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The steam boiler can be introduced as a closed tank in which the water inside the boiler is heated by the heat of combustion of the fuel consumed and finally converted into high-pressure water vapor. If you want to use a b...

The steam boiler can be introduced as a closed tank in which the water inside the boiler is heated by the heat of combustion of the fuel consumed and finally converted into high-pressure water vapor. If you want to use a boiler in your industrial places and you do not know exactly what type of boiler is better to use, with what capacity, brand, price, and technical specifications, read on to find out all these questions. Answer professionally.

Steam Boiler Overview

The steam boiler is one of the essential heating factors in steam manufacturing used in industries and some air conditioning systems. Steam boilers can be divided into water-tube and fire tubes primarily based on their sketch regardless of their capacity, size, and working temperature. Fire-tube steam boilers come in two types: wet back and dry back.

  • In dry back boilers, the end of tubes in passes two and three are connected to a network. Due to the temperature difference between the past two (1000℃) and past three (250℃), the network may experience thermal stress and start leaking. Dry boilers require insulation and maintenance on the fire-resistant materials separating passes two and three in short time periods, which increases maintenance costs. Therefore considering the significance of heat transfer surfaces and the use of the back shell of the boiler for heat exchange, wet back boilers are more common.

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Buying steam boilers

  • When selecting fire-tube steam boilers, attention must be paid to capacity, pressure, and the number of passes in the combustion chamber, whether it is of the wet-back or dry-back type, fuel type, and burner type. The nominal capacity of the burner must be 20% higher than the boiler capacity.
  • Proper quality of peripherals such as the water supply pump, safety valve, instant discharge valve, pressure switches, level controllers, one-way supply valve, main steam valve, electrical panel, electrodes, and the manufacture and assembly of boiler tubes significantly affect their reliability. According to international standards, the shell material in steel steam boilers is steel alloys for pressurized tanks based on DIN 17MN4 or ASMEA516/G70 standards. The tubes must be compatible with the DIN ST 35.8 standard and made of fire-resistant materials.
  • One of the chief considerations in designing and manufacturing steam boilers is the compliance of manufacturing process and components, control process, accessibility, and testing operations with conventional standards, compatibility between the boiler and its production designs, and compliance with the guidelines provided by well-known international manufacturers for the design and fabrication of boilers. In other words, merely using quality steel alloys and fire-resistant tubes cannot guarantee good performance, efficiency, and durability. The device must be manufactured based on certified designs and through international standard manufacturing procedures. To emphasize, producing steam boilers without relying on internationally standard designs is unjustifiable even if using the best steel and equipment possible.
  • For more information on selecting and ordering steam boilers, please contact the technicians at Damatajhiz Co.

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Placing an Order and Warranties Steam Boiler

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1Atm. = 1.013 Bar
Kw*860 = Kcal
1Atm. = 14.7 PSI
1HP(boiler) = 9.809 Kw

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