Jacuzzi Jet Pump

A Jacuzzi jet pump is a device that is used to pump and circulate water for more use of hot water in jacuzzis. In the following, the technical specifications, application, review, and the best price of all types of jacuzzi jet pumps are presented for wholesale purchase.

A Guide to Selecting Jacuzzi Jet Pumps

Installing jet pumps in a jacuzzi is advantageous in several ways: Indulging in the therapeutic benefits of hot water is an ancient rite. For centuries, hot water has been regarded as a treatment for several physical and mental ailments.

  • In addition to therapeutic effects, jacuzzis or spas are offered in sports centers and public pools to relieve muscle tension and help swimmers relax. The water temperature is typically maintained at 38–42 °C in a hot tub.
  • Unlike in a typical pool, where water is pumped at a low speed for filtration and heating, high-speed jet pumps are used in a jacuzzi to deliver hot water at high pressure. For obvious reasons, in the second case, a screen is placed on the path to filter the water.

    Selecting Jacuzzi Jet Pump
  • Hot tubs may incorporate either of two types of water circulation systems, one of which is similar to the pool circulation and filtration equipment (with heating equipment operating over the treatment circuit). At the same time, the other is the jacuzzi jet pump system that is used to provide the pressure required by the nozzles.
  • The jacuzzi is primarily intended for massaging, relaxation of muscle tension, and hydrotherapy, which are realized by the jet pumps.
  • In a hot tub, a minimum of two nozzles must be considered per person, and two rings, one on the top and another at the bottom of the sitting platform, are required to connect the nozzles and provide a uniform flow of water.
  • The jacuzzi water distribution ring is either steel or PP and is made of 2–4 pipes.

Selecting a Jacuzzi Jet Pump

The following will guide you in selecting the most suitable Jacuzzi jet pump for your needs:

  • As a rule of thumb, to achieve maximum efficiency, a 15 GPM discharge must be supplied by each nozzle, which corresponds to an approximate power of 0.5 Hp for each nozzle (two nozzles must be installed per person).
  • All pool pumps are equipped with filters. However, jet pumps may come without one, in which case a separate filter must be purchased and installed on them.
  • Typically, jacuzzis are 120 to 130 cm deep, with a platform for sitting that is approximately 60 cm above the floor of the basin. For each swimmer, one jet is located under the platform behind the legs and another on top to massage the back.
  • Another point to be considered is the location of the jacuzzi jet pump intakes, which must be installed on the floor as two or more drains since the strong suction of the jet pump necessitates the incorporation of multiple drains to prevent damage to the pump if one drain is blocked.

Note: that the intakes should never be installed on the walls—in particular, the skimmer—as it may lead to fatal accidents.

Jacuzzi Jet Pump Installation Tips

Keep the following tips in mind for the correct installation of a Jacuzzi jet pump:

  • Overall, jet pumps must be installed as near to the basin or the jacuzzi as possible and below the water surface level.
  • Furthermore, installing a backup pump is necessary as it allows for uninterrupted water circulation during the maintenance of the other pump. Moreover, the pool can be drained in a shorter time using both pumps.

    Jacuzzi Jet Pump Installation Tips

  • Installing filters on the jet pumps is also essential to prevent the entanglement of the impeller in strings of hair or pieces of cloth. The filter is composed of a removable basket screen that passes water from the inside.
    The screen must be corrosion-resistant with meshes no larger than 1/8 of an inch. Furthermore, the total surface area of the meshes must be 10 times the cross-sectional area of the inlet. Such a surface area reduces pressure drop while extending the service time between periodic clean-ups.
  • If the pump is installed in a place where its noise must be muffled, the best approach is to incorporate cork or industrial dampers all across the foundation.

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Buy a jacuzzi jet pump

As a rule, in jacuzzis, to achieve the maximum possible efficiency, the amount of water passing through each of the massage nozzles (in jacuzzis, usually 2 nozzles per person and for each nozzle, the power of the jet pump is 0.5 to 0.75 horsepower) is taken) pool pumps are equipped with strainers. But jacuzzi jet pumps may not have a strainer, in which case a separate strainer must be prepared and installed for them.
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Jacuzzi jet pump price

Jacuzzi jet pump depends on factors such as engine power, body material, pump power and flow rate, connection size, etc., so that you can choose the best model among dozens of jacuzzi jet pump models according to your needs and budget. Choose a specialized site for temperature equipment.
It should be noted that the price of the jacuzzi jet pump provided on the website of Damatajhiz collection is up to date and the discounts desired by the consumers have been included in these prices for wholesale purchase; So that these prices also include the part of guaranteeing the best price of Damatajhiz website.

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