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The pool deck drain and grating is one of the most important parts of the water circulation and purification system in pools, used to collect and purify the pool overflow water. In the following information, we have reviewed how it works and the best price for all types of pool deck drains and grates for wholesale purchase.

Pool Deck Drain & Grating Selecting Guide

The pool deck drain and grating, as its name suggests, collects all the impurities on the surface of the pool water, including fats floating on the surface of the water, branches and leaves, insects, and other particles floating on the surface of the water. It acts as a sieve. The pool deck drain works in such a way that the deck drain basket draws in some of these particles. The rest of the particles that can pass through the deck drain basket are drawn in by the pool filtration pump and separated from the pool water in the filtration filter. The pool deck drain basket prevents clogging of the pipework by preventing large particles from entering the pipework path of the pool water treatment system.

It is common for pool deck drains to be installed on the transversal wall of the deep part of the pool, and the sealing of the deck drain is of great importance during its operation.
Today, most pool deck drains are made of compact and integrated polymer (to prevent cracking of the deck drain body). They are highly resistant to expansion and contraction caused by temperature changes. Some deck drains are also equipped with a water level control valve, and some others have 2 inlets and outlets, one of which is used to send water to the purification circuit and the other to fill the water level.

Pool Deck Drain & Grating Selecting Guide

One of the important features of the pool surface deck drain is the possibility of using the pool broom on the bottom of the pool, so by connecting the special broom hose to the deck drain's suction pipe and attaching the broom handle and head to each other and the hose, you can use the suction pump of the cleaning circuit. In this way, you can sweep the bottom of the pool and gather the group of pollutants that have settled and not been absorbed by the shoe and return them to the system after filtration (without wasting water). This method can also be used with semi-automatic sweepers, eliminating the need to sweep the pool floor manually.
Today, many new and beautiful pools use the method of installing an overflow gutter and a pool grate on top of it instead of installing a deck drain to absorb the dirt on the water surface.

Pool Deck Drain and Grating

Swimming pool overflow gutter (Grating)

It is also called a pool grating or head basket, drain basket, or drain groove, and open channels are covered by a pool grating. The pool grating is made and offered in different widths. Usually, the width of the gratings is from 14 cm to 30 cm based on different conditions and selection. Using a pool grating (head channel) is longer and more expensive than installing a pool deck drain in terms of time and cost, but it is more efficient. In this method, the overflowing water from the pool is entered into the grooves that are located around the pool bowl. Then, it is poured into the connecting pipes and the balance tank, and then it is directed to the piping system and the pool filtration equipment.

In general, in order to avoid problems such as changing the pool water level due to the entry and exit of swimmers, the head channels should have a uniform surface, which can be achieved by placing a balance tank whose volume depends on the volume of the pool bowl (usually the volume of the balance tank is 3 % to 4% of the total volume of the pool bowl), the water level can be controlled. Also, through this tank, the amount of compensatory wasted water can be controlled.

Pool Overflow Channels (Grating)

Closed-loop swimming pool recirculating system

This method is considered to be one of the most common ways of cleaning and changing pool water, in which the water is continuously transported from the surface and bottom of the pool to the purification equipment by means of a circulating pump and a piping system. It is returned to the pool after filtration and disinfection (by chlorination, UV, or ozone injection). More than 60% of the contaminants in the pool water are on the surface, and the pool cleaner and pool sweeper also clean the part of the contaminants that settle. In this method, it is necessary to install inlet valves (water inlet nozzle) and outlet valves (water inlet, deck drain, and small head) in the required number and in the appropriate place of the pool bowl to compensate for the water lost (as a result of the swimmer leaving the pool water and the surface evaporation of the pool water), some fresh water should always be added to the pool water circuit.

Pools look simple, and these simple pools provide us with one of the most enjoyable pastimes on hot summer days. However, despite this apparent simplicity, the technology used to maintain and clean the water in an ordinary pool may exceed your expectations. Here, we want to know how the surface water treatment system works and how to compensate for the water lost from the pool due to evaporation and swimmers leaving the pool, taking some of this water with them (pool water waste).

Pool water leveler

The automatic Pool water leveler is used in all types of public and private pools where the source of balance is not considered to maintain the total volume and water level of the pool. The automatic Pool water leveler is installed and positioned like a pool deck drain and is connected to the well or municipal water supply.

Buying a Pool deck drain and grating

In order to buy a suitable pool deck drain and grating, you should pay attention to the model, material, dimensions, and corrosion resistance.
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Price of Pool deck drain and grating

The price of the pool deck drain and grating should be different based on the size, material, and model so that you can choose the best model among dozens of pool deck drain and grating models on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website according to your needs and budget.
It should be noted that the prices of pool deck drains and gratings provided on the website of the Damatheheez collection are up-to-date, and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices for wholesale purchase. So that prices also include the part of guaranteeing the best price of DamaTajhiz HVAC website.

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