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Air conditioning

In general, air conditioning equipment includes cooling, dehumidification, air purification, ventilation, and humidification systems. According to parameters such as weather conditions, building use, area size, etc., engineers and experts in air conditioning facilities select and determine the capacity of the air conditioning equipment suitable for the needs of the project. In the following, the most important of these equipments are mentioned; For more information, please stay with us.

Independent and Central Home Air conditioning

Split AC units, ducted split, fan coils, air handling unit, air washer, chiller, mini chiller, cooling tower, evaporative cooler, central split system (VRF), Zent, types of centrifugal and axial fans, as well as air purifiers are the equipment that is listed below, and the performance of each has been discussed.

The most commonly used HVAC equipment for both independent homes and centralized systems includes:

1. Split AC Units:

Split AC units are widely popular for providing independent and household cooling solutions. Installed in various residential and office spaces, they offer the flexibility to adjust temperatures independently in different sections of a building.

Available in wall-mounted, window, floor-standing, portable, and cassette types, these units come in capacities ranging from 9000 to 90000 BTUs.

Types of split AC units | wall mounted split AC units| standing split AC units | Portable split AC units

Explore various models from reputable brands such as LG, Midea, Gray, General, Hisense, Samsung, Green, Iran Radiator, G Plus, and Tech Electric split AC unit at our online store.

split AC unit

2. Ducted Split Systems:

Ducted split systems, or ducted splits, feature a larger condenser with capacities several times that of traditional split AC units. They efficiently provide both cooling and heating simultaneously and are often used as cost-effective alternatives to multiple split systems.

Discover ducted split units from brands like LG, Hisense, Gray, G Plus, Green, Iran Radiator, and DamaTajhiz, and learn about calculating the required capacity.

Ducted split unit

Review, selection and price of thousands of air conditioning products on the reference website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group

3. VRF Systems:

VRF systems, identified by acronyms like VRV, MULTIV, VRF, or GHP, consist of an outdoor condenser unit (typically installed on the building's roof) and several indoor split panels. These systems allow users to select panel types and set desired temperatures for each space within a building.

Commonly used in large buildings, hotels, and commercial centers, VRF/VRV systems are powered by three-phase electricity or city gas.

VRF system

4. Fan Coil Units:

Fan coil units are integral to HVAC systems using chillers. Available in various types, including ceiling-mounted (with or without cabins), ground-mounted (with or without cabins), cassette-type (single-sided, double-sided, and four-sided), and ducted and wall-mounted fan coil units.

Explore fan coil units from brands such as Saran, Saravel, Tahvieh, Green, Midea, DamaTajhiz, and more. Understand how to calculate the required capacity.

Fan coil units

5. Cooling Towers:

Cooling towers play a crucial role in cooling the water required for circulation in the condensers of water chillers and industrial systems. They are classified into open circuits and closed circuits and are available in round and cuboid shapes, with bodies made of galvanized steel or fiberglass.

Browse cooling towers from DamaTajhiz, Saran, Tahvieh, Saravel, Aria Baneh, and more on DamaTajhiz HVAC website and also learn about capacity calculation and technical requirements.

cooling tower

6- Chillers:

In central HVAC systems, chillers play a pivotal role as the heart of the ventilation and air conditioning system. Chillers are broadly categorized into two types: compression chillers and absorption chillers.

DamaTajhiz HVAC Group; The best prices and brands of construction equipment

Water Cooled Chillers:

The main advantage of water-cooled chillers over air-cooled ones lies in their higher Coefficient of Performance (COP) and lower cost. Water-cooled chillers, however, may pose limitations in some projects due to the need for purchasing, installing, and maintaining cooling towers.

Air Cooled Chillers:

The primary advantage of air-cooled chillers over water-cooled ones is their versatility, allowing operation in different climatic conditions. They can be installed on rooftops, balconies, or any other space outside the engine room. Additionally, they do not require water consumption or the installation of a cooling tower for refrigerant and condenser cooling.


7- Mini Cooled Chillers:

Apartment chillers, commonly referred to as mini chillers, are compact, quiet, air-cooled chillers that can only provide less than 20 tons of refrigeration. They are appropriate for smaller than 500 square meter flats, villas, and buildings that want separate heating and cooling without having to deal with the difficulties of a central engine room.

The advantages of using mini chillers include:

  • Dual-season functionality (in models with a heat pump).
  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • Economic efficiency for larger units.
  • Complete independence in electricity costs.
  • The freedom to set unit temperatures.

In the category of mini chillers, DamaTajhiz's HVAC-specialized website offers a variety of brands, including Midea, DamaTajhiz, and AUX.

mini cooled chiller

8. Air Handling Unit (AHU):

An essential part of HVAC systems that controls humidity and temperature to provide conditioned, healthy air is known as an air handling unit, or AHU. It is commonly used in large facilities, conference halls, hospitals, offices, etc., alongside chillers and central motor rooms. AHUs are versatile and suitable for use in all climate conditions in Iran.

Explore a variety of AHUs with different capacities and technical specifications from reputable brands such as Tavahieh, Saran, Yekta HVAC Arvand, and DamaTajhiz for your specific project requirements.

air handling unit AHU

9. Air Washer:

A device called an air washer uses water droplets to cool the air as it passes. Air Washers can function independently or as part of other HVAC systems. They are offered in both horizontal and vertical layouts, with or without heating coils, and in variants intended for household and commercial use.

For detailed information on selecting the right Air Washer capacity and technical requirements, explore various models from well-known brands like Yekta HVAC Arvand, DamaTajhiz, Saran, and more.

air washer

10. ZENT:

ZENT is a dual-purpose device tailored to the climatic conditions of Iran. In addition to providing cooling and heating, ZENT also regulates the humidity level. ZENT, standing for "Nimeh Zemestani Nimeh Tabestani" (Half Winter, Half Summer), boasts a fully Iranian design and concept.

ZENT's cooling function is similar to water coolers, featuring cellulose pads or coils and a water pump for summer cooling. Additionally, It also features a hot water heating coil to provide warm air in the winter. Discover the ZENT model that best meets your needs by looking through models from companies like Safiyad, DamaTajhiz, and Yekta HVAC Arvand.


11. Evaporative Cooler:

It is advised that cities with hot, dry weather employ evaporative coolers. With benefits including cost-effectiveness, low power consumption, simplicity of installation, and reduced operating and maintenance expenses, they are perfect for dry and warm climates. In the evaporative cooler section on DamaTajhiz's reference website and store, you can explore various types of evaporative coolers, including cellulose-based, regular, and portable models. Reputable companies like Energia, Absal, Barfab, Sepahan Electric, Kaveh Kavir, and others sell them.

evaporative cooler

12. Centrifuge and Axial Fans:

Axial and centrifugal fans are often used in industrial greenhouses, residential complexes, workshops, industrial kitchens, poultry farms, and other building facilities for ventilation, air circulation, and exhaust. You may choose several models from reliable companies like Zilabag, DamaTajhiz, Makesh & Dahesh, and place your online order in the Centrifuge and Axial Fans department of DamaTajhiz HVAC reference website and store.

Axial and centrifugal fans

13. Air Purifier:

Home air purifiers are effective in removing airborne particles and pollutants such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and plant pollen. Additionally, they get rid of offensive smells like cigarette smoke, giving consumers fresh, clean air. With the amount of air pollution in big cities growing, it is now imperative that homes and workplaces have air purifiers. It is highly advised to combine air purifiers with double-glazed and UPVC windows, as these barriers stop contaminants from contaminated city air from entering houses.

air purifier

For advice on choosing HVAC equipment for your building, including determining the appropriate capacity and the number of units, as well as selecting the most suitable brand based on geographical, financial, and operational considerations, contact DamaTajhiz HVAC Group experts through phone, email, or fax.

air conditioning equipment

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