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Space Heater

Using heaters (gas, electric, radiant, cabinet, industrial, etc.) is one of the most common methods of providing heat in different environments. In the following, the specifications, models, heating power, application, and the best price of all types of heaters are presented for wholesale purchase.

Space Heater Selecting Guide

Usually, in situations where the engine room has not been implemented for a building or the performance of the device is weak, all types of heaters can be used to fill that gap. Many types of space heaters can be used for large halls, poultry farms, greenhouses, factories, workshops, exhibitions, banks, department stores, mosques, etc.

Types of space heaters

Types of Heaters in Terms of Fuel Consumption

In general, heaters in terms of energy source are:

  • Electric heater (with or without a fan)
  • Gas heater (with city gas or liquid gas capsule)
  • Diesel heater (workshop heater)
  • Oil and kerosene heaters (oil-burning workshop heaters)

Space heaters are divided into gas heaters, diesel heaters, dual fuel heaters, triple fuel heaters, electric heaters, diesel heaters, etc.

electric heater types

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Space Heater

To determine the approximate capacity of the heater required for the halls in weather conditions such as Tehran, Mashhad, Karaj, Isfahan, Shiraz, Semnan, Shahroud, Rasht, Gorgan, Kermanshah, Sulaymaniyah, Kirkuk, Mosul, Erbil, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kabul, Aleppo, Damascus, etc., usually about 40 kcal/h of heating capacity per cubic meter should be considered.

Moreover, in cities that have colder winters than the above cities, such as Tabriz, Urmia, Arak, Bojnord, Hamedan, Zanjan, Ankara, Samarkand, Yerevan, Khujand, Baku, Tashkent, Ashgabat, Dushanbe, etc., approximately 40 kcal/h of heating capacity per cubic meter should be considered.
If you need further information about capacity estimation, you can contact the experts of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group.

Calculation of thermal load according to the loss of thermal energy from the surfaces (wall-ceiling-floor-windows) and according to the dimensions and height of the ceiling of the hall, as well as the amount of infiltration and exchange of cold air outside with indoor air and by experienced engineers of the facility or after consultation It can be done with the experts of the heating equipment department in the specialized collection of heating equipment.

Determining the type of fuel and the amount of heater fuel: In terms of the type of fuel consumed, heaters are generally divided into types of gas heaters, diesel heaters, dual fuel heaters, triple fuel heaters, electric heaters, diesel heaters, etc.

The Formula for Calculating the Heating Capacity of the Space Heater

The following formula will help you to determine the required heating capacity of a space heater:

QT=[(U1*A1+U2*A2+U3*A3+…)ΔT+(V*0.0749*0.24* ΔT)]*4

  • QT is the heating load of each unit in kilocalories per hour
  • U1 to Un is the heat transfer coefficient of each surface between the inside and outside of the building in terms of BTU/ft2.hr. oF, which should be determined based on the material of each wall, using engineering reference tables.
  • A is the area of each of the peripheral surfaces of the corresponding unit that transfers heat to the outside of the building. This area (in square feet) includes walls, windows, doors, and ceilings.
  • ΔT is the temperature difference between the inside and outside of each unit under normal conditions, which is in °F.
  • V is the total amount of air infiltrating through door or window seams (CFH) in ft3/hr.
  • Constant factor 0.0749: air density in conventional conditions in the English unit system
  • Constant coefficient of 0.24 specific heat capacity of ambient air in conventional conditions in English units

In the above formula, by calculating the values of all the parameters, you can get accurate results to determine the required heating capacity of the heater. Note that the exact values of U and area A for each of the surrounding surfaces must be considered based on specific details in each building and engineering tables of the heat transfer coefficient.

The Advantages of the Space Heater

Five reasons why a space heater is a must-have:

  1. Due to complete combustion, the space heaters produce only a little bit of carbon monoxide.
  2. The heat exchanger in fan heaters has a special steel alloy that never produces metal oxide suspended in space.
  3. The exchangers do not produce soot in the vicinity of airborne particles.
  4. Combustion in industrial heaters takes place with a fully automatic system and without an igniter.
  5. Space heaters have a special fan for exhausting the combustion gas and connecting it to the chimney to exit the combustion gases.

Different Types of Space Heaters Based on Operation

Space heaters are divided into the following categories based on their operation and application:

Indoor or Home Heater

Home heaters are divided into types: electric heaters, fan heaters, and gas heaters. Moreover, electric home heaters are safer than other models of home heaters.

Home heaters have less capacity than industrial heaters, and among the different models of heaters that don't have a fan produce less noise.

Electric Heater

An electric heater is considered a type of home heater, which is divided into two types: with or without a fan. Electric heaters have a metal or ABS body and are produced in different dimensions and sizes. Home electric heaters are usually between 1000 and 2000 watts and work with single-phase electricity. Also, it should be mentioned that home heaters have a limited heating capacity.

Radiant Space Heaters

The heat radiation in radiant space heaters is like the heat radiation in an electric heater, and it only heats the space in front of it. Furthermore, radiant heaters are not able to create stable heating in the air of the installation site. This means that when the radiant heaters are turned off, the environment cools down immediately.

Using a radiant heater for heating large halls and even open spaces and outdoor restaurants and cafes is the most suitable choice and with a great saving in fuel consumption.

Radiant heaters can also be used in repair shops, industrial service halls, production halls, chicken farms, greenhouses for growing flowers and plants, mushroom and oyster cultivation halls, manufacturing factories, sports halls, villas, swimming pool areas, or any other space that needs optimal heat with the lowest amount of fuel consumption.

The radiant heaters are usually installed at a height of 4 to 12 meters from the floor (based on the heating capacity and dimensions of the heater) and heat the environment without the need to heat the surrounding air, which results in a great saving in gas consumption.

radiant space heater

Cabinet Unit Heater

As the name suggests, a cabinet unit heater is a type of heater that is made in the form of a cabinet. Due to their low height, this model of heaters is mostly used in department stores, mosques, banks, etc., and depending on the type of fuel, they are usually used as gas burners. Gas heaters model 620, 625, and 640 energy are among the most used types of cabinet gas heaters.

Here are some of the advantages of cabinet unit heaters over other types of space heaters:

  • The ability to install an ambient thermostat to control the ambient temperature accurately
  • Direct airing
  • Creating pleasant heat and uniform distribution
  • Equipped with electrical panel

cabinet unit heater

Gas Heater

A gas heater is a type of cabinet unit heater, and as its name suggests, it is fueled by natural or liquid gas. Gas heaters have an axial fan that directs the air heated by the atmospheric burner to the environment and can be installed on a stool or wall.

Gas heaters are mostly used in restaurants, greenhouses, educational workshops, industrial spaces, banks, mosques, etc., due to their high efficiency.

Gas Heaters for Workshops

Workshop gas heaters work with natural gas, diesel, and kerosene fuels. They usually have a heating capacity of 25,000 to 50,000 kilocalories. The most widely used and best-selling types of workshop gas heaters are models 250, 260, 450, and 460 from Energy and Mahyasan brands. They are not only great for workshops but camps, public villas, cabins, etc.

Note: When ordering a workshop gas heater, pay attention to the type of fuel and amount of heating.

Workshop gas heater

Space/Jet Heater

Jet heaters have different types with different fuel consumption, including electric, gas, and diesel. In general, the jet heater is considered a type of industrial heater that is mostly used in greenhouses, poultry houses, sheds, and large industrial halls. You can use diesel, gas, or dual-fuel jet heaters based on the type and size of your environment. Two of the most important points when buying a jet heater are the device's heating power and the dimension of your environment.

jet heater

Forced Air Heater or Furnace

Furnaces are usually installed outside the roofed and covered environment and can channel hot air to other environments (similar to the AC channel). Furnaces are used to provide fast and controlled heating in schools, halls, industrial, office, commercial, sports, greenhouses, mosques, etc.

Furnaces are used to control air quality and save fuel consumption, as well as the correct circulation of hot air in the environment. You can refer to the relevant category or click "Forced Air Heater or Furnace" to read more about this product.

forced air heater or furnace

Types of Industrial Heaters in Terms of Design

Industrial heaters are divided into the following categories according to various criteria, such as fuel type, appearance, heating capacity, and operation mode.

Industrial Heater with Side-Fan and Top-Outlet

They are used in greenhouses, chicken farms, mushroom growing halls, and places where there is a need to distribute heat uniformly.

Industrial Heater with Side-Fan and Front-Outlet

These devices are usually used in greenhouses to provide heat for plant growth. The placement of fans in the lower and upper parts of the heater depends on the type of plants in the greenhouse.

Types of industrial heaters in terms of function:

  • Industrial heater without air outlet channel
  • Industrial heater with valve and air distribution duct

Types of industrial heaters in terms of fuel consumption:

  • Electric industrial heater (electric and dual fuel)
  • Gas industrial heater (propane)
  • Diesel-burning industrial heater
  • Oil and kerosene industrial heaters

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Chicken Farms & Greenhouses Space Heater Buying Tips

When buying a heater for your greenhouse, you should keep in mind that the presence of carbon dioxide in excess of the allowed amount causes flowers and plants to wither and prevents the proper circulation of air in the greenhouse, which is one of the most important things that must be taken into account.

When buying a heater for your chicken farm and/or breeding poultry (which are directly related to living and growing organisms), the level of accuracy, airflow, uniform distribution of heat, and the absence of gaseous pollutants in the air must be considered. You can easily solve these problems by choosing a standard and approved poultry heater and increasing the efficiency of broiler breeding.

Buying a Space Heater

One of the important features of space heaters is the proper and uniform distribution of heat in the surrounding environment. Hence, its use in domestic and industrial environments is growing.

In order to choose and buy the right space heater, you must first determine its type, capacity, and fuel consumption. On the website of DamaTajhiz HVAC, technical information on various types of heaters from reliable brands, along with their OG guarantee, is provided for you to enjoy the good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase.

Also note that in the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the space heaters are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

The Price of Space Heaters

The price of space heaters varies based on the type of fuel, capacity, usage, and brand. It should be noted that all space heaters offered on DamaTajhiz HVAC have reasonable prices, with a generous discount already included on them for wholesale purchase.

Dear Users

While thanking you for the trust you have in the technical opinions of heating equipment sales experts, it should be noted that the choice of the desired product brand based on history, brand strength, service, and product price is ultimately determined by the buyer. But in space heaters, most of the users and buyers of best-selling brands such as Energy, Nik Gostar, Mashhad Zohor, Garmasan, and Pars Khazar electric heaters are according to their quality, price, and after-sales service.

After reading the above material, you have more questions to decide on the type of space heater you need; you can contact the heating equipment and engine room department experts after contacting the DamaTajhiz and extension numbers 107-108-121-122. Get advice and ask your questions.

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Energy Electric Fan Heater EH0045

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  4. It has three heating elements with high efficiency
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Energy Three-phase Electric Heater EH0150

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