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  • GPlus 8.5 tons air cooled inverter chiller GCS-V30LJN1
  • GPlus 8.5 tons air cooled inverter chiller GCS-V30LJN1

GPlus 8.5 ton Air-cooled Inverter Chiller GCS-V30LJN1

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Guide for buying G Plus Air-cooled Inverter Chiller 8.5 tons GCS-V30LJN1

Goldiran, a reputable company that offers home and industrial air conditioning systems under the GPlus brand, has recently unveiled a type of inverter air-cool chiller. G-Plus inverter air cooled chiller based on the latest technologies in the world, using quality raw materials from reputable brands, in capacities of 8.5, 17, and 25 tons, and with the modular capability of 16 chillers together to reach a capacity of 270 tons of refrigeration, production and supply Become.

GPlus GCS-V30LJN1 inverter chiller with 8.5 tons refrigeration capacity is equipped with a rotary compressor from Mitsubishi or GMCC brands and has environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a.


Features of G Plus 8.5 Ton Air Cooled GCS-V30LJN1 Inverter Chiller

  • Has a capacity of 8.5 tons of refrigeration with the ability to modulate
  •    Equipped with Rotary Inverter Compressor
  •    Utilization of environmentally friendly R410a refrigerant gas
  •    Has the highest seasonal energy efficiency rate (SEER=4.41)
  •    System performance support in case of failure of any of the units in a module
  •    Periodic performance of subunits in one module in order to equalize longer operating time and longer service life
  •    Use of advanced technology in the design of the condenser fan with the highest aeration volume and the lowest sound level
  •    Utilization of Blue Fin technology to increase the resistance of fines to corrosion
  •    Equipped with electronic expansion valve (EXV) for optimal refrigerant flow control
  •    It has a high-efficiency plate converter evaporator
  •    Wide temperature operating range from -15 to 52 ° C



Warranty of GPlus inverter air cool chiller 8.5 tons GCS-V30LJN1

GPlus inverter cool air 8.5 tons chiller has a 5-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service by Goldiran Company.

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