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  • DamaTajhiz Screw AirCooledChiller Model 4DTCHS-360A
  • DamaTajhiz Screw AirCooledChiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

دارای شیر انبساط الکترونیکی برند Danfoss طراحی و ساخت دستگاه با ماشین آلات تمام اتوماتیک مجهز به کمپرسور Bitzer (برند اصلی) با کد شناسه اصالت کالا دارای اواپراتور از نوع SHELL&TUBE (پوسته فولادی و لوله های مسی با فین های ستاره ای آلومینیومی)

Pre-sale service:

  • Engineering consulting + calculations and capacity determination
  • Convenient payment terms + standard installation services

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مجموعه دمـاتجهیــز امکان خرید اقساطی کالاهای سایت را فراهم نموده است. فرایند خرید اقساطی از این روش طی مدت ۱۰ الی ۱۵ روز انجام می شود و...
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Purchasing Guide for DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

You have come to the correct spot if you want to produce and offer a Screw Air Cooled Chiller with the most appropriate pricing and technical specifications, prompt delivery time, and the honorable response of professionals, and we sincerely congratulate you!
We hope that by examining the goods provided below and contacting the professionals of the Damatajhiz equipment collection's air conditioning equipment section, you will have an appropriate and satisfactory buying experience from this dynamic collection. According to international standards, Screw Air Cooled Chillers with screw compressors are developed and built-in two integrated and separate versions, each with a capacity of 5 to 600 tons of refrigeration. Chiller screw compressors are made up of two helical gears with a driving shaft and a swivel. The refrigerant stream is compressed and heated by these two gears. It's worth noting that the special oil that enters the chiller compressor with refrigerant steam is in charge of lubricating bearings and rotors, as well as cooling the compressor and avoiding abrasion.
Some individuals believe that there is no need to research and study before purchasing and are content with the seller's limited recommendations; nonetheless, they will quickly regret their decision and will have to purchase another item. But how long does it take to buy a Air Cooled Chiller for the unconscious? How long does it take to purchase an outsized Screw Air Cooled Chiller? Why take the chance of buying a chiller when you can acquire the appropriate Screw Air Cooled Chiller with some research? If you want to acquire a quality and standard Screw Air Cooled Chiller, reading this text will greatly assist you in doing so, and you can rest certain that we have covered all you need to know about chillers in this post and that you will not need to go further.

DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

Advantages of screw compressors in DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

Due to the fact that the Damatajhiz air-cooled chiller has a screw compressor, the advantages of these compressors are:

  • Automatic and manual variable capacity control (optional)
  • Compatible with any type of refrigerant
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Less noise and vibration
  • Long service life
  • Small and powerful
  • The proximity of nominal and actual capacity
  • Ability to connect to the BMS system or intelligent building control
  • Gradual overload and 25% reduction in chiller power consumptionScrew air chiller parts

DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A parts

  • Evaporator chiller

This device is of Shell tube type. The tubes used in these converters are made of copper and have a fan on the outside, and its body is made of carbon steel. The body of the chiller evaporator is also covered with Thermo flex insulation.

  • Chiller condenser

The condenser is in the form of copper coils with air-cooled sinusoidal aluminum fins, the design pressure of these coils is considered to be 430psi.

  • Fans

The fan is of the suction type with aluminum blades. The characteristics of these fans are low noise and low vibration, and of course, they are completely balanced in terms of statics and dynamics. These fans are protected with a suitable guard for high protection.

  • Damatajhiz electrical panel and chiller control

Electrical switchboards and control of Damatajhiz chillers are produced and supplied by PLC or modern equipment of reputable manufacturers (Danfoss, Schneider), and other electrical components are provided by reputable brands and installed in the switchboard so that this set, switchboards, and controllers are competitive with the best international brands.

One of the special features of these electrical and control panels is the system for displaying the working status of the device and possible errors during operation and for its display. The electrical and control system of these chillers can be connected to the BMS system at the customer's request. HMI system control panel can be provided at the customer's request, which can be custom installed on the device.

Among the main factors of the controllers installed in the control panel of the Damatajhiz chiller are the protection system of the device against high and low pressure, control of the hot gas outlet temperature, and the water temperature of the chiller, and phase control. The use of this equipment provides the possibility of safe and continuous operation of the device and the prevention of possible losses.

Important points when ordering a DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

  • The capacities and specifications announced in the technical specifications table are based on the cold water temperature of 45 degrees Fahrenheit and the condensing temperature of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. To find out the capacity in other conditions, contact the Damatajhiz engineering department.
  • The announced capacities and specifications are related to Freon 22 gas, and to be aware of the conditions for other refrigerants, contact the Department of Damatajhiz Engineering.
  • Construction of air-cooled chiller with screw compressor in other capacities is .possible according to the buyer's order
  • Damatajhiz air cooled Screw chillers are usually from reputable brands such as Bitzer, Danfus, and Copeland or based on a stock of compressors of similar quality.
  • Changes in the technical specifications and equipment used in the Damatajhiz screw air cooled chiller can be done according to the customer's order (such as installing a plate converter for the condenser and evaporator) at different prices.

Tips for installing a DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

  • When transporting the device, use the pre-determined locations on the device to move the chiller, and never use the communication pipes and chiller components for lifting.
  • The connection pipes must be connected to the chiller without tension and pressure, so that after connecting the pipes, if you release a flange connection close to the chiller, the axis of the two flanges will remain in place.
  • Install the chillers and check the alignment of the evaporator and condenser again after flushing.
  • Use suitable anti-vibration shock absorbers to prevent water from entering the device.
  • Connect the cooling tower pumps (cooling water) and cold water fan coils (water chiller) to the device.
  • In the water suction circuit of cooling pumps and chillers, a filter must be installed.
  • The installation location of the chiller should be suitable in terms of ventilation and free airflow and ambient temperature. Otherwise, rising condensate temperatures will not only increase power consumption but may also damage it.
  • For places that are too sensitive to sound and vibration, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the transmission of vibration and sound.
  • To maintain proper operating conditions, possible repairs, acid washing of the condenser and evaporator coils, as well as ventilation around the chiller, the minimum distance between each side of the chiller and the wall or other obstacles on each side is at least 1.8 meters.

Warranty and after-sales service of DamaTajhiz Screw Air Cooled Chiller Model 4DTCHS-360A

The DamaTajhiz Air Cooled Chillers are backed by a 10-year warranty and an 18-month golden performance guarantee.
 In the reference and specialist collection of thermal equipment, gold warranties have been offered, so that you, dear ones, may experience a nice sense of optimum and sensible purchase of air cooled chillers.
To view and obtain information about the warranty and technical specifications for all types of DamaTajhiz Air Cooled Chillers, go to the "Technical Specifications" tab on the product page.

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