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If you need to use a (VRF) to provide heating and cooling for your project building, stay with us for in-depth information on technical specifics, capacity estimation, how to check and the best buy price of all types of central split systems.

Guide to selecting a VRF/VRV System

Generally, the central split system, characterised by abbreviations like MULTIV, VRV, VRF or GHP, has an external condenser (usually on the building roof) and several internal split panels. The internal VRF unit allows you to select the type of split panel and set the desired temperature in each room of the building.
The central split or VRF system is usually used in large buildings and commercial centres.
The power source of these units can be three-phase electricity or town gas, depending on the type or brand.
Due to the use of SCROLL variable speed compressor and variable speed fan motor in the condensers of central split systems, the coefficient of performance (COP) of the unit has increased significantly (around 4) and as a result these units have a lower amount of energy consumption, greater amounts of cooling and they produce heat.
Today, in addition to the optimisations made in the cooling sector, which reduce energy consumption and the number of control systems required, the new central split system (VRF) (fourth generation) can also provide continuous heating by using an energy-absorbing fluid as an intermediate fluid. (continuous heating).

Challenges in the selection of a VRF/VRV central split system

The following are some of the challenges you might face when selecting a VRF/VRV system:

  • Expensive heating system or complete heat pump in outdoor unit and VRF indoor unit
  • The absence and manufacture of an external condenser with appropriate capacities for each of the units in the apartment block and a sharp increase in the cost of electricity consumed by a larger condenser.
  • The high cost of copper pipe connections and T-pieces, which can sometimes represent up to 25% of the initial cost of the system.
  • The invisibility of gas leaks from the network of branched copper pipes throughout the building, forcing the use of a gas detector to detect a possible refrigerant gas leak from the system. Another common challenge is the use of VRF systems.
  • The possibility of the refrigerant freezing in the heat exchanger of the unit during the winter season (except for fourth generation VRF or VRV).

Outdoor unit of vrf vrv central split system

  • On the other hand, hotels (in the southern regions of Iran, of course), office complexes, commercial or shopping malls, and luxurious malls (in the majority of Iran) use the entire central split unit as a single unit and don't need to separate the operating costs of the various units within the unit.

Outdoor unit of vrf vrv central split system damatajhiz

  • In the case of using central split VRF systems (except for the fourth generation) in regions with cold winters, the refrigerant can freeze in the device's heat exchanger during the cold seasons of the year.
  • Usually, the maximum height between the central condenser and the lowest split is about 100 meters, and the maximum distance between the central condenser and the farthest split panel is about 200 meters. The maximum piping length of the entire system is about 1000 meters. This is one of the important issues in system design.

Mini Outdoor unit of vrf vrv central split system damatajhiz hvac

  • Each outdoor condenser, which typically has a capacity of 8 to 20HP, can be combined with other condensers in the form of a building space zoning plan to increase system capacity and use in larger buildings; usually the capacity of the outdoor panels is considered to be about 30% higher than calculated to compensate for the loss of unit efficiency due to compensating piping distances.

 DamaTajhiz HVAC Inc.; The best prices and brands of construction equipment

Buying a VRF / VRV system

The first step to buy a variety of central split systems such as mini vrf, should be to pay attention to the dimensions of the installation location and the capacity of the device. Because, the central split system is produced and supplied in different types with different cooling and heating capacities, and you should consider the size and use of your environment before buying a central split system, so that you can choose correctly and Get the right model and capacity of the central split system at a reasonable price. Then things like energy consumption, features, brand and advantages of the central split system in question should be examined.
On the site of DamaTajhiz website, technical information of dozens of models of central split system, from reputable brands with original warranty, has been presented in order for you to enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

VRF / VRV System Price

The price of a central split system depends on the type, capacity, technical specifications and brand. For example, the price of VRF depends on the capacity and technical specifications of its indoor and outdoor units. In order to easily select and purchase the central split system, you must first determine the required dimensions, capacity, technical specifications and brand. On the DamaTajhiz website, the technical information of dozens of models of central split systems has been presented, from reliable brands with original warranty, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.
It should be noted that all the central split systems presented on the website of DamaTajhiz have product identifiers and appropriate prices, and the discounts requested by consumers have been included in these prices.

Order and warranty of the central split system

In the group of central split systems of DamaTajhiz reference site, technical information of dozens of models of central split systems from reputable foreign brands with original warranty has been provided for you, dear experts and employers, to review and buy.
If, after reading the above material, you have more questions to decide on the purchase of various types of central split system (VRF), you can ask the sales experts of the department after contacting the heating equipment collection and extension numbers 117-119-120-126-317 Get advice on air conditioning equipment and ask your questions.
Also, due to the fact that DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, as an official member of the heating and air conditioning equipment sellers' union, provides all kinds of central split systems in the Middle East region, if you need VRF/VRV systems for any of the countries in the region, you can place your purchase order with confidence. Leave product warranty and reasonable price to our sales experts.

"Buy with confidence and peace of mind"

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