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One of the most common heating equipment, which is widely used in buildings due to the pervasiveness of the central heating system (engine room), is the aluminum radiator. Aluminum radiators have different heating power, a...

One of the most common heating equipment, which is widely used in buildings due to the pervasiveness of the central heating system (engine room), is the aluminum radiator. Aluminum radiators have different heating power, and the number of radiator fins determines the heating power of the aluminum radiator according to the desired environment. Calculating the number of fins and the heating power of each radiator panel requires information such as how to calculate the area of ​​the substructure, the number of fins, brands, price, and warranty of aluminum radiators, so join us to tell you these things.

Aluminum Radiator important tips

Radiators (aluminum, electric, steel, etc.) are one of the primary means of heating in residences, offices, and commercial buildings. The radiator water is heated via the central heating system (at the mechanical room) using boilers and the heated water is pumped to various parts of the building via the pipe system, finding its way into the radiators. After exchanging its heat water flows back to the mechanical room to re-heat. This cycle iterates indefinitely.

Radiators are best to be placed in locations that do not require exact temperature and humidity adjustments, as they can only heat the environment and lack the power to adjust ambient temperature or humidity. Further, they reduce the relative humidity of a room (although, nowadays a thermostatic valve on a radiator makes it possible to adjust ambient temperature).

Buying an Aluminum Radiator

Note: the accumulation of warm air under the ceiling means using radiators is only suitable if the floor-ceiling height does not exceed 3 meters. For higher ceilings, blowing heating devices (e.g. a fan coil, splits, air washers, etc.) are recommended.

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Advantages of Aluminum Radiator

Since the introduction of radiators to the public, cast iron and steel have been common choices for many of the now-vintage models that were introduced decades ago. Since those first days of central heating, other metals – like aluminum – have gone on to become more widely available, effective, and lightweight alternatives to the traditional formula. Known for being excellent at conducting heat, and great for versatility, it’s no surprise that aluminum radiators are more popular than ever before.

Aluminum is hardy, widely recycled, and resistant to corrosion – all good reasons why you might want to choose this metal for your radiator upgrade. While many homes have pressed steel radiators, aluminum is a viable alternative with a slightly higher price point. But with so many additional benefits, it’s a tougher choice than you might think to decide which is best. Environmentally responsible, easily mouldable, and making a different style statement, aluminum radiators are the ideal option for those that like the idea of metal but prefer the sustainability of something that will last and can eventually be recycled for reuse.

Benefits of Aluminum Radiator

Radiator selection and some points related to it

  1. Considering the dimensions of the installment place and its heat loss, you can select a number of required radiator blades based on the shape, dimensions, and heat-generating capacity of each radiator model.
  2. As usual, we emphasize the precise calculation of the thermal load of the building by software and approval of calculation results by an HVAC engineer; in this case, your expenses will be reduced.
  3. Note: the normal distance between forwarding and backward warm water pipes of aluminum radiators that come out of the wall behind the radiator is 50 cm but before the selection of the radiator model it is better to recheck this distance.
    Is the distance between upper and lower pipes in your considered installment place 35, 50, or 60 cm?
  4. It is necessary to install radiators on cold borders of the building (under windows and near external walls)
  5. Considering the high cost of fuel on the one hand and global warming, on the other hand, applying thermostatic valves instead of conventional valves is a must or a smart and economic choice and reduces gas bill amount considerably and also has an appreciable effect on mechanical room and heating package lifetime.
  6. Installing an automatic bleeding valve facilitates bleeding and reduces water leakage to furniture and appliances.
    Selecting an Aluminum Radiator
  7. Regular and on-time bleeding is one of the most important principles of the maintenance of heating equipment. Please note that bleeding should be done carefully every year at the beginning of the cold season while the water circulating pump of the radiator is turned off.
  8. In a time of selecting aluminum radiators, please select a model that in addition to having proper sealing and shape, has similar products in the market so that if in the future you need to buy a number of blades, you can find them easily and with low cost.
  9. The more is blade width, the more stylish and beautiful the radiator. The usually bladed aluminum radiator is provided in two widths: 6 and 8 cm. so it is better to use blades with 8 cm width.
  10. Please note that the minimum distance between the radiator block and the wall (5 cm) and floor (10 cm) be observed because not observing these distances results in significant hearing loss.
  11. As much as possible there should be nothing around radiators so that air circulates better and the efficiency and thermal capacity of the radiator are increased. Try to put all kinds of coverings and obstacles (such as curtains, furniture…) far from the radiator.
  12. Providing towel warmer radiators in spaces such as bathrooms and toilets in addition to reducing humidity and increasing health factors in them, is good for drying damp towels and clothes. Additionally, by decorative designs available in the market you can create a beautiful display in such places.

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Placing an Order and Warranties for Aluminum Radiator

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