely soft and solvent-free, which is great for drinking and consumption water.

Types of Resin Water Softeners

There are two types of resin water softeners, which are divided by the body material:

  • Fiberglass-Body Resin Water Softener (FRP): The body is made of fiberglass and polyethylene, and the body color of these water softeners is often white or blue.

  • Metal-Body Resin Water Softener: The body of this type of water softener is made of steel or galvanized; the metal resin water softener has a higher capacity and working pressure than the fiberglass one and is used for larger industrial environments.

Note: Resin water softeners are divided into two types, fully automatic and semi-automatic, in terms of how the multi-way valve works.

Resin Water Softener Capacity Estimation

To calculate the required resin water softener for your equipment, simply follow the instructions:

capacity calculation formula

After determining the amount of water consumed in the cooling and heating cycle and the water hardness level (using special kits), use the formula to calculate the required capacity of the resin water softener for your project.

Constituent Components of Resin Water Softener

Resin water softeners are, in general, made of 9 parts, which are as follows:

  1. A tank
  2. A nozzle
  3. Water transferring pipe (riser)
  4. Water-softening resin
  5. The piping
  6. A multi-way valve
  7. A salt tank
  8. A drain pipe
  9. Silica substrate

How Resin Water Softeners Work

In resin water softeners, water softening is done using the ion exchange process. As ion exchange, resins absorb hard water ions and sodium ions with them (odium ions are stable in water and do not precipitate). For this reason, water containing sodium ions is called soft water. However, it should be noted that the type of water softener resin should be selected based on the type and level of the hard water.

Moreover, the water softener resin loses its ion-exchanging power after some time and will not function properly. Therefore, they should be washed with a 10% salt or sodium chloride solution to restore their power. Before the salt water passes over the resin, the resin is first rinsed so that the salt water does not enter the water of the central heating system because salt is highly corrosive and damages the equipment of the facility system.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Resin Water Softener

In order to buy the right water softener that suits your needs, keep the following factors in mind before making any purchases:

  • Inlet water hardness in PPM
  • The flow rate of the input water
  • Resin type and capacity
  • The duration of  the regeneration and washing cycle

Note: The volume of resin, the dimensions of the water softener (diameter and height), and the material of the body are the main characteristics of a resin water softener. Resin water softener manufacturers usually provide general specifications, including service water flow rate, regeneration flow rate, and quick washing flow rate.

Also note that in the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the water softener and descalers are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

What Makes the Water Softener an Essential for Every Engine Room?

It is necessary to remove the hardness of the water because when the water is heated or cooled, if the water is not softened, it causes deposits in the pipes, the combustion chamber of the boilers, the heat exchanger, the condenser, the evaporator of the chiller, fan coils, air conditioner, etc., which results to a performance efficiency reduction.

In general, water hardness can be divided into two types: temporary hardness and permanent hardness. Compounds related to calcium and magnesium bicarbonate in water are called temporary hardness, and solutions related to calcium or magnesium sulfate, chloride, and nitrate are called permanent hardness (such as deposits inside a kettle). The sum of permanent and temporary hardness makes up the total hardness of the water.

If you need to use a resin hardener, in addition to the volume or flow rate of water in the heating and cooling system, you should also pay attention to the hardness of the desired water (P.P.M).

descaler and softener

Resin Water Softener's Backwash

Backwash and revitalization operations in resin water softeners with semi-automatic valves are performed regularly and supervised by an operator. Resin water softeners with fully automatic valves are based on the time regulation system (without the need for an operator).

If you need to obtain information about "how to use and restore resin water softener", refer to the article with the same title in the articles section of DamaTajhiz HVAC.

The Price of Water Softeners

The price of the water softener varies according to the type, material of the body, usage, and, of course, the brand of the device.

It should be noted that all the water softeners presented on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website have reasonable prices and, with a generous discount already included for wholesale purchase. You can browse and examine all types of water softeners to find the most suitable one that will serve you well.

Dear Users

While thanking you for your trust in the technical opinions of the heating equipment sales experts, it should be noted that the choice of the desired product brand is based on the capacity, working pressure of the boiler, standard plate, history, brand strength, service, and product price is ultimately determined by the buyer. However, in water softeners, most of the users and buyers choose and buy the best-selling brands, such as DamaTajhiz resin water softeners and magnetic and ultrasonic water softeners, due to their quality, price, and after-sales service.

If, after reading the above material, you have more questions about deciding to buy different types of hot water boilers, diatomaceous and hot water boilers, you can contact the heating equipment sales experts at extension numbers 107 - 108 - 121 - 122. Get water softener advice and ask your questions.

Because the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group provides all kinds of hot water boilers in the Middle East region, if you need a water softener for any of the countries in the region, you can place your purchase order with confidence, a product guarantee, and a reasonable price. Please leave it to our sales experts.

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Damatajhiz Semi automatic Resin Softener Grain 30000

Damatajhiz Semi automatic Resin Softener Grain 30000

  • Working pressure: 4 bar
  • Dimensions (height, diameter): 100 * 25 cm
  • Manufacture of various types of resin softeners in the form of duplex or triplex, covering the inner surface with epoxy paint
  • Contains accessories such as salt tank, granulated silica, water pressure manometer, and resin
  • Maximum capacity: 30,000-grain
Price $412
Damatajhiz Semi automatic Resin Softener Grain 90000

Damatajhiz Semi automatic Resin Softener Grain 90000

  • Working pressure: 4 bar
  • Dimensions (height, diameter): 120 * 40 cm
  • Manufacture of various types of resin softeners in the form of duplex or triplex, covering the inner surface with epoxy paint
  • Contains accessories such as salt tank, granulated silica, water pressure manometer, and resin
Price $587
Damatajhiz Semi automatic Resin Softener Grain 120000

Damatajhiz Semi automatic Resin Softener Grain 120000

  • Working pressure: 4 bar
  • Dimensions (height, diameter): 150 * 40 cm
  • Can be ordered in two types with aqualite or purolite resin
  • Manufacture of various types of resin hardeners in the form of duplex or triplex, covering the inner surface with epoxy paint
  • Contains accessories such as salt tank, granulated silica, pressure gauge
Price $710


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