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Damatajhiz Air Cooled Compression Chiller

If you want to buy the air-cooled compression chiller you need with technical specifications, on-time delivery, reasonable price, and expert advice, you have come to the right place.
By reading the presented article and learning more about the technical specifications and high quality of Damatajhiz water-cooled chillers while contacting the sales experts of the air conditioning department in the Damatajhiz collection, you will experience a great purchase.
If you want additional information about the features, technical specifications, and capacity selection of the Damatajhiz air-cooled chillers, please stay with us in the rest of this article.

Damatajhiz Engineering Company is one of the most reliable manufacturers of air conditioning equipment with the best quality in Iran, which, since 2004, has produced various products such as water-cooled chillers and air-cooled chillers with capacities of 20 tons of refrigeration to 500 tons of refrigeration, industrial air conditioners and Hygienic, air washer, ducted split, mini chiller, all types of floor-mounted fan coils, wall-mounted fan coils, ducted fan coils, fiberglass and cubic cooling towers, industrial water coolers and types of booster pumps, exhaust fans, ventilators, etc., with the benefit of the most advanced It supplies industrial machines and relying on the knowledge and expertise of facility engineers with a reasonable price and golden warranty conditions, with the possibility of visiting the factory (during the production stage).

guide to buying the DAMATAJHIZ air-cooled compression chiller

All Damatajhiz air-cooled chillers or Damatajhiz air compression chillers have a screw, scroll, and reciprocating compressors from Copeland, Danfoss, Bitzer, etc. brands, based on the chiller capacity and the client's demand.
Capacities and technical specifications are presented in the table of air-conditioned chillers based on the cold water temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and the condensing temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and to know the capacity in other conditions, you can contact the engineering department of Damatajhiz company.
Considering the wide range of topics related to compression chillers, if you have any questions about other technical specifications of chillers in addition to the product description and technical specifications when purchasing, please contact the experts of the air conditioning equipment sales department of Damatajhiz Group.

The main components of Damatajhiz air-cooled compression chillers

  1. Compressor
  2. condenser
  3. operator
  4. expansion valve

Damatajhiz air-cooled compression chiller


  • It is possible to manufacture air-cooled compression chillers or other types of air compression chillers in other capacities according to the order of the respected buyer.
  • The compressors of Damatajhiz compression chillers are usually from reputable brands such as Copeland, Bitzer, etc.
  • The declared capacities and specifications are related to Freon 22 gas, and to know the working capacity for other refrigerants such as R410, contact the engineering department of Damatajhiz company.
  • When ordering the required air-conditioning compression chiller, check its approximate dimensions to allow the chiller to pass through the entrance door and transfer it to the foundation of the installation site.
  • The change in the technical specifications and equipment used in the temperature compression air-conditioning chillers can be done based on the customer's order (such as the installation of a plate converter for the evaporator) at different prices.
  • The refrigerant in the air chiller circuit is higher in quantity, volume, and working pressure than in water chillers. In the air condenser, the chiller is cooled by a fan and forced air flow and usually directly enters the DX cooling coil of the air conditioner or the blue DX evaporator in the air chiller. Therefore, as you know, air-cooled chillers do not need a water-cooling tower.
  • When choosing air-conditioned chillers, pay attention to the difference between the nominal capacity and the actual capacity of the chiller, especially with regard to the design temperature outside the summer in the chiller operation area. Among the determining factors in the performance of the actual capacity of the air-conditioned compression chiller, we can point out the important issue of sufficient heat exchange levels in the condenser and evaporator of the chiller in order to choose the nominal capacity of the chiller (length, diameter, and the number of tubes used in the condenser and evaporator).
  • Note that the price of air-cooled chillers (with air condenser, refrigerant gas, oil, etc.) is usually about 50% more expensive than water-cooled chillers with the same capacity. However, in places where cooling tower water supply is an issue Or in areas where the relative humidity is high in summer (such as hot and coastal cities), the use of air-cooled chillers is inevitable.

the capacity of THE DAMATAJHIZ air-cooled compression chiller

In general, the facility experts calculate the air-cooled chiller capacity required for each project, which is based on the exact calculation of the total refrigeration load capacity, in addition to calculating parameters such as geographical conditions (Ambient Temperature), and summer design temperature, altitude above sea level, humidity relative air, type of use of the building (temperature inside the design), the type of materials used and execution of the building facade, the direction of the building in relation to the angle of the sun, the number of floors and the surface of the building, the number of people and small and large electrical equipment inside the building and ..., pay attention to the volume of cold water required and sufficient reliability coefficients in chiller performance.
But if you want to use the possibility of calculating the fingertip (phase 1) of the air chiller required for residential and office buildings in climatic conditions like Tehran, you can approximately have a nominal capacity of 4 tons of refrigeration per 100 square meters of the building. Consider air-cooled chillers.
Also, before determining the final capacity and choosing the required air chiller for your project, please contact the experts of the air conditioning equipment sales department of Damatajhiz Company for the final control of calculations and correct estimates of the cooling load and the correct selection of the air conditioner chiller required for the project.
The use of air-conditioned chillers as the central core of the building's cooling system is generally used in areas with high relative humidity (RH) and so-called humid air.
In the air-cooled compression chiller, the liquid refrigerant in the chiller circuit, which is higher in terms of quantity, volume, and working pressure than water chillers, is cooled in the air condenser by the forced flow of the ventilation fan.
One of the advantages of air-cooled chillers is the possibility of operating and using the (FREE COLLING) system in them without the need to operate the chiller compressors when the outside air is cool, especially on cool nights.

Damatajhiz air compression chiller

BuyING Damatajhiz air compression chiller (air-cooled compression chiller)

In the discussion of buying an air compression chiller (temperature-equipped air-conditioning compression chiller), before we talk about the price of all types of chillers and their complementary equipment such as fan coils, we need to have minimal information about points such as the climate and weather conditions of the installation site, We should have the amount of cold, the maximum cold water flow, the maximum required water pressure, etc.
On the site of Damatajhiz's specialized collection, the technical information of dozens of models of water and air chillers, from reputable brands with original warranties, has been presented in order for you, dear ones, to enjoy the good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase.

THE PRICE OF THE DAMATAJHIZ air-cooled compression chiller

There are various effective factors regarding the cost of buying and installing different types of the chiller, the most important of which are the type of air, water, or absorption chiller model, capacity and technical specifications, and type and brand of the selected chiller equipment.
Also, the cost of installing a chiller is different according to the capacity, conditions, and salary of the specialist. It should be noted that all the chillers presented on the site of the specialized collection of Damatajhiz have product IDs and appropriate prices, and the discounts desired by the consumers have been included in these prices.

Warranty of THE DAMATAJHIZ air-cooled compression chiller

  • In the reference and specialized collection of Damatajhiz, technical information and guaranteed prices for choosing and buying types of Damatajhiz air-conditioning compression chillers or air compression chillers with original warranty have been provided, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.
  • To view and learn about the prices, warranty, and technical specifications of all types of air chillers, click on the "Technical Specifications" tab on the page of each of the following products.
  • In general, the air-conditioning chillers of Damatajhiz company have 18 months of performance warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.

The list of some customers and projects of THE DAMATAJHIZ air-cooled compression chiller

  • Kashi Golsram Company - Ardakan: 12 mini chillers 7.5 tons of Damatajhiz refrigeration
  • Dear Mr Engineer Toheidi - Tehran: 10 mini chillers and 6 tons of Damatajhiz refrigeration
  • And......

"Buy with peace of mind from Damatajhiz."

Exhibition of facilities
The presence of Damatajhiz in international exhibitions of construction facilities and cooling and heating systems

Order from you, follow up from us

The specialized group of Damatajhiz has an electronic trust symbol and started its activity in 2013 in the head office of Tehran.

1Ton of Ref = 12000BTU/hr = 3.516KW
1Gal(am.) = 3.785Lit
1Kcal = 4BTU
1˚C = 1.8 ˚F
1˚F = 9/5 ˚C + 32
1KW = 860Kcal/hr

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