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A home chiller is actually a mini chiller whose task is to cool the water needed by air conditioners such as home fan coils. The home chiller is installed on the outside of the building such as the yard or the roof and is connected to a number of fan coils with piping. The cooling operation in this system is that the water cooled by the mini chiller is sent to the coils inside the fan coils with a pump, then the fan blows the air from the fan coil to the environment, and thus the air temperature decreases.
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Household chiller

Using a home chiller in a suitable area

The home chiller is actually the air-cooled compression chiller, with smaller dimensions and capacity, and the pump and expansion source is also embedded inside it. Home chillers are usually used in units with an area of more than 150 meters (from 150 to 300 square meters as a mini chiller and from 300 square meters above as a central chiller), with the ability to have several fan coils (each room and The hall is a separate fan coil) connected to a home chiller and the temperature of the air output from each fan coil can be controlled separately and independently from other fan coils.

The difference between a home chiller and a ducted split

The most widely used competitor of the home chiller device for areas between 100 and 150 square meters is the ducted split device. In areas larger than 150 square meters, mini chillers and chillers are almost incomparable and are most commonly used as building air conditioning systems (along with fan coils and spa packages or engine room spa boilers).
The difference between these two systems is that the ducted split is embedded as a small air conditioner in the false ceiling and by channeling, it transfers cold or hot air to the rooms and halls of each unit, and the ventilation system of all rooms and halls connected to A ducted split will be turned on and off at the same time and will have the same temperature. But as mentioned, by using a home chiller and fan coils connected to it, the temperature of each room and hall can be controlled separately by the thermostat and fan coil of the same room.

Advantages and disadvantages of home chiller

Among the disadvantages of the home chiller and the fan coils that must be prepared for it, we can mention their higher price compared to the ducted split, and one of its advantages is that you can manage the performance of the fan coils. When there are a large number of small units, the best thing from an economic point of view is that instead of buying a home chiller for each unit, the refrigeration needs of all the units are gathered together and a central chiller is considered for all of them. In this way, a number of fan coils will be installed in each unit, and finally, all of them will be connected to the central chiller. By doing this, even the total price of the central chiller along with the fan coils will be lower than the ducted split.

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