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Industrial disinfectants

The environment of some industries, hospitals, laboratories, etc., is constantly exposed to microbial and infectious risks; for this reason, effective disinfectants are required to clean supplies, equipment, and surfaces. In the following, we will study a review of water purification and disinfection solutions, sulfurin, peroxide, alkaline and acid detergents and their features for wholesale purchasing.

Review and Selection guide to buying disinfectants

Disinfectants include a wide range of chemical compounds used in various domestic, industrial, agricultural, medical, therapeutic, and health sectors and cause disinfection and disinfection of all surfaces. It is leather, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, etc. One of the essential uses of disinfectants is in industrial and institutional areas. Disinfecting equipment used in the field of industry, production, and facilities includes a wide range of materials in which different disinfection equipment is needed based on the properties and characteristics of the specific surfaces of that field.

For example, disinfectants that are used in the sewage sector and water supply facilities have different formulas and compositions compared to materials, swimming pool water disinfection equipment, cleaning materials for HVAC equipment, textile industries and production lines of various products, and even household use and They are hygienic; it is evident that to disinfect any surface from the pollution of the environment in which the surface is located, the appropriate disinfectant is essential for that surface.


 industrial disinfectants Types

Industrial disinfectants are classified into three levels:

1- High-level industrial disinfectants

These substances can destroy all kinds of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores by having solid compounds. Spores are tiny particles from the family of fungi whose presence causes damage to the surface of sensitive industries. Another name for spore is a spore, which has a very flexible structure and the ability to survive and reproduce in the most challenging conditions; Therefore, to eliminate this type of fungus, high-level industrial disinfectants such as peracetic acid, formalin, hydrogen peroxide, glutaraldehyde and various aluminum disinfectants such as cationic surfactant compounds that use benzalkonium chloride should be used.

Aluminum disinfectant compounds eliminate grease and foul odor without high heat (especially in the food industry).

In the following, each disinfectant is described separately.

  • Peracetic acid: this disinfectant has high oxidation, and this oxidation destroys all types of viruses, bacteria and the family of harmful fungi; Peracetic acid is mainly used in the isolation of food industry equipment, especially the production of dairy products; however, this strong disinfectant is helpful in other industrial sectors as well.
  • Formalin (formaldehyde) is one of the most widely used disinfectants in medicine, hospital, and laboratory equipment. Formalin or formaldehyde can even be used to clean the surface of the skin because this substance has a volatile property and is not placed on the skin after isolation; however, note that if this powerful disinfectant should be used in large volumes to clean surfaces, it should not be exposed to its toxic gas because inhalation of this gas causes respiratory problems. The isolation property of this substance is so great that in medicine, it is used to disinfect deep scars that cause severe bleeding.
  • Hydrogen peroxide: This disinfectant is called hydrogen peroxide, also known as bleach among ordinary people, due to its high oxidation properties. Hydrogen peroxide (peroxide) decomposes into water and oxygen after consumption and is used more due to its low harmfulness. This material is used to disinfect any surface. However, its cleaning benefits are helpful in the pharmaceutical, health, paint and resin industries and all household uses.
  • Glutaraldehyde: many disinfectants are not suitable for sterilizing surfaces and equipment sensitive to ignition and heat; Glutaraldehyde has solved this problem. In such a way, in less than two hours, remaining on the surface can make the desired surface free of any pollutants. Due to the activation of sodium nitrite, this substance is an essential factor in preventing the corrosion of metals, and it is used for the isolation and sterilization of delicate and expensive medical equipment.

2- Medium level industrial disinfectants

The cleaning level of these materials is not the same as the high-level materials, but they are usable for far less sensitive purposes. These materials also eliminate all types of pollutants, such as viruses, microbes, bacteria, and fungi, with high growth and reproduction rates.

All kinds of compounds containing chlorine, iodine, and alcohol are among these substances.

  • Chlorine is one of the most well-known natural elements that humanity has long noticed in its cleaning properties. The first use of chlorine in the modern era dates back to the late 19th century when it purifies and disinfects water. Gradually, in some American and British cities, chlorine, as the main ingredient for water disinfection, was officially added to the network of municipal water treatment plants. The work reached the point where the invention of a chlorine device and its purchase and sale, only in the UK (due to the spelling high in drinking water), turned into a profitable business. Today, chlorine-containing compounds are used in various uses such as the food industry, urban water purification, swimming pools, sterilization of various surfaces at home and laboratory and therapeutic environments, and even oral and dental hygiene. However, note that compounds containing chlorine work better in acidic environments, and their decomposition is more straightforward than in alkaline environments.
  • Alcohol: Perhaps alcohol can be called the most popular disinfectant of all time! Although alcohol has a limited effect in disinfecting various skin and body surfaces, it is often used due to high evaporation and limited contact time. Alcohol is used to kill all types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi with a warm nature (pollutants also have warm and cold natures). However, materials containing alcohol, especially with a concentration of at least 70%, are still used to disinfect all kinds of surfaces even though many experts do not accept the compounds containing alcohol as disinfectants of medium level and consider them as low level.

3- Low-level disinfectants

These materials are mainly used for general purposes, routine cleaning of the environment, and disinfection of the surfaces we deal with most during the day.

  • Sodium hypochlorite: It is one of the low-level cleaning materials that is used in various uses. This substance, which is also known as Calcium Hypochlorite, can destroy bacteria that remain in the environment and have the ability to multiply. Sodium hypochlorite eliminates all pollutants that grow in fruits, vegetables, and raw foods and cause various digestive diseases.
  • Calcium Hypochlorite: Perchlorin, with a minimum concentration of 70%, can be used to disinfect all kinds of surfaces.

An important point in choosing a disinfectant

An essential point in the selection and application of industrial disinfectants is the recognition and importance of the surface to be sterilized.

As a rule, some high-level and even medium-level disinfectants cannot clean surfaces in constant contact with human skin.

In addition, one should also be informed about the surface's acidity or alkalinity level by studying and researching, and of course, to what extent and how to choose the appropriate disinfectant.

Purchase order and guarantee of industrial disinfectants

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