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Water shows and fountains are among the exclusive, delightful, and pleasant systems of the environment, which create mental peace and magnificence in green spaces, pools, etc. The following provides information, models, reviews, and the best price of all types of fountains for wholesale purchase.

A guide to reviewing and choosing pool fountains

Pool fountain in Iranian culture:

In ancient Iran, water was a messenger of light and purity and had great value. Because Iran was a country with a water shortage, this vital liquid had a high value and dignity among the people. For Iranians, water was not only used to meet needs, but it also had a great impact on spirituality.

Water has left different feelings in the human soul with various capabilities, such as life, freshness, brightness, purity, prosperity, and prevalence of light, stillness, peace, and mobility. For this reason, it has always made room for itself in different ways in places made by human hands. This issue is more significant in places like parks or Iranian gardens. Because the element of water is used as one of the most beautiful fields of view and one of the complementary items of green space. Of course, in these places, the presence of water for cleaning the place and watering trees and flowers or using it for sanitary services is also necessary and important.

آبنما و فواره

Water and psychology:

Man is a complex collection of soul, mind, and body. Just as a person's body needs food, his mind and soul also require elements that give him peace. In the urban society where tall buildings and streets and car life surrounds everywhere, the effects of beauty and art are the best refuge for a person's tired and peaceful soul. Nowadays, in cities, we see elements with hard textures like concrete, etc., instead of natural elements (vegetation). Therefore, using elements with a soft texture, a cozy and beautiful corner should be provided to give peace to the human psyche. These places can be urban parks and gardens. Water is one of these elements, caressing the human soul at rest or in motion.

The movement and music of water (the sound of water) are worthy of attention in making the green space more visible. Water can be designed as streams and fountains for calm and quiet places and large and small waterfalls and fountains for crowded and crowded places.

باغچه‌ آبی

Water and reflection

The surface of still water acts like a mirror by reflecting light and showing the phenomena around it by rotating 180 degrees; the completion of such a reflection of the vegetation in the water and the sunlight shining on the aquatic plants on the water also creates a beautiful image for the viewer. Moving water also reflects light waves in space, Like the light reflected from a flowing stream on the leaves of trees.

Fountains and pools are essential to creating a garden and green space, and natural and artificial waterfalls and streams have always attracted people. Today, designers have been able to create corners of nature as much as possible in parks and gardens inspired by natural beauty, including waterfalls and streams. The existential value of these plans and projects is not limited to their aesthetic aspects. Still, they are also very effective in softening the air, making the beautiful space comfortable, and preventing water stagnation. A fountain is one of the architectural elements that throws water into the air. This work facilitates water use (drinking or washing) or for beauty purposes.

Buying pool fountains

To choose and purchase pool fountains and fountains, attention should be paid to the selected space and pool size because fountains and fountains are produced in various sizes and models and can be designed and decorated according to customer needs.

To easily choose and buy pool fountains and fountains, on the website of Damatajhiz specialized collection, technical information of dozens of models of fountains and pool fountains in various sizes and models from DamaTajhiz , Emaux, Hyperpool, Artab, Flexinox. The main warranty is provided for your loved ones to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Also note that in the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the pool fountains are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

The price of pool fountains

The price of pool fountains and fountains varies based on dimensions, material, connection size, pump flow rate, number of pumps, etc., so you can choose the best model among dozens of pool fountains and fountains on the site according to your needs and budget. Choose a thermometer.

It should be noted that the price of fountains and fountains of the pool provided on the website of the Damatajhiz collection is up to date, and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices for wholesale purchase; So that these prices also include the guarantee of the best price, on the Damatajhiz site.

آبشار سنگی

Types of pool fountains in terms of water spraying

Regular fountain (Formal):

Regular design means giving a completely geometric shape to fountains and fountains. These water and fountains look their best when placed in a well-designed landscape. Shapes are used similarly and classically. The materials used in regular fountains are usually smooth and regular stones and concrete. Of course, fiberglass can be used in arbitrary sizes and a regular form. Regular fountains are more attractive when they have raised edges. Because sitting on the raised edge of the pool is fun and safe for children, it is better to design the fountain regularly in gardens and small urban parks.

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Irregular pool fountain (Informal):

Irregular water fountains can be made of molded objects and containers with non-geometric and imaginary or traditional shapes or designed in free form following natural water catchments. In this case, the water features lack the right corners, vertical walls, and regular and handmade borders. Or at least they seem to like that. To make them, mostly stone, pottery, and native plants are used. It should be noted that there must be enough space to create natural fountains. After determining the design style of the park, the area and form of water use (current-settled) are determined. The total amount of water depends on the park's area and the region's climatic conditions. In areas with a dry climate, water jumps (fountains, waterfalls) should be more. For wet weather, splashing and splashing should be reduced as much as possible. In areas like Tehran, it is better to allocate about 25% of the park's total area to water and fountains. Different forms of fountains are made according to the conditions, the topography of the land, and the goals of creating fountains. The fountain's shape and location depend on the land's location and coordination with other factors of the garden, as well as the designer's taste and initiative.

Ponds or water gardens:

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The construction of a pond is for air conditioning and beauty. The pond has regular and irregular shapes with different depths; there is stagnant water and moving water in the ponds so that the plants can enjoy the natural gift made by human hands. The plants planted in or near the pond should be in harmony with the lines and decorative flowers of the area. The use of aquatic plants is very common and beautiful in pond construction.

Waterfall and stream:

Today, stone and rock waterfalls, classic, geometric, and engineered, are used for open and closed spaces and lobbies of buildings and halls.

Pool fountains:

The fountain not only displays the beauty of water but also increases the air humidity and provides a pleasant atmosphere (for outdoor pools) on hot and dry summer days. Contrary to popular belief, fountains do not necessarily consume water. You can use a floating pump to circulate the water in the pool or pond. Fountains and fountains are divided into three main groups:

  • Spray fountains
  • Spill fountains
  • Splash fountains
  • Throwing fountains

It is more appropriate to use fountains and short and powerful fountains in areas exposed to wind. The height of the fountains should be at most the distance from the fountain's source to the pool's edge. Based on an empirical rule, the diameter of the pool or water basin should be at least twice the height of the water fountain. If the head of the fountains is installed below the water level, it is more beautiful. Unless special shapes and sculptures are used to create the fountain. To display the fountains at night, they use lights under the water drop (pool light), which must comply with the principles of lighting in water. The light radiation from the bottom to the top and adjusting its amount causes the reflection of the water movements in the surrounding area and on the leaves of the plants. It gives a special beauty to the environment. If aquatic plants or fish are in the pool, care must be taken in installing fountains. Heavy water turbulence will harm water lilies, but abundant oxygen from the water of long fountains is beneficial and desirable for fish.

فواره‌ های جهنده

Dear user :

While thanking you for your confidence in the technical opinions of temperature equipment sales experts, it should be noted that the buyer ultimately determines the selection and selection of the desired product brand based on history, brand strength, service, and price. But in the fountains and pool fountains, most users and buyers choose and buy best-selling brands such as Damatajhiz , Emaux, Artab, Flexinox, etc., according to their quality, price, and after-sales service.

If, after reading the above material, you have more questions about deciding to buy different types of fountains and fountains, you can get advice from the sales experts of the pool, sauna, and jacuzzi equipment department after contacting the thermal equipment collection and extension numbers 103-105-106 And ask your questions.

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