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Zent is a dual-purpose device designed for Iranian climatic conditions (with relative humidity of less than 40% in summer weather). Below are the technical specifications, how to check and the best price to buy all types of Zent.

A Complete Guide to Testing and Choosing the ZENT

The cooling and summer function of Zent is like a Evaporative Cooler, so with internal equipment such as a ventilation fan, electric motor, push or cellulose pads, and water pump, it cools the space inside the building in the summer season and in addition, it has a heating coil to provide warm air in the winter season.

Zents, which usually have larger dimensions than water coolers, receive outside air in the summer and pass through wet cellulose pads or pads, and after cooling the air (like water coolers), they are transferred to the interior spaces of the building. Therefore, the Zent should be placed inside the building with a window that opens to the fresh air outside the building in the summer.

In winter, by moving and sucking the air inside the building, this device passes it through the hot water coil installed in the upper part of the device and spreads and distributes the hot air in the interior spaces of the building through the built-in channels.

A Complete Guide to Testing and Choosing the ZENT Varieties

In other words, due to using a cooling so water coolers, Zents, unlike air washers, do not need a strong water pump and multiple nozzles for powdering and spraying water droplets and therefore have a more reasonable price than air washers. It should also be noted that, unlike the Zent device, air washers do not have cellulose pads.

The important components of Zenet include the body, electric motor, fan, hot water coil (or electric coil), adjustable valves, cellulose pads, and water pump.

The peripheral equipment connected to the Zent device includes the return and return hot water pipe (from the hot water boiler or heating package), a branch from the municipal water pipe to supply the water needed by the cellulose pads, as well as the air return and return ducting system to the interior of the building.

Considering that the Zent device is produced and supplied in three types: horizontal, vertical, and ceiling, it is possible to install this equipment on the roof, terrace, and under the roof. In order to increase the efficiency and efficiency of the device, it is suggested to install the device in a roofed space with a suitable window to the outside. It should be noted that the window for fresh air supply is usually closed in winter.

Note: If the place of installation of Zent is on the terrace or roof of the building, in order to provide warm air in the winter season, the return ducting of the air inside the building to the Zent must be implemented (in addition to the outgoing channels).

ZENT Varieties

The method of selecting and ordering the device is based on its maximum aeration volume (CFM-M3/hr) for evaporative cooling performance in summer and the thermal power of the heating coil (kcal/hr) to provide ambient heating in winter.

Correct implementation of Zent canalization

Another very important point about the use of Zent: the implementation of correct ducting based on engineering calculations and the use of a dactylator (based on the volume of cold or hot air required for each space, the appropriate speed of the air passing through the channel and taking into account the permissible pressure drop at each section of the channel) and avoiding the implementation of 90-degree elbows (without complying with the allowed internal radius) or avoiding the angle change of more than 15 degrees in the longitudinal channel paths and under the supervision of experienced engineers and executive personnel of the facility.

Therefore, in addition to paying attention to the required ventilation capacity and volume, you should pay attention to other important issues described below.

  1. Paying attention to the dimensions of the Zent device for the possibility of passing through the doors and being placed in the corresponding room.
  2. Location inside the building with access to 100% open air in the summer season.
  3. Type and amount of electricity required (single phase or 3 phase).
  4. The amount of motor power and the maximum static pressure of the ventilation fan allow air to pass through the channels.
  5. Attention to the thermal level of the Zent heating coil (the number of rows and fins of the heating coil).
  6. Correct implementation of air distribution channels based on engineering calculations and using a typewriter.

Testing and Choosing the ZENT Varieties 6000 CFM DamaTajhiz

Buying the Zent

The first step to buying a Zent should be to pay attention to the cooling and heating capacity and the dimensions of the installation location. Because, Zent is produced and supplied in different types and different cooling and heating capacities, and before purchasing Zent, you must know the size and use of your intended environment in detail so that you can make the correct choice in the model and ventilation capacity of Zent, at the right price. In the following, things like engine power, the static pressure of the ventilation fan, the heating coil's thermal level, the device's dimensions, etc., should be examined.

On the site of Damatajhiz specialized collection (the first and most reliable specialized collection of expertise and purchase of building facilities equipment), technical information and guaranteed prices of dozens of models of all kinds of Zent, from reputable brands, with 18 months golden warranty and competent after-sales services are provided for you to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Buying the Zent

The price of zent

The price of Zent is different based on the type of capacity, aeration volume, motor power, coil heat level, body thickness, quality of cellulosic pads, etc. It should be noted that all the products presented on the site of the specialized collection of Damatajhiz have product IDs and appropriate prices, and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.

DamaTajhiz; The best prices and brands of construction equipment

Purchase order and warranty

In the specialized reference site of Damatajhiz, in the air conditioning department, technical information and guaranteed prices of dozens of models of high-quality apartment and industrial air conditioners have been presented for you, dear experts and employers, to review and buy.

Suppose you need to obtain more information to make a better decision to purchase the required apartment and industrial equipment. In that case, you can contact the experts of the air conditioning department in the specialized Damatajhiz collection. Our colleagues are always ready to answer you, dear customers.

In the end, it should be remembered that Damatajhiz reference and specialized collection, as an official member of the heating and air conditioning equipment sellers' union in Iran, is a provider of all kinds of Zent, air washers, and air conditioners in neighboring countries and the Middle East region. Therefore, if you need to buy the device above (Zent) for any of the countries in the region, you can place your purchase order with confidence in the quality, warranty, and reasonable price.

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