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Air Curtain Important Tips

Want to use air curtains to prevent air from entering from outside of the building but you are not sure of type, capacity, brand, price, and specifications that suit your purpose? Read on to find...

Air Curtain Important Tips

Want to use air curtains to prevent air from entering from outside of the building but you are not sure of type, capacity, brand, price, and specifications that suit your purpose? Read on to find the answers to all your questions on price, technical specifications, and the best air curtains on the market.

Air curtain is a device that uses a high-pressure air current to prevent external air from entering the interior space and mixing with the air inside. Air curtains can be used for heating or cooling purposes by both vacuuming the interior air as well as featuring heating or cooling coils. The centrifugal or cylindrical fans for the air curtains must be able to create a high-pressure jet of air which continues down to the floor. The most conventional air curtain is the downward-blowing type which is installed at the entrance of buildings to prevent the exterior air from entering and separate two spaces with different temperatures.

The power (blowing speed) and angle of the air blown by the device significantly affect its performance. If selected wisely, they can prevent 60-80 percent of the exterior pollutions from entering the conditioned space. Air curtains are mostly used in places requiring the doors to remain open, such as the entrance of commercial centers or truck entrance gates for loading operations and other such applications.
Air Curtain

To prevent hot or cold air from entering, a heat exchange coil (for cold or hot water flow) as well as the blowing of high-pressure hot or cold air can be implemented.

The most important installation places for air curtains are mall and market entrances, large stores, restaurants, lobbies, warehouses, aircraft hangers, etc.

An important application of the air curtain is in cold stores. As the doors of cold stores remain open during loading or unloading operations, they are highly exposed to thermal exchange. This can be significantly important when the temperature difference between the cold house and exterior space is larger.

Some of the differences between air curtains and over door heaters

  • An air curtain uses powerful fans to cover all of the entrance areas, but heaters are smaller, have less powerful fans, and are mostly used for heating the entering air.
  • In an air curtain, the air output nozzle is designed to produce a uniform airflow all over the entrance area which is not the case for over door heaters.

While at first glance, it may seem that air curtains consume more electrical or heating energy, a number of simple solutions such as implementing sensors for the device to turn on when the entrance door opens can reduce energy consumption in the long-term.

The following are some features of air curtains

  1. Preventing the entry of bugs
    Air Curtain preventing the entry of bugs
  2. Preventing thermal exchange
    Air Curtain preventing thermal exchange
  3. Preventing the entry of dust and pollution and keeping the interior environment clean
    Air Curtain preventing the entry of dust
  4. The airflow mix at an entrance depends on the velocity and direction of air currents and temperature and pressure differences on the two sides.
  5. The lower the pressure difference between the interior and exterior of the building, the better the performance and efficiency of air curtains.
  6. Negative pressure, high-temperature difference, closeness to an elevator, and high humidity reduce the performance and effect of air curtains.
  7. The best performance of an air curtain is achieved when the entrance door is constantly open and the air curtain is produced with a strong face velocity in the downward direction while air backflow channels are directly connected to the fans. This is mainly possible in under-construction buildings and is more difficult to implement in completed buildings.
  8. Increasing the vertical airflow increases the mixing of air between two environments, which is undesirable. Therefore we always attempt to increase horizontal flow and decrease vertical flow at the entrance. To correctly adjust these flows, always pay attention to the application of the device. In residential and commercial centers, the horizontal flow cannot be overly increased, otherwise, it becomes disturbing to residents, however, in industrial places and other applications, it is possible to further increase the output flow velocity.
  9. The chief task of air current is to prevent the entry of non-conditioned exterior air and bugs or other pollutions to the conditioned interior.

Things to consider when installing an air curtain

  1. The installation platform must be strong enough to prevent vibrations and looseness after installing the device.
  2. The device must be installed exactly on top of the door and not too higher.
  3. The obstacles on the door top must be removed first;
  4. When choosing a device without a heating system for the entrance of public places, in winters its suction area is better to be placed near warm air produced by a heater or fan coil.
  5. When installing the heating coils or performing pipework, the input and output direction of hot water must be taken into account.
  6. The air curtains are installed inside the building and at the door top. If the top of the door is a wall, it is easy to install. If the door top consists of a window or cornice we will need to use metal profiles (box, L-shaped or belts) or metal supports for installing the air curtain.
    Mitsuei Air Curtain

Bear the following in mind when installing air curtains for cold stores

  • In cold stores with a temperature above 0 oC, the air curtain is recommended to be installed inside;
  • In cold stores with a temperature under 0 oC, the air curtain is recommended to be installed inside as the fan may freeze;
  • As the backflow of air hitting the ground causes heat loss, high-velocity air curtains are not recommended for cold stores;
  • Automated air curtains are recommended for cold stores when doors open and shut;
  • The main justifications for using an air curtain in cold stores are maintaining the quality of the stored product, conserving energy, and preventing thermal loss. Therefore, the costs of using an air curtain are compensated in the short-term.
  • It is recommended to use air curtains at the entrance of warm stores (dairy factories and such places).

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