Pressure Control and Measurement

Pressure is one of the most essential quantities widely used in various industries; that's why controlling and measuring pressure is very important. In the following, we provide information on how to choose and the price of different pressure gauges, pressure switches, balancers, regulators, pressure transmitters, pressure manometers, etc., for wholesale purchase.

Selection and purchase of pressure control and measurement equipment

If you want to use pressure control and measurement equipment to measure pressure and vacuum and you don't know exactly what type of pressure control and measurement equipment is better to use, with what type of connection, brand, price and specifications, then follow this Stay with us to answer all your questions regarding the purchase price, technical specifications and the best types of pressure control and measurement equipment you need.

Pressure, obtained by dividing the unit of force by the unit of area, is one of the industry's most critical quantities widely used and measured. There are many ways to measure pressure and vacuum. Devices used to measure pressure are called pressure gauges, vacuum gauges, or manometers. Since pressure is not absolute, its value is always determined relative to a reference pressure for measurement. Sometimes the pressure is measured relative to the vacuum pressure. In this article, we have tried to briefly introduce you to various types of pressure control and measurement tools and their functions.

Pressure measurement methods:

Based on the determined basis for pressure measurement, it is considered in the following three ways:

  1. Absolute pressure: Absolute pressure is measured based on a complete vacuum, and a complete vacuum is considered the measurement reference or zero reference.
  2. Measuring pressure: It is measured based on atmospheric pressure and considered a measurement reference or zero base.
  3. Differential pressure or pressure difference: The pressure difference between two distinct points of a system.

In many pressure measuring devices, instead of the pressure measurement reference (zero references) being considered the actual value of the atmospheric pressure, the atmospheric pressure is assumed to be a constant value (for example, 101.325 Kpa) and the rest of the measurements they do to it. For this reason, such devices may not work correctly at high altitudes.

In the following, we will review several standard pressure measurements and control equipment:


A manometer is a device for measuring pressure. A typical manometer consists of a U-shaped glass tube filled with some liquid, usually mercury (due to its high density). Of course, its digital samples are also available now. If mercury is used in the manometer, it is called a mercury manometer or pressure gauge; if water is used, it is called a water pressure gauge.


Analog pressure gauge

An Analog pressure gauge is one of the oldest accurate instruments used in industries to show the amount of pressure. It is still one of the most used equipment for showing pressure in terms of its popularity and reasonable price. This equipment uses the mechanical mechanism of a Bourdon tube or diaphragm. In some cases, the bellows element changes the state that the measuring element finds due to pressure and transfers this state change to a hand that is calibrated according to the pressure on a plate and is calibrated to easily measure pressure values in a wide range, even up to 1000 times.

Analog manometer

When choosing and buying analog pressure gauges, you should pay attention to the following:

  • The desired range of the pressure gauge
  • The diameter of the pressure gauge screen
  • Type, location and size of pressure gauge connection
  • Pressure gauge accuracy
  • Material of pressure gauge (usually steel or brass)
  • Horizontal or vertical pressure gauge installation

Digital pressure meter or indicator

Digital pressure gauges look relatively similar to analog pressure gauges because they allow you to measure pressure with higher capability and accuracy. The operator can easily change the pressure ranges or calibrate the device by pressing the keys installed on the device. More advanced models consider the possibility of saving information and calibration ability.
In cases where high accuracy is required, digital pressure gauges are an excellent alternative to analog pressure gauges. Among their disadvantages, it can be pointed out that analog gauges are more tangible for the operator, and it is easier to compare values visually. In some models of digital pressure gauges, in addition to displaying the pressure value, you can use the device as a pressure switch or even a pressure transmitter.

Digital manometer

When buying a digital pressure gauge, consider the following points:

  • The pressure measurement range of the device
  • Measuring the accuracy of the device
  • Size and connection method
  • Ability to record values
  • Ability to convert units

Pressure switch

Pressure switch or controller is widely used in the industry to adjust the pressure of tanks or prevent pressure increase in pressurized environments. Usually, pressure switches are mechanically activated like pressure gauges with Bourdon or diaphragm and bellows mechanisms at the set point or set of a relay and act as an On and Off controller with its contact command at the output. In digital and electronic samples, a strain gauge is used instead of a diaphragm or a diaphragm, and a PNP or NPN transistor is usually used in the output. Pressure switches in more advanced models have an output of 4 to 20 mA and an indicator.

pressure switch

When choosing a pressure switch, the following should be considered:

  • Working range and setting point
  • The maximum tolerable pressure of the pressure controller
  • It can be used in explosive environments and IP pressure switch
  • How to connect and connect the pressure controller
  • Accuracy and repeatability of the pressure controller

Pressure transmitter

The pressure transmitter is one of the most widely used equipments and tools in controlling and monitoring various industrial processes. In addition to being used in pressure control and value display, pressure transmitters can also be used as liquid level transmitters and in differential models called pressure difference transmitters in flow monitoring and flowmetry.
The Hart protocol offers pressure transmitters in cheap pens and innovative models.

Pressure transmitter

When choosing a pressure transmitter, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Positive or negative pressure
  • Accuracy of equipment
  • Relative or absolute pressure
  • Range or range of measurement
  • Required output type
  • Corrosive type of material

DP transmitter

Pressure difference transmitters are one of the most critical instruments. This equipment is widely used in measuring other parameters, such as the height of tanks and flow.

Pressure difference transmitter

When choosing a pressure difference transmitter, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Accuracy of the transmitter
  • Pressure measurement range
  • Equipment bearing pressure
  • The material of the capsule is usually steel
  • The smartness of the device, which is usually Hart protocol
  • Ability to calibrate it

Gas regulators and balancers

The pressure adjustment mechanism in the regulator is based on the laws of physics and is done mechanically by equipment such as valves and springs. This pressure reduction is such that by turning the regulator handle, the spring inside the regulator is compressed, and the spring pressure causes the gas to enter the regulator from the inlet. Then, the gas pressure is reduced using the diaphragm.
To choose a gas regulator, in addition to considering the pressure of the main line of gas input and the pressure of the required output gas, you must determine things such as the size of the pipe diameter, the type of rib or flange connection, the flow rate of the required gas and even the brand of the desired regulator.
Gas balancers adjust the pressure difference by less than 2 psi and make the gas entering the burner uniform. Connection size, inlet and outlet pressure, and gas flow rate are required to select gas balancers correctly. Balancers help the efficiency and correct use of the burner by accurately adjusting the pressure of the gas passing through the burner.

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