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Pool, sauna and hot tub equipment

As you know, equipment that ensures the conditions of cleanliness, appropriate water temperature, Etc. Below is a list of what is required for a swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub; please stay with us for more information.

Main Accessories and Equipment for Swimming Pool, Sauna, Hot Tub

In general, the swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub equipment and supplies include a wide range of facilities. These pool supplies and equipment include water purification and disinfection devices, water pressure and circulation, heating and dehumidifiers for the pool hall and hot tub, equipment, and accessories such as pool lights, beds, canopies, dives, etc.

For example, in the field of water purification and disinfection equipment, from the collection of pool, sauna, and hot tub equipment and supplies, you can find all types of sand, cartridge, and diatom filters for pool and hot tub water purification, all types of pool and hot tub water purification packages, all types of chlorine, manual and semi-automatic pool sweepers. Even swimming pool robots, UV lamps, and ozone generators of the brands Emaux, Hayward, Prozone, Omni, etc., are presented on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website with full descriptions and the appropriate equipment.

As far as the pressure and water circulation equipment of the swimming pool, sauna, and whirlpool equipment collection is concerned, we can also mention all types of filtration pumps, whirlpool jet pumps, whirlpool blowers, and endless pool systems of the IML, Emaux, and PSH brands. All types of pool and hot tub water heaters, as well as electric and gas sauna heaters, are among the most important pool, sauna, and hot tub accessories and equipment, which have been reviewed and presented in various brands and capacities, along with relevant full descriptions and capacity estimates on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website.

Main accessories and equipment for swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi

Swimming pool and hot tub water filter

Swimming pool and jacuzzi filters are usually sand filters with large fibreglass or metal tanks containing a thick bed of sand or special silica. Like pumps and packages for pool water purification, they are one of the most essential equipment and supplies. They are swimming pools.
Water enters the sand filter tank at the top and moves down, passing over the silica or sand. It absorbs fine particles of sand, salts, and physical impurities, and at the end of the tank, purified and clear water comes out of the filter.
Over time due to clogging of the inlet inside the sand filter, the intensity of the water flow in the sand filter decreases. It is possible to see the amount of reduction in flow from the filter's inlet and outlet pressure gauges and to monitor the pressure difference and, if necessary, reverse wash the silica filter or even empty and replace it.

Types of swimming pool and hot tub filters are divided into three categories:

  • Pool sand filter
  • Cartridge swimming pool filter
  • Diatomaceous earth pool filter

In some public pools, instead of a sand filter, a diatom filter or a cartridge filter is used.

To check, estimate the capacity, and choose different types of sand filters for private and public swimming pools in your villa or apartment, please refer to the full description and related products on the website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group.

Swimming pool and jacuzzi water filter

Swimming pool purification pumps

Pumps are at the heart of swimming pool-cleaning equipment. The pool filtration pump transfers water from the drainage system through the filter and back into the pool. There is a metal prefilter in front of the pump to collect leaves and any other debris that may cause the pump to malfunction or be damaged.
Swimming pool water purification pumps can be considered one of the most important and necessary pool accessories; certainly, buying and installing this pool equipment should be prioritized by designers and builders, as the existence of the rest of the pool equipment is overshadowed by the installation and use of these devices.
Pool water needs to be circulated through a filtration system to remove dirt and debris. In a conventional design model, water from two or more outlets on the pool floor and several skimmers installed around the top of the pool are collected by the suction of the pool cleaning pump and directed to the pump and then to the pool water cleaning filter.

Swimming pool purification pumps

Swimming Pool Water Purification Package

With the use of a swimming pool water purification package, in addition to the circulation of stagnant swimming pool water, you can also separate the suspended and dissolved particles in the swimming pool water.
Usually, swimming pool water purification packages are mainly designed and manufactured in three types: T-paks, in-ground packages, and top filters (surface packages), each with its uses.

  • Tpaks - Pool water purification package

The Tpaks Pool Purification Package consists of a pump, sand filter on a fixed chassis, and a kit of connectors and pipework designed and built only to filter water from small pools, hot tubs, cold water ponds, and temporary inflatable pools.

  • In-ground Pool Purification Package

The In-ground pool water purification package is a very suitable alternative for the motor house of open and covered pools up to 100 cubic meters (the in-ground package is made in different models and capacities according to the capacity of the pools).

  • Top Filter - Pool water purification package

This type of pool water purification package pool equipment is specially designed for those pools that have no piping and filtration circuit on their bottom and surface; in other words, they are like large ponds used by swimmers.

Review, selection and price of thousands of Pool, sauna and hot tub equipment products on the reference website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group

Swimming pool water purification package

Swimming pool and hot tub filter

Swimming pool and hot tub filters are usually sand filters with large fibreglass and metal tanks containing a thick bed of special sand. They are the most essential pool equipment and supplies, along with pumps and pool water purification packages.
Water enters the filter tank at the top and moves down through the sand by gravity. It absorbs fine sand particles, salts, and debris, and at the end of the tank, the purified water is collected and discharged.
As time passes and the inlets inside the Sand Filter become clogged, the intensity of the water flow through the filter decreases. You can control the amount of flow reduction by looking at the pressure gauges at the inlet and outlet of the filter, observing the pressure difference, and backwashing the filter if necessary.

Swimming pool and hot tub filters are divided into three categories:

  • Sand filter
  • Cartridge filter
  • Diatomaceous earth filter

Some pools use a diatomaceous earth or cartridge filter instead of a sand filter.

Swimming pool disinfection equipment

In addition to filtering the suspended particles in the water, it is necessary to inject chemicals into the water to maintain its chemical balance:
There are dangerous pathogens, such as bacteria, in the water. Pathogenic microorganisms can be transferred from one person to another in a swimming pool.
Various parts of the pool can also be damaged by water with an imbalanced chemical balance. Furthermore, improper chemical balance of water can cause skin and eye irritation.
Therefore, there must be a disinfection system in place for the elimination of these pathogens. The common pool disinfectant is chlorine, which comes in two forms: calcium hypochlorite (solid) and sodium hypochlorite (liquid). When new substances or contaminants enter the water, chlorine reacts with them in the form of various chemical compounds, including "hypochlorous acid." Hypochlorous acid destroys bacteria and pathogens by destroying the structure of their enzymes.
Among the pool accessories and equipment, pool disinfection equipment is one of the items that should always be purchased. The consumer should be fully aware of the health implications of this equipment.

Swimming pool water disinfection equipment includes:

  • Linear chlorine
  • Metatron injection pump
  • Dosing pumps
  • Chlorine tablet
  • Test kit
  • Pool water PH increaser
  • Pool water PH decreases

Swimming pool disinfection equipment

Pool Cleaner

The pool cleaner is one of the accessories used to keep the pool water clean. It is responsible for collecting and cleaning the heavy suspended matter that settles in the pool water. By using a pool cleaner, it is no longer necessary to empty the pool water because of algae on the walls and the bottom of the pool and because of any type of pollution that has not been collected by the filter (in pools with a filtration circuit).

There are three different types of swimming pool cleaners available:

  • Manual pool cleaner
    Manual pool cleaners in two models without purification filter (open circuit type, where the water sucked in by the cleaner is not returned directly to the pool, but this water goes to the skimmer and, after being filtered, is returned to the pool (in the absence of a skimmer and pool filtration system, it is discharged to the sewer, drain, garden, etc.).Another type of manual pool cleaner with a filtration filter (closed circuit type where the water is drawn from the pool by the cleaner pump to the filter, which is usually sand and is installed on the chassis of a manual cleaner, and after purification, the water can be returned to the pool) is also used.

Manual Pool Cleaner

  • Semi-automatic pool cleaner
    All you have to do is connect this broom to the filter pump or skimmer and place it on the bottom of your pool. The pump and traction force will then move the broom (dynamically) to all parts of the pool, and from the bottom, it will collect the debris. And it is the settled particles of the pool. Collect all the particles and remove them after having finished cleaning.

Semi-automatic pool cleaner

  • Robotic pool cleaner
    A robotic pool cleaner with intelligent and interesting performance, equipped with a powerful motor (pump), has a light and portable body and moves automatically on vertical and horizontal surfaces on the floor and walls of the pool, without needing an operator, and performs cleaning operations on the pool surfaces.
    Robotic and intelligent cleaners, with a special design and the use of absorbent sand instead of wheels, can move automatically and clean the pool floor and walls, as well as suck the water from the pool floor and walls into itself and purify it with internal cartridge filters and returning the water to the pool, preventing water wastage.

Robotic pool cleaner

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Swimming pool and hot tub water heater

In many private (residential) swimming pools, an independent heating system (swimming pool and whirlpool water heating system) is used to heat the pool water, whirlpool water, bathroom water, and showers. Of course, it should be noted that an excessive increase in the temperature of the pool water causes an increase in the rate of evaporation and an increase in the relative humidity in the pool environment. This factor will also cause erosion and damage to equipment in the pool area.

Swimming Pool And Hot Tub Water Heating Methods

  • Swimming pool water heating with boiler (cast iron or steel) and pool heat exchanger (shell and tube or plate)
  • Swimming pool water heating with electric heaters
  • Swimming pool water heating using special gas packages for swimming pool water heating
  • Swimming pool water heating using indirect and direct solar systems
  • Swimming pool heating with heat exchangers

Swimming pool and hot tub water heating methods

Hot Tub Jet Pump

In hot tubs, a high-speed jet pump is used to pump water into the tub at high pressure.
In the normal mode, the hot tub pump is used to circulate the water at low speed and to filter and heat the water. In the second mode, it is obvious that a strainer is also used to filter the water.

Types of jacuzzi jet pumps

Swimming Pool Dehumidifier

The presence of humidity in the surrounding air can cause the growth of toxic algae and serious damage to building materials in the pool environment (especially in indoor spa pools).
An indoor pool can provide happy moments, but evaporation from the water surface can cause structural problems. High levels of humidity in the walls, decorations, floor, and flooring will quickly destroy the materials used. This is why a dehumidifier is used.

Swimming pool dehumidifier

Electric and Gas Sauna Heaters

Electric and gas dry sauna heaters can be divided into two categories: electric heaters that work with electric energy (using special elements) or gas heaters that work with gas or diesel fuel (consisting of a boiler and a gas burner, dual fuel, diesel). In the two types of dry heaters mentioned above, sauna stones are used to store heat, which, in addition to the beauty it gives to the interior of the sauna room, allows the user to pour essential oil (eucalyptus) on the heater because it is not possible to pour essential oil directly on the furnace tray (gas dry sauna heater) or the element (electric dry sauna heater).
Steam sauna heaters are divided into two groups: electric steam sauna heaters (electric steam sauna heaters), which are usually installed behind the steam sauna wall, and gas heaters (steam sauna heaters), which can be installed at a greater distance in the machine room.

هیتر برقی و گازی سونا

Swimming pool and sauna lights

The pool and sauna lights are available in two models: working (without bowl) and working (with bowl), with halogen lamps, which are usually monochromatic, as well as LED and SMD lamps, which are monochromatic and coloured (14 colours). turn around

The advantage of LED and SMD pool lights over their halogen counterparts is that, firstly, they do not generate much heat, so if the pool is out of water, these pool lights will not be damaged, and, secondly, they have a longer life. LED and SMD pool lights are also available in different colours.

Pool and sauna lights

Pool Ladder & Handrail

Pool ladders and handrails (or pool steps) are essential for the use of the pool and make it easier for swimmers to get out of the pool or bowl. In pools longer than 10 meters, it is better to have two pool ladders (one in the deep part and one in the shallow part), and in pools shorter than 10 meters, one pool ladder is used in the shallow part.

Pool ladders are made of 304 or 316 steel with steps made of ABS, all steel, or a combination of steel and non-slip plastic. The number of steps of the pool ladder is available from 2 to 6 steps depending on the depth of the place where the ladder is installed. The distance between the steps is 25 or 30 cm.

Pool ladder and handle

Steam Shower and Jetted BathTub

Today, the home bathtub (apartment) is considered one of the main equipment in the bathrooms of luxury houses. In addition to relaxation, the use of a home bathtub brings special benefits to consumers, such as the alleviation of fatigue, body massage, improvement of blood circulation in the veins, etc.; Due to the acceptance of this equipment by families, several companies began to produce all kinds of home bathtubs.
Due to the acceptance of this equipment by families, several companies began to produce all kinds of home hot tubs; the wide range of different models of home hot tubs has made this equipment usable in many residential houses, apartments, and villas.

Please refer to the relevant products along with their full descriptions on the reference and specialized website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group to check and select the types of home whirlpool baths.

خرید وان جکوزی

Fountains for Swimming Pools

Water fountains and pool fountains are some of the most essential elements to create a sense of tranquillity in any garden and green space. Natural and artificial waterfalls and streams have always had a special attraction for people. Today, designers have been able to recreate as many corners of nature as possible in parks and gardens inspired by natural beauty, including waterfalls and streams. The existential value of these designs and projects is not limited to their aesthetic aspects. Still, they are also very effective in softening the air and making the beautiful space comfortable, as well as preventing water stagnation. A fountain is one of the architectural elements that throws water into the air. This work is done either to facilitate the use of water (drinking or washing) or for beauty purposes.

Fountain and fountain of the pool

Suppose you need advice and exchange of opinions to determine the appropriate capacity and number of devices or to choose the most suitable brand (according to the geographical, financial, and operational conditions of the project) when choosing equipment for your building's swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub. In that case, you can communicate with the technical experts of the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group by phone, e-mail, or fax. (+98 21 88822550)

DamaTajhiz's website and online store present all types of swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub equipment from the most reliable and accessible brands in the Iranian equipment market, with the most competitive prices and the possibility of fast delivery, along with the calculation methods and implementation recommendations and installation of each of them.

According to the technical information and reasonable prices provided for all types of swimming pool, sauna, and hot tub equipment and supplies on the specialized and reliable website of DamaTajhiz HVAC, we sincerely hope that you, dear user, while reading the complete technical specifications provided, will be assured of the original warranty + fast delivery of the products. Choose DamaTajhiz HVAC to buy the product you need (from a single product to bulk purchases for companies and construction projects) throughout the country and even in neighbouring countries and the Middle East region.

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