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cast iron boiler important tips

Want to use cast iron boilers to supply hot water for your building but you are not sure of type, capacity, brand, price, and specifications that suit your purpose? Read on to find the answe...

cast iron boiler important tips

Want to use cast iron boilers to supply hot water for your building but you are not sure of type, capacity, brand, price, and specifications that suit your purpose? Read on to find the answers to all your questions on price, technical specifications, and the best cast iron boilers on the market.

In general, cast iron or steel boilers used in the boiler rooms are tasked with providing hot water for heating equipment such as radiators, fan coils as well as providing the tap hot water or pool hot water using the heat provided in the boiler.

In spite of lower operating temperature and thermal efficiency in cast iron boilers compared to the steel ones, cast iron boilers offer simpler transport of the boiler due to a modular structure and cheaper price, and easier replacement of parts.

Benefits and attributes of Boiler Cast Iron

  • Good price.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Ease of transport due to the separable fins.
  • High capacity for hot water production in central boilers.
  • Adjustment of heating capacity by adjusting the number of fins.
  • Replaceable fins when punctured.

Cast Iron Boiler

Calculating the required power for a Cast Iron Boiler

A: To approximately calculate the required power for a climate such as Tehran’s, first multiply the useful area by 100 kcal and for each residential unit, add 6000 kcal to its product. For example, if we have a building with 2600 square meters of useful area and 18 residential units, the required heating power would be:

(100 x 2500) + (18 x 6000) = 358,000 kcal

Add 20% to the above calculation as the safety margin.

B: According to the area, unit numbers, use of your building, and possible pools, etc., you can consult the technicians of Damatajhiz Company. Damatajhiz website delivers the technical specifications and prices for many models of cast iron hot water boilers from credible brands and with the original guarantee to give you the joy of a good purchase.

Important Tips for Choosing and Installing Cast Iron Boiler

  1. According to the installation standards, if the residential building has 8 or more units or the total useful floor area of the building is more than 1000 square meters, it is recommended to install two cast iron boilers that each of them is capable of providing 60% of the total heating capacity required by the whole building considering the importance of the boiler and the burner as the heart of the central heating system, the need to consider the possibility of defects and failures in their performance (in the long run) and the feasibility of saving more and more fuel consumption.
  2. According to the recommendations of international engineering standards, regardless of the type of the boiler selected (iron boiler or steel hot-water) for the central heating system, it is required to install 3 boilers that each of them has the ability to supply 75% of the heating needs of the building in important public service buildings such as hospitals, hotels, etc. Hence, a boiler alone can provide the major part of the heating needs and hot water of the important building even if any problem occurs for boilers or burners.
  3. Considering the importance of the engine room of the building as the center for providing cooling and heating and creating the well-being of the residents, it is recommended that the location of the building’s engine room is selected in such a way that has adequate lighting and air conditioning in addition to easy transportation, large entrance doors to carry different equipment and suitable area.Cast Iron Boiler
  4. Owing to the fact that the installation of all the main equipment of engine room such as central heating boiler is performed on the pre-run concrete foundation with appropriate dimensions according to the layout plan and exactly at the location of the equipment, thus the required concrete foundation should be embedded based on the related dimensions and standards before the installation of the main equipment of the engine room like cast iron boiler.
  5. After installing and sealing the cast iron boiler in the engine room, in addition to the completion and beautification, installing the boiler lid has resulted in the prevention of heat loss of the boiler in the engine room and avoiding the overheating of the engine room temperature due to layers of glass wool or rock wool installed inside the boiler lid.
  6. It is essential to install a thermometer manometer on each cast iron boiler in the engine room to display the temperature of the hot water in the boiler and the pressure of the building heating system.
  7. Also, it is required to install a submersible thermostat (submersible acoustic) with a temperature range of 30 ° C to 90° C (or 30 ° C to 110 ° C) to adjust the temperature of the boiler and off-on command to the burner relay on each cast iron boiler.
  8. You can order submersible acoustic (IMIT, Honeywell, etc.) as well as thermometer manometer (price) required by the boiler while ordering the cast iron boiler of the engine room to the of DamaTajhiz company.
  9. Generally, hot-water cast iron boilers (blade) are used in the engine room of apartments, villas, and buildings where the engine room is smaller and large, and an integrated steel boiler cannot be easily accessed.

The most important factors that increase the lifetime of a cast iron boiler are as follows 

  1. The selection of appropriate number and capacity of boilers for central heating system should be such that even on the coldest days of year continuous and uninterrupted operation of the central heating boiler is not required.
  2. Correct selection of burner by considering calculated heating capacity (at most 20% more than boiler capacity)
  3. Using resin softener in proportion to the volume of water circulating in the heating system and/ or installment of descaler on mechanical room pipes insufficient size and number
  4. The properly-adjusted burner flame (so that the flame is blue-colored and straight along with the steel boiler),
  5. Adjustment of burner flame (blue flame and direct longitudinal flow of flame in burner)
  6. The appropriate length of boilers combustion chambers and non-constant contact of flame with back or middle blades of cast iron boiler
  7. Even and continuous thickness of the casted body of cast iron boiler
  8. Appropriate sealing of blades of cast iron boiler during installment and lack of high pressure of water (high number of stories) on water circulation in boiler

cast iron boiler

After all, if you had more questions to decide for buying different types of Steel radiators, panel radiators and electric radiators, you can contact to DamaTajhiz company and ask your questions from sales consultant of heating equipment department through this internal numbers: 107 - 108 - 121 122

Placing an Order and Warranties for Cast Iron Boiler 

  • Offering the best price guarantee for all products, the prices for Cast Iron Boiler presented by DamaTajhiz are up-to-date and discount-included (see Best Price Guarantee at
  • Find the technical information you need for comparison and purchase for several models of Cast Iron Boiler from reliable manufacturers at, under the Cast Iron Boiler category.

Cast Iron Boiler

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4BTU= 1K cal

1M³=35.315 Ft.³

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