The split duct is the term used by many experts for duct splits, and it is considered one of the most common heating and cooling systems in apartments today. When choosing a split duct, we should pay attention to the following points:

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How to choose the right ducted split

  • The correct choice of capacity, brand, and installation location of split duct
  • Deciding whether to use a normal type split duct or an inverter type (in principle, inverters enable less electricity consumption and prevent electric shocks by starting and changing the idle speed of the compressor)
  • Correct and principled implementation of the split duct and copper pipe in order to benefit from the highest efficiency of the split duct system.
  • In order to determine the required split duct capacity, first, send the latest architectural plan of the units and floors of your building by fax or email to the heating equipment experts as a consulting and sales center for all types of cooling and heating devices.
  • Before choosing and ordering the purchase of any of the duct splits, in addition to the dimensions of the air conditioner or the internal panel, the issue of single-phase or three-phase electricity and also the ampere (A) of electricity consumed, taking into account the power and specifications Pay attention to the electricity meter of your unit.
  • In general, the cost of implementing air distribution and return channels inside the units and implementing copper pipes between the inner duct and the outer panel of the split ducts is different based on the distance and length of the path between these two parts, but according to the frequent questions of the builders of residential units, as a In general, the cost of implementing them can be considered to be about 20% to 30% of the initial price of the split duct (of course, this is an approximate estimate).
  • Due to the importance of ventilation fan balance in split duct performance and its direct relationship with the engine bearing life, in order to maintain the dynamic balance of the ventilation fan of the device, pay utmost attention to the completely horizontal and aligned installation of split duct types in your installation location.
  • At the time of ducting, the installation location of the air return valves of the duct splits should have the greatest distance from the air outlet valves.
  • Due to the importance of determining the indoor air temperature and the commands for disconnecting and connecting the thermostat to control the performance of the split duct, determining the installation location of the thermostat is of particular importance, so when determining the installation location of the thermostat, observing the height of 140 cm from the floor, also place the thermostat in a local Do not install that has the possibility of direct sunlight or air flow coming out of the split duct itself.
  • To run copper pipes at height, use an oil trap for every 6 meters of copper pipe length.


Final speech

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5 Years Replacement Compressor warranty

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