One of the most common questions that is repeated between building builders, consulting engineers, and project installation executives when deciding and choosing the type of chiller in the air conditioning system of any project is the choice between scroll and screw chillers, which usually have different opinions.
But the fact is that each of these choices has advantages and disadvantages, and according to the project specifications, the device installation location, the type of use, and even the dimensions of the project, it is necessary to consider the optimal mode for each project by experts and engineers, and the most suitable ventilation system Air conditioner and chiller should be selected for it.
In fact, none of these two choices is preferable to the other without default! In order to make the matter more open, at first, we briefly provide explanations about each of these two types of chiller compressors and finally summarize it.

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Chiller with scroll compressor

This type of compression chiller is checked regardless of the type of condenser, air-cooled or water-cooled.
Scroll compressors perform the refrigerant compression by two non-coaxial spirals, and their function is that the gas enters this spiral and the rotation of this spiral (due to non-coaxial) causes the refrigerant gas to condense between the walls. And finally, the condensed refrigerant gas exits from the center of those spirals.
These compressors are less noisy and the gas flow in them is continuous, unlike piston compressors. Also, these compressors have a more reasonable price, but they are produced in small sizes. Scroll chillers are made from the minimum capacity, which is usually two tons of refrigeration, and are usually used up to 150 tons. High efficiency at full load is one of the advantages of these compressors, although problems such as non-repairability and single-stage operation are disadvantages of this compressor.
To make these types of chillers, manufacturers use more compressors so that they can actually have better capacity control. This will increase the number of refrigeration and electrical parts, but since the other parts are smaller, it does not have a significant impact on the final price.

Chiller with scroll compressor

Chiller with screw compressor

Compared to the scroll compressor, the screw compressor is more industrial, has higher dimensions and capacity, and is repairable. Also, the price of these compressors is higher. The basis of the work of this compressor is by using one or more spirals, the volume between their ribs decreases from the beginning to the end, and finally, with the entry of low-pressure refrigerant gas and the rotation of the spiral and its movement, it gradually condenses and finally the refrigerant It comes out as a dense gas from its end.
In these compressors, the flow of gas is continuous, but the sound produced is more. One of the very good advantages of this compressor is the possibility of non-step capacity control, which is provided by changing the place of gas entry into the spiral during a complex process.
These chillers are usually produced from a capacity of 30 tons to a capacity of about 500 refrigeration units. The full load efficiency of these compressors is approximately the same as that of scrolls and a little less than them, but partial ones have a high efficiency between 50 and 70 percent, which is less important. Is.
Now we choose between these two types of chillers.
One of the ways to choose between the two is the capacity of the device. If the tonnage of the compression chiller we want is less than 60 tons of refrigeration, we will definitely choose a chiller with a scroll compressor, and if the chiller capacity is higher than 150 tons, the screw chiller will definitely be a better option, except in special design conditions.
Therefore, most research is related to capacities between 60 and 150 tons, which includes a wide range of buildings, according to the classification of buildings in the following way, we can have a somewhat better choice.

 Chiller with screw compressor

Residential complexes with a large number of small units (economical)

The recommended option is the screw chiller because in these buildings it is very possible to install a small Darbar chiller. Also, residential buildings are used 24 hours a day. As we know, at night, due to the decrease in ambient temperature, the compressor is out of full load mode, which increases It will bring the efficiency of screw chillers.

The building of commercial and entertainment centers

In commercial and entertainment centers, the need for partial load is usually less due to the fact that they work fewer hours than residential buildings and the entire space is occupied at the same time in summers with hot weather.
Also, the sound produced by the chiller compressor in the engine room of the commercial and recreational complex is not very important, so in such projects, there is not much difference between scroll and screw, and considering the lower price and sound of the scroll compressor, the installation location and the buyer's budget, the decision is yours.

Office buildings

Choosing the type of chiller for office buildings is similar to commercial centers, and the partial load and power difference in different hours are less. The use is for several hours a day, and again, the decision is made according to the budget and the importance of the sound and vibration of the device with the respected expert of the project. will be.

Accommodation centers and hotels

In accommodation centers and hotels, considering that all users may not be using the air conditioning system on all days, it works with a lot of loads. In this situation, a screw chiller is very suitable, but on the other hand, considering the sound produced And the sensitivity of these places to silence and peace, as well as considering the location of the central engine room and chiller installation, the cost of insulation and the infrastructure of the entire building, the employer's budget and other conditions of the project, the optimal choice will be up to you, dear expert.
In general, scroll chillers are recommended for capacities less than 100 tons, but with a higher number of compressors and an independent refrigeration circuit for each compressor (individually).

Low-unit residential buildings with high square footage (luxury)

Scroll chiller is a suitable option for these buildings due to the importance of low noise operation and increasing the level of comfort and low consumption costs.

Finally, it is necessary to remember that in chillers (both scroll and screw) the use of at least two compressors and two separate circuits with a capacity of about 60 to 70% of the total refrigeration load of the project to have a reliable and reliable reserve system (in case of failures possibility) is important and respected project experts and consultants should pay attention to it at the time of system design.

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