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Fantini sealed float switch

بازه دمای کاری (60+)-(25-) درجه سانتیگراد حداکثر دمای محیط (مایع) 60 درجه سانتیگراد ساخت ایتالیا
  • Working temperature range (+60)-(-25) degrees Celsius
  • Maximum ambient temperature (liquid) 60 degrees Celsius
  • made in Italy
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Guide to choosing and buying sealed float switch Fantini model A95

Fantini Company (Fantini) manufacturer of sealed floating switch Fantini is one of the successful manufacturers of precision instruments, relying on the modern technical knowledge of Europe, experienced specialists, as well as advanced machines and equipment, high-quality products, and in sync with the highest quality assurance standards in It, produces Europe.

Fantini sealed float switch model A95

The sealed float switch is used for direct control of single-phase pumps to adjust the level of clean or polluted water, acid, or alkaline aqueous solutions of any density. This type is also known as "pear" in the market.

Fantini float switch a95

Among the features of Fantini sealed float switch control, the following can be mentioned

  • Not suitable for ketone and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Suitable for filling and emptying tanks such as pure water tanks
  • Direct control of three or single-phase motor
  • Two models A95A and A95B
  • Adjustable surface up to 750 mm
  • Cable length 3 meters (in A95A model) and 10 meters (in A95B model)
  • Maximum liquid temperature 60 degrees Celsius
  • Working temperature range (+60)-(-25) degrees Celsius
  • Degree of protection IP67
  • Moplen is a balloon-shaped material with an outer coating made of anti-shock and chemical-resistant materials
  • Middle cover filled with dense polyurethane
  • Internal sealed cover with electrical switch
  • Lead actuator to prevent oxidation or blockage
  • Covered balance weight with adjustable position to choose the difference (differential) level
  • made in Italy

Authentic Fantini sealed float switch

Damatajhiz company confirms the authenticity and physical health of the Fantini sealed float switch.

On the reference website and store of Damatajhiz, the possibility of buying a Fantini sealed float switch has been provided for you, dear customers, in order to create a good feeling of optimal and intelligent shopping.

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