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As you know, the main prerequisite for doing any work is to have proper information about that subject. In order to choose, review the prices, buy and know more about pressure transmitters, the following contents are included so that you, dear visitors of the specialized website of Damatajhiz, can use these information to choose and buy
smart, industrial & differential pressure transmitters from Danfoss, Rosemont, Hagler, Vika, Pickens, etc. brands in bulk.

User manual and introduction of pressure transmitter

Pressure transmitters are tools for measuring the pressure difference between gases and liquids. The pressure transmitter consists of three main parts: an amplifier, transducer, and sensor. In addition to measuring pressure, transmitters are also used to measure the flow of gases and liquids, height or depth, height above sea level, and leak testing. Join us in introducing and checking the performance of different types of pressure transmitters in the rest of this article (for wholesale purchase).

Types of pressure transmitters in terms of sensors

  • Pressure transmitter with pen or needle sensor
  • Pressure transmitter with silicon or diaphragm sensor
  • Pressure transmitter with ceramic capacitor sensor
  • Pressure transmitter with a separate diaphragm sensor

Pressure transmitter with pen or needle sensor

This type of transmitter is divided into two categories: pressure gauge and absolute pressure. In the pressure gauge type, the sensor measures the pressure of the part relative to the ambient pressure. But in the absolute type, the pressure sensor measures the vacuum pressure (absolute pressure).

Pressure transmitter with silicon or diaphragm resistance sensor

In the pressure transmitter with a silicon resistance sensor, a flat plate is used instead of the inlet duct, primarily used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Types of pressure transmitters

What is a transducer?

A transducer is a type of transformer that converts the received electrical signal into a standard electrical signal (current 4 to 20 mA, voltage 0 to 5 V). So we conclude that transducers convert analog and temperature values ​​and quantities into standard voltage and current signals and signal isolation.

Types of transducers

  • Voltage transducer
  • Current transducer
  • Frequency transducer
  • Active and reactive power transducer
  • Power factor transducer
  • Programmable transducer
  • resistance transducer
  • Temperature transducer
  • Isolated transducer
  • Pressure transducer
  • Capacitive Transducer

Types of transducers

Types of pressure transmitters

  • Industrial pressure transmitter
  • Pen pressure transmitter
  • Differential pressure transmitter
  • Smart pressure transmitter
  • Low-pressure transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter with a screen (Indicator pressure transmitter)
  • Pressure transmitter suitable for explosive environments (ATEX-EX)
  • Calibrate transmitters (HART)

Important points when choosing a pressure transmitter

  • Measurement range
  • Required output type
  • Measurement accuracy
  • Type of pressure (absolute or relative)
  • Type of connections
  • Type of fluid and installation environment (in terms of explosion and corrosiveness, etc.)

In the pressure transmitter group of the reference site and store of Damatajhiz, you can view the information and prices of pressure transmitters from Honeywell and other brands for review and selection.

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