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Air Purifier

Because of the growing variety of pollutants in city air, it is vital to use a home (office) air purifier. In the following, we provide you with the technical sepecifications, quantity and stages of filtration, optimum prices for each type of air purifier systems so can choose correctly and buy these products in bulk.

Reasons Why The Air Purifier Is Necessary

Nowadays, using an air purifier is a home and office essential.
According to ISNA, quoting the head of the air health department in the Ministry of Health; in 2021, the cities of Tehran, Ahvaz, Mashhad, Karaj, and Isfahan had the highest air pollution coefficient compared to other cities in Iran. In addition, the number of days without air pollution in these cities was less than 10 days.

Zabul City of Sistan and Baluchistan province also had the largest share in the number of days of dangerous weather. In the aforementioned year, 15 days of dangerous weather were recorded in Zabul City.

Unfortunately, the number of deaths attributed to air pollution in Iran in 2021 was more than 20,000 people, of which 6,400 died in Tehran alone!

In this regard, the Ministry of Health announced that a significant percentage of Tehran's air pollution is related to non-standard car fuel, which is widely distributed in city fuel stations. Moreover, only 20% of the gasoline that is consumed daily in cities is Euro 4 standard gasoline!

Reasons Why The Air Purifier Is Necessary

Why Should You Have an Air Purifier?

  1. Every year, millions of people in the world die prematurely due to the effects of air pollution. According to research published in “The Lancet Science Magazine”, only in 2015, more than 6 million people died from breathing polluted air, mainly in the big and polluted cities of the world! These deaths are caused by breathing in suspended particles and carbon dioxide gas in the air of densely populated cities and people suffering from various diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, respiratory allergies, shortness of breath, increased blood pressure, palpitations, and heart or brain attacks.
  2. According to the studies of the comprehensive traffic transportation plan of Tehran city, more than 9200 tons of pollutants enter the air of Tehran every day by various factors that pollute the air, especially cars!
  3. According to the 2007 report of the United Nations, in general, the important cities of Iran rank 117 among 133 countries in the air index table. Moreover, as it was said, the air purifier plays an important role in absorbing and removing air pollution from our houses and living spaces. In Iran, the most polluted air is usually seen in the cities of Tehran, Ahvaz, Arak, Isfahan, and Zahedan.
  4. According to the research conducted by the “World Health Organization”, the death rate due to air pollution in Tehran was equal to 4,500 people in 2012 alone; most of these cases occurred in autumn and winter due to inhalation of airborne particles and their entry into the lungs of people. It has been reported that after breathing this polluted air, these airborne particles enter the blood circulation system of every person in just 20 minutes, which unfortunately will lead to blockage of coronary arteries, increase in blood pressure, and ultimately heart attack!

What Makes the Air Purifier a Must-Have for People in Large Cities

Living in a large city brings many problems, and one of the major ones is air pollution. We may need more time to act to clean the air on a large scale, but we can use an approved and efficient air purifier in private, closed environments such as homes and offices. Undoubtedly, we all know that the quality of the air we breathe plays a big role in our health. For this reason, we must think about this matter very deeply and seriously. The air pollution that we breathe in big cities is a very big problem, so the best thing is to clean the air in the specific environment that we breathe by providing an air purifier with suitable filters to absorb suspended particles and other pollutants.

In today's world, the need to have an air purifier at home and office is felt more than ever. In order to be able to choose the best option, it is necessary to fully familiarize yourself with the features and facilities of each air purifier.

Before explaining the importance and necessity of the use of air purifiers at home and office, as well as how the air purifiers work effectively, we would like to inform you that since 2003, DamaTajhiz HVAC group has been delivering all kinds of air purifiers in Tehran within 2 to 4 working hours with a valid warranty, product return guarantee, and free shipping, in other cities up to two working days (based on the distance and distance of the route) with the most suitable prices.

DamaTajhiz is an official and valid member of the Union of Heating and Air Conditioning Equipment Sellers and the Union of Virtual Businesses in Iran.

How Does Air Pollution Affect Humans?

According to a research; air pollution causes an increase in blood pressure by hardening the red walls of blood vessels, which, especially in elderly people and those with high blood pressure, first causes headaches and then heart palpitations and heart attacks.

Also, based on the mentioned research, the effect of air pollution is much more serious in elderly people with medical conditions, and even with one hour of their presence in the polluted air of big cities, these negative effects can be seen in heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing.

The Advantageous Functions Of Air Purifier

In general, the air purifier can remove toxic and harmful gases such as O3, SO2, NO2, CO, and CO2 by absorbing airborne particles and removing polluting ions in the air of large and industrial cities, and purifying the air in the living environment. Also, the air purifier prevents the growth of fungi and molds and significantly reduces asthma and allergy attacks. If you see the contamination of the filters of an air purifier after several months of operation, you will definitely realize how important it is to use an air purifier in your home or workplace.

Home Air Purifier

In addition to absorbing and eliminating suspended particles and air pollution such as bacteria, fungi and plant pollen, the home air purifier is also very effective in purifying the air by absorbing unpleasant odors and the smell of cigarettes in closed environments, and the air is clean.

Nowadays, according to the types of pollution in the air of big cities, the use of air purifiers in all homes and offices is considered one of the essentials of urban life. Therefore, we highly recommend an air purifier along with double-glazed and UPVC windows, which prevent the entry of soot and suspended particles into the air of polluted cities.

How Air Pollution Affects Our Hearts

Considering the tangible and visible effects of air pollution in the increase of respiratory diseases, heart diseases, allergies, etc., in big cities, air purifiers provide us a clean, healthy, and pleasant air. It is interesting to know that in the absence of air purifiers in big and polluted cities, every child breathes in the number of suspended particles and toxic substances equivalent to several cigarettes, even indoors.

Air pollution in cities is often caused by pollutants that come from cars and production units. Since most of these pollutants cannot be seen with a bare eye, people pay less attention to them.

The human eye is not able to see suspended particles less than  microns, so most pollution, such as bacteria and viruses, cannot be seen by the bare eye. They enter the lungs through breathing and then be absorbed in the blood. They cause blockage of blood vessels, headaches, increased blood pressure, and cause serious damage to human health.

Filters installed in air purifiers, such as HEPA filters, active carbon filters, UV lamps, etc., are capable of removing particles such as dust, smoke, chemicals, etc., which cannot be seen with the naked eye. Some air purifiers also have another technology called electric attraction, which is used to break air molecules. Electrostatic deposit cleaners, electronic filters and negative ion generators use this method in air purification.

How to Choose Different Types of Air Purifiers

The air purifier is designed and manufactured in a way that removes pollutants, including suspended particles (smaller than 2.5 microns), carbon dioxide, bacteria, some viruses, and even unpleasant odors in the air using several different filters.

The air of big cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Arak, Ahvaz, etc., is becoming more polluted day by day, and these gases and suspended particles bring many lung infections and diseases; for this reason, the dangers caused by the polluted air have led us to find ways to be safe from all these pollutions.

Brands that produce different types of air purifiers in their product indicate the area or meter covered by the respective air purifiers and the temperature equipment set in their catalogs and technical specifications for each product.

Although cleaning the air of the whole city is not an easy task, it is possible to clean the indoor air of your apartment and home by using an air purifier with larger dimensions, bigger filters and more complete air purification steps.

Nowadays, using air purifiers is completely effective for people with asthma and respiratory allergies and for healthy people to protect the immune system and prevent any disease. You can see the effective performance of air purifiers when you see the amount of pollution absorbed in the filters of the device after a few months of operation.

How to Choose Different Types of Air Purifiers

What are the Major Causes of Air Pollution?

Usually, air pollution is caused by particles and certain gases that are suspended in the air; these particles and gases can come from many things, and here is the list of 4 common air pollution causes along with their effects:

The Friction of Vehicle Tires

One of the most important things that cause the increase of soot particles in the air is the constant friction of car and motorcycle tires with the asphalt of the roads, the separation of solid particles from the tires, and their dispersion, causing more and more pollution in the air.

Fossil Fuels

On the other hand, the incomplete combustion of fuel or the use of fuel that is not of good quality, as well as the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the exhaust of cars in the city, due to the lack of sufficient air flow, are other factors that increase the intensity of air pollution and the need to use air purifiers at home and at workplace in big cities.

It may surprise you that air pollution is 30 times more dangerous than cigarette smoke. As you know, smokers are always in danger of lung cancer. But, have you ever wondered why non-smokers sometimes get lung cancer in the community? According to the latest scientific research conducted in America, free radicals in the polluted air are considered as one of the pollutants whose function in the human body and the negative effects it has are similar to the negative effects of tobacco and cigarettes.

Without using an air purifier, Inhaling these pollutants can in some cases expose a person to something about 30 times more than the free radicals found in cigarettes, in only one day. The OH free radicals react with pollutant gases such as VOCs, which have been cited in many studies as carcinogens, because if these radicals are freely inhaled through the respiratory system, they can increase the risk of cancer cells.

As you know, breathing in a polluted air environment is also dangerous for children, because due to breathing through the mouth, more pollutants remain in children's respiratory system and because of their weaker immune system compared to adults. In addition to the negative impact on the brain development of children, the possibility of catching infectious diseases is more in them than in adults.

Suspended Particles

The main pollutants that play a significant role in air pollution are suspended particles, nitrogen dioxide that increases lung infections, sulfur dioxide and ozone that causes asthma and respiratory diseases. Also, the presence of lead particles, carbon monoxide, soot, and suspended particles of ten microns are other main causes of air pollution.


Asbestos, which is used to produce brake and clutch pads, increases the strength against friction but also releases some particles, which is one of the important factors in cancer. Therefore, its use in the industry has been banned for some time, but currently, the amount of asbestos particles in the air of big cities is very significantly high due to the non-compliance and lack of attention of the industries to this problem, which is a very serious problem regarding the severity of air pollution. Considering the above, you'll feel the necessity of using an air purifier at home.

Different types of Air Purifiers

Regardless of their capacity and dimensions, air purifiers have domestic, medical, and even industrial types, which are available at the Damatajhiz website as the most important center for consulting and selling all kinds of air purifiers.

In a home air purifier, different and porous filters (including seeds or a single volume or fibers) are usually used to absorb and trap all kinds of suspended particles in the air, and ultraviolet rays or UV lamps are also used to disinfect the air.

Here are all types of air purifiers with different operations and filtering technology:

Tabletop/Desktop Air Purifier

Beautiful desktop air purifiers in small to medium sizes are available from various brands and can be easily used in any part of the home or workplace that has proper air circulation.

Tabletop/Desktop Air Purifier

 DamaTajhiz; The best prices and brands of construction equipment 

Standing Air Purifier

Standing air purifiers usually have larger sizes than other types and can be used in homes, offices, workshops, etc. Therefore, the air purifiers that are used in homes or offices and even medical and treatment centers are standing air purifiers.

Standing Air Purifier

Portable Air Purifier

A portable air purifier with ion absorption technology can be easily hung around your neck and provide clean air rich in oxygen and negative ions. When many people do not leave the house to maintain their health, you can take care of your daily affairs using a portable air purifier.

Portable Air Purifier

Car Air Purifier

Due to more air pollution in the outside environment, many people want to be safe from breathing polluted city air when they are in their cars, in which case we recommend using a car air purifier. A car air purifier can be placed on the dashboard or center console of the car; you can provide electricity for the device using the car cigarette lighter or AA batteries. The car air purifier allows you to drive around the city and do your daily tasks with complete comfort in the polluted air.

Car Air Purifier

As mentioned, due to the importance of breathing clean and healthy air in the presence of pollution, suspended particles, soot, carbon monoxide gas, and carbon dioxide gas in the air, the use of air purifiers in homes and places of work is not a choice, but an inevitable necessity these days.

Note: It should be noted that the car air purifier should not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat.

Different Types of Air Purifier Filters Based on Function

There are several types of air filters and each offers different air filtering capabilities for high levels of filtration or low.
Here are 7 most common filters with their effects listed below:


The pre-filter of the air purifier can be washed and if it is placed in the air purifier, it absorbs coarser particles such as lint, animal hair, suspended particles and allergenic particles.

various types of air purifier

ESP Filter (Plasma)

The plasma filter in the air purifier with the property of electric charge (static electricity) absorbs suspended particles in the air.

ESP Filter (Plasma)

Activated Carbon Filter

The active carbon filter in air purifiers, including house air purifiers with very high contact levels of harmful gases such as formaldehyde, H2S, and NH3, various odors and chemical pollutants such as smoke and the smell of cigarettes, the smell of chemicals and sprays attracts Carbon has the ability to react with oxygen, and after the reaction of carbon with oxygen.

Active carbon filters are the best option for removing chemicals, gases, and unpleasant odors released in the air due to their compatibility with the environment.

Activated Carbon Filter

HEPA Filter (High-Efficiency Particular Arresting)

High Efficiency, Particular Arresting, which means a high ability to catch particles. The HEPA filter has the ability to remove more than 97.99% of air pollutant particles, which makes the air clean and transparent. As the airflow passes through the HEPA filter, suspended particles are trapped inside the filter. The performance of the HEPA filter depends on the thickness of the filter and the diameter of its constituent fibers.

This filter in the home air purifier, with the ability to absorb bacteria, germs, and particles smaller than 0.2 microns, as well as a filtration efficiency of more than 0.97, is considered the most popular filter in hospitals, operating rooms, and clean room applications.

HEPA Filter (High-Efficiency Particular Arresting)

UV Filter (Ultra Violet)

The UV lamp in the air purifier destroys micro-organisms in the air, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi, by irradiating ultraviolet rays with high disinfection properties. The UV lamp absorbs the virus up to 97.6%, and with its wavelength of 254mm, it can effectively destroy bacteria.

UV Filter (Ultra Violet)

HEGA Filter (High-Efficiency Gas Absorber)

Made of titanium dioxide semiconductor material, the optical catalyst filter (along with the UV lamp) is one of the latest and most advanced filters in the world, which is the best absorber of gaseous pollutants and chemical vapors such as benzene caused by cars and prevents virus activation.

HEGA Filter (High-Efficiency Gas Absorber)

Negative Ion Generator

Most pollutants and allergens suspended in the air are positively charged and negative ions are negatively charged. This causes a (magnetic) attraction between the pollutants in the air, which causes them to integrate and stick together, which makes them heavier. Hence, these bonded ions cannot remain suspended in the air and fall to the ground without being able to harm our health. It should be noted that if negative ions are not produced regularly, these bulky pollutants can return to the air. Negative ions also have a rejuvenating effect on our body's physiological systems (respiratory system). The presence of a negative ion generator filter in home air purifiers will also soften the air.

Note: some types of home air purifiers have Nano plasma filters instead of HEPA and HEGA filters, which according to their manufacturers, usually do not need to be replaced.

negative ion generator

Nanotechnology Air Purifier Filters

Using nanotechnology, this filter has the ability to electrically absorb allergenic particles and air soot. Nanoparticles are powerful ions that are created from water molecules and have a long life. By absorbing allergy particles in order to deodorize and remove pollution, nanoparticles have the ability to penetrate the fibers of curtains and furniture as well as the corners of the room.

Nanoparticles originate from the liquefied moisture inside the air, so there is no need for a water source to produce nanoparticles in the air purifier. As a result, nanoparticles are dispersed in the environment after production by the generator along with the airflow.

Note: The existence of the Nano filter, despite the advantages it brings, has caused an exponential increase in the price of air purifiers equipped with this filter.

Buying an Air Purifier Device

Buying an air purifier in cities with high air pollution is very necessary for all people, especially those who live in the city center and in crowded areas and people who have young children. Pollutants in such air are very harmful to people with heart and lung diseases, elderly people, pregnant women, children, and teenagers.

In order to buy an air purifier, first determine the type of air purifier you need by considering the size of your place. On the website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, technical information of dozens of models of air purifiers from reputed brands with original warranties has been presented for you to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Also note that in the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the air purifier systems are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

The Price of the Air Purifier

There are different types of air purifiers with different qualities and prices, and you definitely know that a good quality and practical device cannot be purchased very cheaply. However, you do not need to pay a lot of money to buy an air purifier, because all the air purifiers offered on the website of DamaTajhiz have reasonable prices and the discounts are also included for wholesale purchase.

home air purifier

Where To Put The Air Purifier

If your house has a fireplace, when the air is polluted, even if the UPVC double-glazed windows are completely closed, the air pollution detection sensor of the device activates and automatically increases the speed of the device! The reason is that from the chimney pipe (if it is turned off), cold, polluted air is transferred through the roof into your unit!

Therefore, it is best to place the air purifier somewhere between the fireplace and the windows.

The website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group is the first (since 2003) and the most viewed site for air conditioning equipment in the Middle East. With a little patience and reading the summary description of the products, you can easily buy the product you desire at the best price and be sure of receiving the original and valid product and warranty.

How to Setup & Use an Air Purifier: Step-by-Step Guide

air purifier device

After receiving and unboxing the air purifier:

  1. Remove the Filter Wrappers: The filters of some models of air purifiers must be unwrapped before installation, so before turning on the device, open its lid to make sure there is no plastic cover around the filter.
  2. Put the Device in the Right Place: The location of the air purifier should be far from the bathroom and kitchen and not too close to the exhaust fan or…
  3. Keep the Doors & Windows Shut: A cracked or open door can draw unfiltered air into a room faster than the device can purify it, so keep them shut.
  4. Keep the Air Purifier Running: We recommend running air purifiers 24/7 on their highest or sometimes medium setting (depending on the size of the room). This is how you get the most out of your device.

Note: To keep the device in well condition make sure you schedule a filter replacement.

What is the AQI & How to Measure It?

Air Quality Index is a measure to show the air quality of the environment; Air purifiers have screens that show information such as fan speed, the time it takes to wash or replace some filters, and the quality of the ambient air.

In many complete and standard air purifiers, the “Unhealthy” sign is inserted at the beginning of the AQI chart, which means unhealthy air quality, and the clean air quality is shown with the “Good” sign at the end of the chart.

Air purifiers have different capacities you can choose the air purifier you need according to the purchase budget and the size of the environment. It should be noted that when choosing an air purifier, pay attention to the dimensions of air filters and the number of filtration steps! A complete air purifier should have at least 6 separate filters.

When is it Time to Change Air Purifier Filter?

One of the most important points in the healthy operation of the air purifier is to pay attention to the time of changing the filters. Due to the weather change at the end of the autumn season and the creation of the phenomenon of air inversion, as well as the falling of tree leaves in December, the natural purification of air by tree leaves practically stops. The best time to change the filters of the air purifier (In cities like Tehran, Isfahan and Arak) it is the same time in early December every year.

Note: Nano filters do not need an annual replacement.

change filter of air purifier

Things to Consider When Owning an Air Purifier

If you use a home air purifier, to prevent the entry of polluted air, it is better to close all the doors and windows and use seamless UPVC windows.

In addition, due to the presence of fat particles in the air of kitchens, it is better to avoid placing all types of home air purifiers near the kitchen so that fat particles do not block the pores of the filters of your air purifier.

Home air purifiers with easy portability and lightweight, without occupying a lot of space in the environment and also without producing annoying noise during rest during the day and night, with low electricity consumption, turn polluted air into healthy and pleasant air. Most of the air purifiers are equipped with timers and automatic cycle settings, which allow the user to define turning off and turning on at different times of the day and night.

Note: An air purifier has no effect on heating and cooling the air. Even though the process of air purification, like heating and cooling, can be seen (except for the Particle Air Quality Tester), the accumulated pollution on the filters of the device, and the feel of softer air can be observed in less than two weeks.

How to Protect Yourself When the Air is Polluted?

During the time of air pollution, some offices, schools, banks, etc. are closed, and children and elderly people are advised not to leave their homes as much as possible in order not to be exposed to possible dangers caused by outdoor air pollution; To protect yourself from air pollution, be sure to pay attention to the following items.

Also, follow these during a school lockdown:

  • Using air purifiers in closed spaces such as homes and offices
  • Do not take your child to shopping centers, restaurants, or any other public places.
  • Do not go out to see friends and acquaintances.
  • If you have to leave the house, use masks with built-in filters and use public transportation.
  • Do not send your child outside the house with other family members.
  • Do not forget to consume fruits, vegetables, and especially liquids on infected days; also, drink green tea and milk.
  • If you have to work in open spaces, wash your hands, mouth, and even eyes thoroughly before eating.

So when that happens, stay indoors as much as possible and take air pollution seriously. Heart attacks, blood, and lung cancers are not a joke and must be taken seriously.

What points should we observe when the air is polluted?

What is the Best Type of Mask for Air Pollution?

Today, one of the factors that cause air pollution in big cities is suspended particles with dimensions of 2.5 microns. One of the ways to prevent these particles from entering the human respiratory system is to use special masks. Masks that have the American NIOSH standard and the European EN149 standard are among the accepted masks for filtering these particles from polluted air.

When putting the mask on your face, try to prevent air leakage from around it as much as possible. You can also use well-known brands of urban air pollution masks with the mentioned standards: totobobo, respro, vogmask, and 3M.

Types of masks

Choosing the Right Capacity for the Home Air Purifier

When choosing a home air purifier, in addition to paying attention to the number of air filtration stages and the types of filters built into the device, also pay attention to the dimensions of the main HEPA and active carbon filters for the ability to absorb suspended particles, as well as the size of the filters, because the bigger and wider the filters, the better they function.

Tip from DamaTajhiz: If you want a device that works with less noise and engine speed, use an air purifier with larger dimensions and more filters.


In this technology, which is the latest technology presented in air purifiers, thermal sterilization by a ceramic core and capillarity are used in micro tunnels embedded in it, which are then heated up to 200 degrees Celsius. In this method, 99.9% of allergenic particles, including bacteria, viruses, mites, fungi, molds, animal hair, etc., are burned.

With the heating of the ceramic core, the polluted air passes through the ceramic core by convection, and then its heat is taken to sterilize the air that enters the environment.

TSS is not a filtration method because instead of absorbing particles, it removes allergens. Compared to other technologies, TSS does not produce any harmful remains, such as ozone and ions, and even reduces the concentration of harmful ozone in the environment. One of the advantages of this method is that the process is completely silent, and there is no need for filter replacement.

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