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Control and safety equipment and devices, including Motor, solenoid and electric valves, temperature, pressure, humidity, level and flow control and measurement equipment, fire alarm and extinguishing equipment, monitoring and automation control equipment, etc., are used in residential, industrial, commercial projects, factories, etc., to monitor and ensure security, prevent unexpected accidents, optimize and operate production systems, facilities, HVAC, etc. For more information and buy these products in bulk, please stay with us in the following.

Equipment and supplies for the control and safety of facilities, industries and buildings

The control and safety system is a collection of equipment and supplies that are used to achieve specific and defined conditions of quality parameters and desirable and specific services, as well as to ensure safety and prevent all unexpected incidents.

Among the most widely used and important control and safety equipment and supplies in the construction industry are control equipment and supplies such as motorized, solenoid and electric valves, pressure control, humidity control, fluid flow and flow control, level control and measurement equipment, fire alarm and extinguishing systems, monitoring and automation control and CCTV cameras.

In the group of control and safety equipment and supplies of the buildings in the reference and specialized website of Damatajhiz, you can review, choose and bulk buy all the necessary equipment needed for the control and safety of the buildings from different categories. In the following, the most important control and safety equipment is mentioned.

Measurement and control of equipment and supplies

Control systems are divided into types of displays, test measurement equipment, sensors, and actuators that interact with each other to form a control loop.
Control equipment and systems have different types of efficiency and programmability, analog or digital, number of inputs and outputs, control mechanism, mechanical or electrical, etc.
Control equipment and systems are divided into electric, pneumatic (wind or compressed air), hydraulic (oil), and electronic types according to the power source.

The reference and store site of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group provides the possibility of checking and buying building control and safety equipment in the following categories.

  • Temperature control and measurement systems
  • Pressure control and measurement systems
  • Level control and measurement systems
  • Control and safety valves
  • Flow control and measurement systems
  • Monitoring and automation control systems
  • Analyzers
  • CCTV
  • Fire announcement and extinguishing
  • Disinfectants

Control and safety valves

In general, control and safety valves in various systems have several general tasks, among which are the following:

  • Complete disconnection and connection of the current when necessary (such as gas shut-off valves during an earthquake)
  • Preventing the return of passed liquids and gases
  • Adjusting the required amount of liquids and gases
  • Adjusting and controlling the amount and pressure of liquids and gases
  • Controlling and keeping pressure devices safe

One of the most used equipment in the control and safety valves group is electric valves. The following are the features of electric valves:

  • Solenoid valves control fluid movement or adjust the fluid flow rate according to fluid phase, fluid type, and system under control.
  • Solenoid valves are divided into linear groups: single outlet, ordinarily open, usually close, two-way, three-way, and two-way angular.
  • In terms of operation mechanism, solenoid valves are divided into direct types, with pilot function, without the need for pressure difference, and coaxial types.
  • One of the most important things when choosing solenoid valves is to pay attention to the size, type, flow rate, temperature of the passing fluid, and the system's working pressure.

Purchase of control and safety valves

Temperature control and measurement

The equipment used in the field of temperature control and measurement in buildings generally includes thermostats, thermometers, transmitters, temperature calibrators, temperature control sensors, and temperature measurement sensors.
Thermostats, which are among the most reasonable temperature control and measurement equipment, are used to control the temperature of a system in a particular range in the form of direct or indirect operation, and their operation is mechanical or electrical.

  • In air conditioning systems, thermostats are divided into types of immersed, wall, wall, channel, etc. thermostats.
  • Thermostats are divided into different types in terms of installation location, type of function, temperature range, number of working stages, and sensor type.

Purchase of temperature control and measurement equipment

Fluid pressure control and measurement

The types of equipment used in the control and measurement of fluid pressure and generally in the building facilities sector include analog or digital pressure gauges, absolute pressures and pressure differences, calibrators, pressure sensors, pressure transmitters, manometers, many stats, regulators and pressure relief valves. And.
In the pressure control and measurement equipment section of the DamaTajhiz HVAC website, you can check a variety of these products in reputable brands such as Vika pressure control and measurement equipment, Pekins pressure control and measurement, and Honeywell pressure control and measurement, etc.

Purchase of fluid pressure control and measurement equipment

Review, selection and price of thousands of control and safety equipment products on the reference website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group

Building control and safety equipment and supplies

Level control and measurement

The equipment responsible for controlling and leveling the surface is generally used in the facilities and swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and engine room of buildings. Among the most common equipment used in this sector are level gauges, level transmitters and digital, ultrasonic, floating, diaphragm, vibrating, etc.

Purchase of level measuring equipment

Flow control and measurement

Among the flow control and measurement equipment, we can mention the flow meter, which is the same as the flow meter and measures the ratio of the amount of fluid passing through a particular section over time. Flowmeters or flowmeters are divided into electromagnetic, ultrasonic, open channel, gear, Coriolis, pitot, turbine, vortex, etc.

Purchase of flow control and measurement equipment


The measurement of various parameters of fluids and solids is done by physical, chemical, dimensional tests, etc., on materials, environments, or processes using an analyzer.
You can check and buy equipment such as a digital thermometer, laser thermometer, digital hygrometer, and thermograph in the analyzers section of the DamaTajhiz HVAC website.

Buy an analyzer

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Monitoring control and automation

They use facilities that make process functions at the home, factory or anywhere bright. A wise house is where residents can regulate and control their home equipment remotely and near and define and implement different programs and scenarios for that equipment. The products you can see in the field of automation and building automation equipment on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website can be known more with building automation and monitoring equipment in the field of intelligent facilities and engine rooms. The equipment used in the field of automation and monitoring of the engine house is critical in maintaining and controlling the peace of the residents of the buildings. Under these types of equipment, as soon as the slightest technical error occurs, they can quickly inform the relevant officials about the error and prevent many accidents and disasters.

Among the monitoring and automation control equipment available on the DamaTajhiz HVAC website, we can mention the types of burner relays that adjust the fuel supply to the burner, as well as motor dampers, remote control systems for water supply pumps, micro-controllers of ambient humidity, and other widely used equipment in building automation and monitoring.

Purchase of control, monitoring and automation equipment

Fire alarm and extinguishing systems

To provide more explanations, we divide this group into the following two primary sections:

  • Fire alarm equipment and supplies

All the equipment that starts informing the people present and the responsible people (in the environment by sirens and to the responsible people through messaging systems) before the fire occurs and as soon as the fire occurs in the environment is called fire alarm equipment, which includes equipment such as Smoke detector, heat detector, and control panels are centralized.

Also, the fire alarm equipment can be connected to the fire extinguishing equipment and give the order to activate them if needed.

  • Firefighting equipment and supplies

Fire extinguishing equipment includes all equipment whose purpose is to extinguish the fire. Such as fire extinguishers, which have different types, fire sprinklers, and fire valves that are activated as soon as they receive a command from the notification systems and try to extinguish the fire by spraying water into the environment.
Dear customer, you can check and buy these products and equipment with the best quality and guaranteed brands in the fire alarm and extinguishing systems group of the DamaTajhiz HVAC website.

Purchase of fire extinguishing equipment

According to the technical information and reasonable prices provided for all types of building control and safety equipment and supplies on the website of DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, we sincerely hope that you, dear user, while reading the complete technical specifications provided, with the confidence of the original warranty + fast delivery of products, will choose DamaTajhiz HVAC Group for choosing the product you need (from a single product to a bulk purchase for companies and construction projects) across the country and even in neighbouring countries and the Middle East region.

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