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Pool Skimmer and Grating Tips

Skimmers, as suggested by their name, act as a screen by collecting the debris floating on the surface including leaves and insects.

Skimmers remove some of the debris from water by the basket...

Pool Skimmer and Grating Tips

Skimmers, as suggested by their name, act as a screen by collecting the debris floating on the surface including leaves and insects.

Skimmers remove some of the debris from water by the basket. The remaining particles that escape the basket are sucked in by the filtration pump and separated from the pool water.

  • The skimmer basket prevents large debris from entering and clogging the piping system.
  • Typically, skimmers are installed on the walls at the deep part of the swimming pool, and it is of great importance to seal them during implementation.
  • Most skimmers are integrated and made of high-density polymer (to prevent crack formation) and are resistant to thermal expansion and contraction. Some skimmers are equipped with a water level control valve, whereas others have inlets and outlets, one of which directs water to the treatment circuit and the other serves to fill the pool with water up to the required level.
  • A great function of the skimmer is to be coupled with a vacuum cleaner. For this purpose, a special vacuum cleaner hose is connected to the skimmer intake, with the handle and head attached to the other end, to utilize the suction produced by the pump for cleaning the floor of the pool and removing the settled debris that did not leave the basin through the drain. In the end, the water is filtered and pumped back into the pool with no loss. Furthermore, semi-automatic vacuum cleaners can be also employed that do not require manual sweeping.
  • Most new pool designs use overflow channels and grates instead of skimmers to collect debris from the surface.

Pool Overflow Channels (Grating)

Overflow channels, also referred to as drainage channels, are covered with gratings that exist in various widths often between 14 cm and 30 cm to be selected depending on the conditions.

Using this method (overflow channel) is more time-consuming and expensive than implementing a skimmer but is more efficient. The overflow water first enters the channels circling the basin, then flows to balancing tank through an intermediary pipe, and finally ends up in the filtration equipment via the piping system.

Overall, to prevent problems such as changes in the water level with swimmers getting into and out of the pool, overflow channels are coupled with balancing tanks that are sized in proportion to the volume of the basin (often 3–4% of the total basin volume). Moreover, the tank can control the compensation for wasted water.

pool skimmer and grating

Closed-Loop Water Circulation System

This is a common method for cleaning and changing the pool water in which the circulator pump—via the piping system—continuously transports water from the surface and floor of the pool to the filtration equipment, where it is filtered and disinfected (by chlorination, UV, or ozone injection), and then delivered back to the pool. In excess of 60% of the pool water pollution accumulates on the surface. Other pollutants that settle on the floor are collected by the drain and vacuum cleaner. In this method, it is necessary to install enough properly-located inlets (water input nozzles) and outlets (drains, skimmers, and overflows) around the basin and to keep adding fresh water to the pool in compensation for the losses from getting in and out of the pool and surface evaporation.

  • Despite their simple looks, as hot summer day delights, swimming pools operate with the help of technologies considerably more advanced than expected. Here we plan to discuss the surface water collection and filtration system and the compensation for the water loss due to evaporation and splash outs.

Pool Water Leveler Float Valve

Pool water levelers are used to compensate for the water loss in many public and private swimming pools with no balancing tank to maintain the water level.

The pool water leveler float valves are connected to water mains and are embedded into the basin walls similarly to skimmers.

pool skimmer and grating

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