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In general, analyzers are used for physical, chemical, dimensional, etc. measurements of liquids and solids. In the following, the operation mode, models, reliable brands and purchase price of all types of analyzers have been examined for wholesale purchasing.

How to choose and buy all kinds of analyzers

If you want to use the analyzer to measure various parameters in liquids and solids and don't know what kind of analyzer is better to use, with what model, brand, price, and specifications, stay with us in the rest of this article to help everyone. We will answer your questions about the purchase price, technical specifications, and the best types of analyzers you need!
The measurement of various parameters in fluids and solids is done by physical, chemical, dimensional tests, etc., on materials, environment, or processes, using analyses. In this article, we have tried briefly introducing you to the analyzer types and their functions.

All types of analyzers

In general, in the field of control and safety equipment and precision instruments, analyzers are divided into the following subgroups:

  • Measurement of physical parameters
  • Measurement of chemical parameters
  • Testing and quality control of liquids
  • Equipment and tools for accurate measurement of dimensions

Each of the above sets has equipment and sub-sets, which we will introduce below.

Types of equipment for measuring different physical parameters of liquids and solids

  • Metal analyzer (Quanto meter): to detect the type and alloy of metals
  • Tacho meter
  • Dynamo meter: to measure force by tension and pressure tests with high accuracy and quick response
  • Hardness and roughness tester (Sclerometer, Roughness tester): to measure the hardness of metals and detect the strength and heat treatment on metal
  • torque meter
  • Vibration Meter: to control the vibrations of rotating tools and machines such as turbines, generators, pumps, bearings, motors, fans, etc.
  • Thickness gauge: To measure the thickness of different parts

Types of equipment for measuring different physical parameters of liquids and solids

Types of equipment for measuring different chemical parameters of fluids

  • Carbon Analyzer (Carbon Meter): To measure the amount of organic carbon in organic compounds
  • Gas analyzer - leak detector: to detect and measure the amount of polluting gases and flammable gases, as well as to detect gas leaks from tanks or containers of gases such as Co and Co2
  • Oxygen meter: to measure the amount of liquid or ambient oxygen
  • Gas leak alarms
  • Gas controller and monitoring

Types of equipment for measuring different chemical parameters of fluids

Types of equipment for measuring different parameters of fluids

  • pH meter: to determine the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution
  • Densitometer: To detect the degree of darkness or turbidity of translucent materials or a reflective surface
  • Sclero meter
  • Salinity Meter: To detect the amount of dissolved salt in food and water
  • Chlorine Tester: To measure the amount of combined, accessible, and total chlorine dissolved in water
  • Level and depth meter (Level Meter, Bathometer): To detect the level of different fluids
  • Turbidity meter: to detect the number of suspended particles in water and solutions and the degree of turbidity
  • Oxygen Meter
  • Hygrometer (psychrometer): to measure the humidity of liquids and solids
  • Thermograph: To detect temperature fluctuations
  • Gas meter: To measure the number of gases in the surrounding environment

Types of equipment for measuring different parameters of fluids

All types of equipment for measuring precise parameters of dimensions

  • Caliper: for accurate measurement of depth, diameter, internal and external length
  • Micrometer: to measure the height, internal, external, and thickness of sheets, the diameter of wires and rods, the diameter of screws and nuts, the diameter of the blade of milling cutters, grooves, gears, drills, etc., with high accuracy
  • Depth gauge: to measure the depth and precise and fine grooves with high accuracy

All types of equipment for measuring precise parameters of dimensions

Purchase order and analyzer warranty

  • In the analyzers group of the reference site (DamaTajhiz), you can view the information and prices of all analyzers, including hardness testers, moisture meters, thermographs, etc., from brands such as Mestec, Honeywell, Delta Control, etc., for reviewing, selecting and bulk buying.
  • Considering that all the products on the website (DamaTajhiz) are provided with the original warranty if you bulk buy any analyzer offered on the website (DamaTajhiz), all the special sales discounts of each of the brands, such as Mestec, Honeywell, Delta Control, etc. are included in the order price of respected buyers. (Ask Damatajhiz experts for the specialized sales of analyzers)
  • After reading the above, if you have any more questions to decide to buy any kinds of analyzers in bulk, you can contact us through email or whatsapp to get advice and ask your questions.

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