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  • Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX
  • Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX
  • Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX
  • Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX
  • Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX
  • Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX

Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX

طول دستگاه : 180 سانتی متر دارای ریموت کنترل و لیمیت سوئیچ نصب آسان در بالای درب ورودی مجهز به تیغه‌های ایرفول جهت هدایت هوا قابلیت روشن و خاموش شدن اتوماتیک با باز و بسته شدن درب
  • Length of the device: 180 cm
  • With remote control and limit switch
  • Ability to turn on and off automatically with the door opening and closing
  • Equipped with airfoil blades for air guidance
  • Easy installation on top of the entrance
Warranty terms:

24 months parts warranty - 60 months electric motor warranty

After-sale Services:

15 years after-sales service

Tax excluded

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 Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX(Airjet)

Faraz Kavian air curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX, with luxury cabin (brand Airjet) with installation on the top of the door (from the inside), creates a compressible air that can be controlled vertically from top to bottom and creates uniform ventilation. This air curtain is a new product of Faraz Kavian Company, which has been introduced to the market with a new look.

Features of Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX (Air jet)

  • Two rounds
  • Length 180 cm
  • Single-phase 220V - 50 HZ
  • Adjustable with AIRFOIL blade
  • Ability to set up continuously by customer order
  • To prevent energy exchange, insects and dust particles enter
  • Equipped with remote control and limit switch (for automatic device)
  • Complete all doors, including electric, automatic, hinged, roller shutter, etc.
  • Ability to start automatically, in harmony with the opening and closing of the door
  • For places that need to use air curtains with a special color, it is possible to order the device in various colors.
  • Suitable for entering the doors of office-commercial buildings, restaurants, hospitals, cold stores up to a height of 3 meters to prevent energy exchange, insects, and dust.

Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4012 L/Y-LUX

Warranty and after-sales service of Faraz Kavian Air Curtain FM4018 L/Y-LUX

All air curtain devices produced by Faraz Kavian Company have a 24-month parts warranty and a 60-month warranty for Faraz Kavian Electromotor Company.

At the request of buy air curtain, it is possible that the desired product is produced in the requested color or made of steel.

In Damatjahiz reference site and store, technical specifications and guaranteed price of all types of Faraz Kavian air curtains (air jet) with the main guarantee air curtain have been provided for you dear ones to create a good feeling of optimal and smart purchase.

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