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Mini chiller is one of the types of chiller devices and air conditioning systems, which are also known as home chillers due to their relatively small dimensions, and are among the luxury air conditioning systems for residential use. In fact, the function of this device is completely like an air chiller and it has a similar function in air conditioning systems in that, after cooling the water circulating in the refrigeration system of the building, it is sent to the fan coils by the pump. Each fan coil also uses a blower fan to pass the air over the coil in which the cold water has flowed, and in this way, the cooling of the environment is done by the mini chiller and fan coils. In this article, we are going to calculate the capacity of the mini chiller and the influencing factors in determining its refrigeration capacity, stay with us.

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Calculate the capacity of the mini chiller

Mini chiller capacity calculation formula

Projects that use low cooling capacities include residential units, special industries, villas, etc. The maximum capacity of a mini chiller is usually up to 10 tons of refrigeration. The question of some users may be how to calculate the capacity of the mini chiller according to the project. In the following, while knowing the methods of determining the refrigeration capacity, we will also examine the factors influencing the selection of these devices.

The capacity of the mini chiller is calculated by the famous formula Q=m×ρ×Cp×ΔT.

  • Q = mini chiller capacity (btu/hr).
  • Cp = heat capacity of water (Btu/lb.F).
  • ΔT = temperature difference between inlet and outlet water from mini chiller (Fahrenheit).
  • M = mini chiller water (gallons per minute).
  • Ρ = density of discharge water (pounds per gallon).

In general, for climate conditions like Tehran, for every 100 square meters of residential or office units, about 4 tons of refrigeration, and for commercial environments, about 5 to 6 tons of refrigeration are needed from the capacity of a chiller or mini chiller.

Note: Note that factors such as water hardness are also effective in the long-term cooling efficiency of mini chillers. Therefore, the use of high-quality water will have a significant impact on the efficiency of the device.

Influential factors in determining the capacity of the mini chiller

Determining the cooling capacity of the mini chiller depends on several factors, such as the size of the infrastructure, the thermal conductivity of the walls and windows, the climate, the sunlight on the roof and the direction of the windows of the building, and the number of people in the project, these are the things that directly increase or Reducing the cooling capacity of the device affects.

Project size

Determining the refrigeration capacity of the mini chiller device for each unit or building is done according to the surface area of the infrastructure, usage, and project needs. For example, for a 5-unit apartment with a floor area of 230 square meters, 50 tons of refrigeration is considered.

In such cases, the employer usually uses 5 mini chillers for 10 tons of refrigeration or one central chiller for 50 tons of refrigeration. Therefore, the size of the project and the height of the building have a direct effect on choosing the capacity of the mini chiller.

Weather conditions of the region

Another effective factor in choosing the cooling capacity of a mini chiller is the climate of the region. As you know, the climate of the region has a direct effect on the air conditioning system. Therefore, chillers and mini chillers with higher capacity are generally chosen for hot and dry areas that require more cooling.

Number of residents in the project

The amount of traffic and the number of people stationed in the units have a direct effect on determining the refrigeration capacity of the mini chiller. Therefore, increasing the number of residents will also increase the cooling capacity of the device. But more important than this is the sunlight on the roof of the top floor and the effect of its 25% increase in the cooling load required on the top floor.


The refrigeration capacity of mini chillers is determined based on the refrigeration ton unit, which is abbreviated as TR (Ton of Refrigeration). This unit is an American system for calculating the refrigeration ton of chillers and mini chillers as follows:

Mini chiller capacity calculation formula

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Final word

In this article, we tried to describe the effective factors in calculating the capacity of mini chillers and we hope that we have provided useful information in this regard. The specialized collection of DamaTajhiz (the first and most reliable specialized collection in the field of building facilities equipment and all air conditioning devices since 2013 and has 3 valid business licenses) offers all products with the guarantee of the originality of the goods, after-sales service, and valid warranty. To view the models and brands, know the updated prices, and buy all kinds of mini chiller devices, you can refer to the site of DamaTajhiz's specialized collection. You can also contact the experts of the DamaTajhiz air conditioning unit during office hours to get more information and get advice through phone number +9821-88822550.

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