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Have you ever faced problems such as failure to provide sufficient cooling and heating in various spaces of the building, knowing nothing about the technical features and warranty of air conditioning equipment, overpricing the equipment by sellers, and so on? The majority of people have experienced such problems frequently when choosing and purchasing air conditioning equipment for residential and office buildings, and even for small and large construction projects.

As a technoscientific group, DamaTajhiz makes it simple and smart to pick the technical specifications, capacity, brand, model, and affordable cost of all types of installation, cooling, and heating equipment you demand!

DamaTajhiz supplies these products across Iran and bordering countries. It acts as the first and biggest specialized group for marketing all sorts of cooling, heating, engine room, swimming pool, and control equipment.

Introduction to DamaTajhiz

The idea of founding DamaTajhiz was first raised in 2003 when investors and firms were mainly engaged in the manufacture, import of goods, and construction of buildings, and there was no hint of such business approaches in Iran.

For the first time in the Middle East, DamaTjahiz commenced its activity in 2003 creatively and confidently as a specialized group to sell heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment. It was when many of today's claimants of online shops, e-commerce, and even online sales conference organizers were out of the picture.

Looking forward, DamaTajhiz built its brand strongly from the start as the first startup to supply and sell building installation equipment through launching the most comprehensive website for HVAC equipment, heating and engine room equipment, pool equipment, sauna and Jacuzzi, control and safety equipment and DamaTajhiz products in 6 sections and 73 groups.

Office of Damatjahiz Company

According to Alexa.com, since 2004, DamaTajhiz is the first specialized source to sell all types of mechanical installation equipment (HVAC) in the Middle East with more than 15,000 daily visits and 5,000,000 annual visits, according to Google Analytics. It is the most visited online store of installation equipment in Persian, English, and Arabic languages, and the leader of this field. DamaTajhiz is one of the first shopping sites in Iran that has succeeded in obtaining the symbol of electronic trust!

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As a technical and leading group, DamaTajhiz wishes to experience a glorious feeling of an optimal and smart purchase from the outstanding and international DamaTajhiz group by offering thousands of reputable products from the equipment of the building installation industry and giving the most comprehensive and full information and technical specifications, features, and product selection guide, best prices, fast delivery and company warranty of products, development of various sales and trade departments, custom production DamaTajhiz brand products, public relations and development of sales, IT, and digital marketing team, and staying with you in choosing and buying the most proper equipment for building installations.

Damatjahiz Company
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Licenses of DamaTajhiz special group

  • DamaTajhiz holds license number 2054 from the Iranian Labor Unions Supervisory Board of Directors and is a member of the HVAC Trade Union.
  • DamaTajhiz is plus an official member of the Virtual Trade Union of Iran with the ID of 0467231540.
  • Furthermore, DamaTajhiz is a member of the Iranian Union of Manufacturers and Repairers of Refrigeration and HAVC Industries under the trade ID of 0467310782, all of which are illustrated at the bottom of the page.

Considering the variety and range of products and brands offered in DamaTajhiz and the capacity of this group to offer the most discounts along with the original and company warranty of all products owing to regular communication and orders with reputable manufacturers and importers, you can get all the necessary equipment for HVAC, control equipment, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, fire alarm and extinguishing, and more across the country promptly from DamaTajhiz and avoid engaging with obstacles of contacting and pursuing with different vendors.

Employing its technical teams and experts in various fields, the DamaTajhiz group has provided HVAC and more equipment in many construction projects across the country, besides supplying the demands of home consumers of various installation equipment in the country. It further has played a constructive role in bordering countries.

All the products offered in the DamaTajhiz products unit have a distinct manufacturing order for our customers and are offered with the golden warranty and guarantee of the DamaTajhiz brand at affordable prices, for the use of engineers, employers, factories, and projects.

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Which countries can direct the purchase of DamaTajhiz?

As the first and most seen a technoscientific complex of online sales of HVAC equipment in the Middle East from 2004, DamaTajhiz sell and export specialized HVAC equipment to applicants in the following countries, besides Iran:

Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, and Oman are the most famous destinations of DamaTajhiz products.


See damatajhiz.com/en for more information about the international division of DamaTajhiz reference and specialized website.


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Address: Building no. 463, Next to Talebeian, between Mofateh and Bahar intersection, Taleghani St., Tehran

DamaTajhiz has started its activity in 2004 and holds the symbol of electronic trust.

Business license

Business license

Trademark Registration Certificate

Business License and complicity card from the Virtual Trade Union of Iran

Business License from the HAVC Equipment Union


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