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Temperature Control And Measurement Equipment

Temperature control and measurement equipment is one of the primary monitoring and control equipment in facilities, various industries, agriculture, etc.; In the following, we've provided technical information, application, how-to choose and prices of temperature transmitters, thermometers, thermostats, temperature and humidity sensors, dimmers, etc., for wholesale purchase.

Selection and purchase of temperature control and measurement equipment

In most industrial environments, the temperature is one of the quantities we need to control or measure. For this purpose, various types of temperature control and measurement equipment are used to accurately measure and control the temperature of different liquids and solids. In this article, we have tried to briefly introduce you to the types of temperature control and measurement tools and their functions.

temperature control and measurement equipment types

  • Types of thermometers
  • Laser thermometer (infrared)
  • Non-metal thermometer
  • Thermostat
  • Temperature transmitter
  • Thermocouple
  • Damangar and

Generally, temperature measurement equipment is divided into contact and non-contact.

Contact temperature measurement equipment

Resistance thermometers, thermoelectric thermometers, liquid thermometers in glass, and the like are among the thermometers used to measure temperature by contact. Except for glass thermometers, these thermometers generally include a detector, an indicator, and a transmitter.
Temperature Control And Measurement Equipment

non-contact temperature measuring equipment

Non-contact temperature measurement is generally done through laser, infrared, etc. In addition, non-contact temperature measuring equipment is used to measure the temperature of objects or fluids that are not accessible directly.
Types of non-contact temperature measuring equipment

Radiation thermometers

Non-contact sensors have a higher price than other types of temperature sensors, and because of this, their range of use in different industries is less. But in the end, it is necessary to use non-contact sensors to determine the temperature of objects that are far away, and it is impossible to establish a direct connection between them.
Radiation thermometers, which are used in the non-contact method, consist of three main elements as follows:

  • The optical system that transmits the radiation from the object to be measured to the sensing element
  • Sensing element that converts radiation into an electrical signal (such as a photoelectric transmitting element)
  • A signal processing circuit that converts an electrical signal into thermal information

thermometers or thermometers

glass thermometer

Glass thermometers, which have two types mercury thermometers and alcohol thermometers, are among the most common and most straightforward thermometers. The construction of glass thermometers consists of a liquid tank, and a capillary tube, the liquid inside the tank rises from the capillary tube due to expansion and shows the appropriate temperature.

glass thermometer

Mercury thermometer

A mercury thermometer is a familiar example of a temperature gauge with the mechanism above. An increase in temperature causes the mercury to expand, and the height of the mercury column increases. These thermometers have a limited measurement range, and their output is not helpful in control systems. Therefore, using these thermometers is not every day in the industry.
Mercury thermometer

the difference between mercury and alcohol thermometers

The measurement range of these two thermometers is different. Alcohol thermometers can be used to determine the minimum temperature. At the same time, mercury thermometers cannot measure temperatures below 35 degrees below zero because mercury freezes at -39 degrees Celsius. Therefore, alcohol thermometers are used to measure extreme cold.
What is the difference between mercury and alcohol thermometers?

gas thermometer

A gas thermometer consists of a bubble made of glass, porcelain, quartz, platinum, etc. (the bubble type is chosen based on the temperature range used in the thermometer). The bubble is connected to a thermometer by a capillary tube. Or a mercury thermometer is connected.
gas thermometer

Resistance temperature detectors

Electrical resistance thermometers consist of a long, thin wire usually wrapped around a thin frame to avoid stress caused by the change in length of the wire as it contracts as it cools. Sometimes the wire is wrapped around the object whose temperature is to be measured or placed inside it if possible. The platinum resistance thermometer is used for accurate measurements of 253 to 1000 degrees Celsius.
Resistance temperature detectors

Quartz thermometer

A quartz thermometer is a new and very accurate method of temperature measurement based on the sensitivity of quartz crystal resonance frequency to temperature change. This device's temperature range is approximately -40 to +230 degrees Celsius.
Quartz thermometer

Other thermometers

  • Liquid crystal thermometer
  • Fiber optic thermometer
  • Medical thermometer
  • The timers

Other thermometers


Thermocouples are made of two non-homogeneous metals (such as copper and iron) that if we heat their junction, a voltage (EMS) is formed on the other side of them, which is directly related to the temperature of the junction of the two metals.


The thermistor is a semi-conducting device that, unlike metals, has a negative temperature coefficient of resistance. That is its electrical resistance decreases as the temperature increases. A thermistor is susceptible and expected to have a constant (0.01°C) performance when adequately rated. One of its exciting features is that this device can be used as a compensator for electric circuits.

Infrared thermometer

Infrared thermometers or IR thermometers are used to accurately measure temperature in a non-contact manner and a wide temperature range.
Infrared thermometer


A pyrometer is a non-contact temperature-measuring device that measures thermal radiation.

Non-metallic thermometers

Metals in bimetallic thermometers are selected so that the coefficient of longitudinal expansion of one is more than the other. If one side of this pair of metals is kept at a fixed point, when the temperature increases, the difference in the length of the two metals causes the pair to bend, and these mechanical movements cause the thermometer needle to move.
Non-metallic thermometers


A thermostat is an automatic electrical control device that is usually connected to the heating and air conditioning devices to regulate the temperature in a closed space so that it keeps the space at the set temperature by turning the device off and on. The thermostat cuts off the device's electrical circuit when the temperature reaches the set point. When the temperature drops 1 to 2 degrees below the set point, it reconnects the circuit, and the device turns on.

Thermostat applications

In general, the thermostat is used to regulate the temperature of liquids, gases, and solids in heating and air conditioning devices in the following sections:

  • Industrial: It includes greenhouses, greenhouses, furnaces, steam boilers, engine houses, autoclaves, etc.
  • Building: Assum in the facilities department, including central heating and temperature control in air conditioning systems, including air conditioners, chillers, fan coils, etc.
  • Household appliances: It is in washing machines, dishwashers, fryers, electric samovars, ovens, electric and gas water heaters, etc.

Types of thermostats

Thermostats are divided into installation location, operation type, season, sensor type, working range, number of working stages, and temperature range.

  • Regarding installation location in air conditioning: they are mainly divided into the room, channel, submerged, and wall types.
  • In terms of the type of operation: they are divided into disconnecting and connecting and gradual types.
  • In terms of temperature range: they are divided into thermal and cryogenic types, below zero and above zero.
  • Regarding the number of work steps: they are divided into one-step, two-step, and step (step control).
  • In terms of sensor type: they are divided into bimetallic, lantern, rheostat, and diaphragm.
  • Terms of the season: they are divided into three types: summer, winter, and two seasons.

Types of standard thermostats used in air conditioning, heating systems, and engine room

  • Channel thermostat
  • Room thermostat
  • Three-way thermostat (used in fan coil)
  • Four-stage thermostat (used in chiller)

Types of common thermostats used in air conditioning, heating systems, and engine room

Purchase order and warranty of temperature control and measurement equipment

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  • Due to the fact that all the products on the Damatajhiz website are provided with the original warranty, in case of bulk buying any type of temperature control and measurement equipment, the special discounts of each of the brands such as Honeywell, Vika, Pickens, TJ... will be included in your offer (Ask Damatajhiz experts for the specialized sales of temperature control and measurement equipment)
  • After reading the above, if you have any more questions to decide to buy any kinds of temperature control and measuring equipment in bulk, you can contact us through email or whatsapp to get advice and ask your questions.

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