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Heating Equipment

One of the issues that always affects the quality of human life is the provision of pleasant heat in the cold months of the year, which we have achieved in different eras by using different methods, fuels, and facilities. In the following, the most important heating equipment and engine room are mentioned. Please stay with us.

Building and engine room heating facilities

Having a safe and comfortable environment for living has undoubtedly been one of the essential needs of humans throughout history, and this need is more evident in the third millennium, with the mechanization of life in the form of the exploitation of building heating facilities and engine houses.

Humans have always adapted their way of life to the changing seasons and, over the centuries, have tried to provide comfort by discovering and creating new methods.

Heat is only a part of the factors that create well-being in our lives. Still, sometimes it has a major contribution to our economic costs so that in order to achieve a pleasant temperature, we even spend obsessively choosing the geographical region and evaluating the fuel resources of that region.

The production and supply of all kinds of essential and functional equipment for building and central engine room heating facilities have long attracted the attention of engineers. Over time, small and large companies that manufacture heating facility equipment and many factors have joined to create the best products for heating and air conditioning in every building.

In this article, we are going to introduce the types of heating equipment and facilities for the building and engine room and how to calculate, select, function, and use them.

Introduction of building heating facilities

The earth is getting warm, and this phenomenon has reached its highest level in the current era with the increasing production of greenhouse gases. However, it is not a secret that climate and weather changes lead to the emergence of very hot summers and very cold winters, and we must always be ready to face the severe cold of winter.

1- Central Heating Boiler:

One of the independent heating equipment in cold seasons is the central heating boiler, which alone can play the role of a small engine room in homes and office buildings.

In terms of placement, these boilers are divided into floor-standing and wall-mounted types. Based on the environmental conditions and heat requirements of each apartment unit, both types of wall-mounted and floor-standing central heating boilers can be used in a building, with the difference that wall-mounted boilers are smaller in size and can be easily installed in the interior space of the building such as the kitchen.

In general, the function of the central heating boilers is to provide hot water for consumption and to heat the radiators in any residential or office unit. With the presence of heating boilers, there is no need for central engine room facilities anymore. Subsequently, the exorbitant costs of piping and big boilers and burners, etc., for the construction of a building and central engine room heating facilities are eliminated.

Nowadays, companies supplying central heating boilers produce their products with the highest thermal efficiency and the minimum fuel consumption (which is usually gas or diesel or both), and they always try to compete with each other. To get more advantages, the consumers and the building constructors do not need to have central engine room heating facilities for buildings with less than 30 residential, commercial, or office units.

Wall-mounted and floor-standing gas central heating boilers are divided into two categories: the ones with a fan and the ones without a fan. The presence of a fan in the fan central heating boilers allows smoke and toxic gases to be discharged from combustion easily, even through horizontal chimneys.

Wall-mounted and floor-standing central heating boilers use one or two heat exchangers; Some of them come with one, and others come with two or three exchangers and have different efficiencies according to the needs of the project. (The double heat exchanger central heating boilers use two heat exchangers; one of these exchangers is used to supply hot water, and the other one is used to heat the radiators.)

Iran radiator, Butan, Chauffagekar, Lurch, Baxi, Gram Iran, etc., central heating boilers are produced in Iran according to the latest standards and technologies of the world. The quality foreign products mentioned in this field include Vaillant, Ariston, Bush, etc.

In order to check on types, estimate the capacity, and select wall-mounted or floor-standing central heating boilers, please refer to the products presented in this section of the DamaTajhiz HVAC website.

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2- Radiation systems:

Heating radiators are a very suitable and efficient device for distributing the necessary heat in residential and office units. Hot water for heating radiators is produced either in the central heating boilers of the same unit or in the heating facilities of the building's central engine room.

Radiators are produced and supplied in different types, such as aluminum radiators, panel radiators, steel radiators, and electric radiators.

Aluminum Radiators

Aluminum radiators are usually made of solid aluminum alloy, all die-cast, extruded, or die-cast extruded and produced in the sectional (fins) formation. In general, companies producing aluminum radiators produce their products in the form of 5, 7, and 10 sections; however, according to the customer's order, these radiators could also be produced in more sections.

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Steel Radiators

Another type of radiator includes steel radiators. These radiators are made of 1/2 mm thick steel sheet with electrostatic painting, and in terms of appearance, they cannot compete with the beauty of sectional aluminum radiators. The great advantage of steel radiators is their high heat transfer capacity and reasonable price.

Panel Radiators

Panel radiators are another type of radiator that is produced as a united sheet in different lengths. These radiators are a subset of steel radiators and transfer heat uniformly.

In addition to elegance and uniform distribution of heat, panel radiators match all kinds of decorations and can be installed from both sides. But it should be noted that due to the steel material of these radiators, there is a high possibility of them rusting and getting punctured in the long term, especially in humid environments.

Aluminum, steel, and panel radiators have two things in common: First, the need for installation by the installer; second, the need for a central heating boiler or a central engine room facility to provide hot water heating inside them. However, electric radiators do not need hot water for heating, so you can enjoy their pleasant heat just by plugging these products into the electrical outlet.

Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are produced in different capacities and appearances. Using these radiators in areas where there is a shortage of fossil fuels, such as gas and diesel, can be a good solution.

Electric radiators are produced and supplied with a beautiful appearance that matches the taste of users and consumers, as well as with modern and ultra-stylish designs so that the consumer can make the best choice based on the decoration of their home.

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3- Gas, electric, workshop space heaters

One of the most popular heating facilities used in buildings is heaters. The space heater is produced in gas, diesel, dual-fuel (gas and diesel), and oil fuel types, and it has a very high heat supply capacity without the need to supply hot water or the central engine room of the building.

Gas heater

Gas heaters can be produced and supplied in 3 types, with and without a fan and radiant heaters. Also, the production of heaters in different capacities has caused some heaters to be used for home use and others for industrial use. As mentioned, gas heaters are produced in different capacities so that they can be used in different spaces. Some of these heaters are used at home, and others can be used in large industrial spaces with large areas.

Industrial heaters are usually used in large industrial and workshop environments and produce much heat. Also, the home type of heaters, by producing pleasant heat and having a stylish appearance, warm the living environment of consumers. These heaters work with natural or city gas fuel. Some other types of heaters work with electricity, diesel, or even kerosene.

Please refer to the products and additional explanations provided on the reference and specialized website of DamaTajhiz HVAC to check on different types, estimate the capacity, and select gas, electric, etc., heaters.

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4- Heat Exchanger:

Heat exchangers are one of the most used equipment in the industry and thermal facilities, which play a major role in heat exchange. The function of the heat exchanger is to exchange temperature between two fluids, which are usually water, oil, gas, or even air.

Heat exchangers are usually produced in three types: shell and tube, plate, and finned heat exchangers. Imax, Alfalaval, Danfoss, Komer, and Hepaco companies are famous brands of heat exchanger manufacturers in Iran and other countries.

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The main heating equipment to construct the engine room

The equipment of the heating facilities is not limited to those mentioned; Rather, in many buildings and projects, residential, office, hotels, hospitals, etc., they use the facilities of the central engine room. To run an engine room, a variety of equipment and heating facilities are needed so that they can be used for a long time.

The first device that is needed in creating the central facilities of an engine room is the hot water boiler or steam boiler in the central engine room of the building.

A) Cast iron boiler of the engine room

The boilers of the central engine room of the building are usually made of two types: steel and cast iron, and each one is produced in different types and with different efficiencies. Cast iron boilers, which are also known as cast iron heating boilers, have lower working pressure and energy absorption efficiency than steel boilers. Still, due to the detachable fins, easy transportation, and lower price, they are usually used in building heating facilities. The central engine room is used in medium and even large buildings.

Chauffagekar and Pipe and Machine Manufacturing Company of Iran (MI3) are the main producers of cast iron boilers for providing hot water in different capacities and working pressures in Iran and the Middle East.

To check on specifications, estimate the capacity, and select the types of hot water boilers for your building, please refer to the products presented in the same category on the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group website.

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B) Hot water and Steam Steel Boiler

Hot water and steam steel boilers using combustion and burner and having higher thermal energy absorption levels and higher thermal efficiency and working pressure are suitable products to provide the required heating in industries, swimming pools, and buildings.

Steel hot water boilers are produced in two models, fire-tube and water-tube, and usually, the companies that produce these products use the bottom surface of the boiler for heat exchange and water circulation, which are called Wet-Back boilers.

Wet-back hot water steel boilers have higher heat transfer efficiency and price than Dry-Back hot water steel boilers.

Pakman Steel boiler

Steel hot water boilers are produced and supplied in different capacities and working pressures. Among the reliable brands of steel hot water boilers in Iran and the Middle East, we can mention GarmaGoster, HararatGostar Heating Company, Arak Machinery, and Pakman etc. hot water boilers.

In order to check on, estimate the capacity, and choose the steel hot water boiler required for the project, please refer to the related products and additional explanations in the relevant category on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website.

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C) Coiled and Double-walled Indirect Water Heater

Coiled and double-wall hot water sources are installed in central engine rooms to provide hot water for consumption, and their function is as follows.

  • The hot water coiled indirect water heater is produced horizontally and vertically and has a coil (a set of copper pipes in the shape of U). The hot water of the heating system flows inside the coil of the water heater of the coil, and then the heat of the hot water is transferred to the water inside the source through the walls of the copper pipes and causes the heating of sanitary water.
  • The double-walled indirect water heater is installed horizontally in the engine room and has two separate walls. The first wall is actually the body of the main tank, which is surrounded by another wall. The water of the heating system circulates between the two walls and causes the inner wall to heat up, finally leading to the heating of the water in the source.

Note: When installing a horizontal coiled hot water source (indirect water heater) in the engine room, pay attention to the possibility of removing the coil for annual service and possible repairs.

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D) Gas, Diesel, Dual, and Triple Boiler Burners

A boiler burner is a device that converts fuel energy into heat energy by mixing a certain amount of fuel and air and burning them.

In general, the task of the burner is to create heating in all types of boilers, heaters, and central heating boilers, and it is referred to as the heart of the building's heating facilities.

In terms of fuel consumption, burners are divided into types of diesel, gas, mazut, dual fuel (gas and diesel), and triple fuel (gas, diesel, and mazut fuel).

Among the important brands of burners welcomed by experts, we can mention Iran Radiator, Pars Mashaal, GarmIran, and Rilo burners.

In order to check on, estimate the capacity, and choose the types of burners required for the project, please refer to the related products and additional explanations in the relevant category on the specialized website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group.

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E) Water pump and water supply system

In general, the action of moving water is done by pumps. These pumps and water supply facilities are responsible for the transfer and supply of water needed in agricultural, industrial, firefighting, etc.

Water pumps are also produced and supplied in different types in terms of size, impeller and body material, engine speed, etc. Among the most famous water supply pumps available in Iran, we can mention Pentax, Grandfoss, Abara, IranPump, and Levara pump.

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F) Circulator Pump

Circulator pumps are used to circulate hot water in heating facilities or cold water in building cooling and air conditioning facilities. After providing hot water in the central heating boiler and producing cold water in the building's air conditioning and chiller system, this is the circulator pump that transfers hot or cold water from the engine room to the pipes for heating or cooling in radiators, fan coils, and air conditioners.

The types of linear and ground circulator pumps used in Iran are from the brands Grundfoss, Iran Pump, and Semnan Energy circulator pumps.

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G) Hot Water and Steam Unit Heater

The task of heating halls that have central engine room facilities is the responsibility of unit heaters.

The unit heater is responsible for producing the necessary heat in the halls of factories, large stores, etc. These heating equipment units are produced and supplied in various types of hot water, steam, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, and industrial unit heaters. Unit heaters have advantages that make them different from radiators.

The unit heater has a very high thermal power due to its aeration fan. This high thermal power helps to distribute heat uniformly in large environments and even with high ceilings.

Also, ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted unit heaters occupy much less useful space than other heating equipment.

Unit heaters have the ability to project wind vertically and horizontally and have a high speed in heating the desired environment.

DamaTajhiz, Saran unit, Saravel, and Saba Afarin unit heaters are among the most famous unit heater brands available in Iran.

To check, estimate the capacity, and select the unit heater required for your projects, please refer to the related products on the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group website.

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H) Air Curtain

If you have noticed, above the entrance door of many arcades, banks, clinics, and generally most public places where the entrance door is repeatedly opening and closing or is constantly open, a device is installed that throws the wind towards the floor with a relatively strong wind. It may not be possible to see the device, but in any case, the wind that is thrown downwards (or upwards) is completely recognizable. The air curtain is a device that is usually installed above the entrance door and separates the air inside the environment and the outside air by projecting the wind vertically toward the floor.

Among the advantages of the air curtain, we can mention preventing the entry of dust and suspended particles into the air and preventing the entry of insects into the environment. Also, the air curtain saves energy by preventing the exit of pleasant air from the relevant environment (cold or warm air).

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If you need advice and exchange opinions regarding the selection of the appropriate capacity and the number of equipment or the selection of the most suitable brand (according to the geographical, financial, and operational conditions of the project), please get in touch with us by phone Contact the technical experts of DamaTajhiz HVAC by e-mail or fax.

In the reference website and store of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, all kinds of equipment for building and engine room heating facilities from reliable and accessible brands in the Iranian facilities market are fully presented with the most suitable prices and the possibility of fast delivery along with the calculation methods and implementation recommendations and installation of each of them.

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I) Pipes, connectors, and valves of the engine room

Performing basic plumbing and using standard valves can increase the durability of the equipment and facilities of the central engine room of the building; for this reason, the best possible pipes and connections should be used.

The pipes used in the building facilities and the central engine room are mainly made of Mannesmann, Black pipes, and Galvanized pipes.

Also, the valves used in the central engine rooms are made of cast iron, aluminum, brass, and polymer, which are used in different parts of the central engine room facilities based on the need, size, and working pressure.

All types of ball valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, sliding valves, etc., with different brands and materials, are used in the facilities of a central engine room.

In the field of pipe production, companies such as Sepahan, Ahvaz, Sepanta, Newpipe, and Superpipe are widely active. In addition, Iran's industrial vibration company is also well known for the production of all kinds of anti-seismic devices.

However, the variety of brands in the production of valves for engine room installations is much wider. So, among the famous brands producing engine room valves, we can mention Kiz Iran, Kitz, VogIran, Farab, Mirab, and Sim.

Pipes and pipe fittings

According to the technical information and reasonable prices provided for all types of building and engine room heating facilities on the specialized and reliable website of DamaTajhiz HVAC, we sincerely hope that dear users will purchase from DamaTajhiz HVAC Group while reading the full specifications provided with the confidence of the original guarantee of the products. Choose the product you need (from a single product to a bulk purchase for companies and construction projects) across the universe.

In addition to a valid business license from the heating and air-conditioning trade union, DamaTajhiz HVAC Group has an e-trust symbol and launched its store website in 2013 in the head office of Tehran.

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