The use of ducted splits for cooling and heating residential apartments, offices, villas, etc. is considered a luxury option with the cost of power equivalent to or even higher than AC splits. Ducted splits commonly replace multiple AC splits in one residential unit. Beside providing independent cooling and heating for each apartment unit, ducted splits significantly reduce operation and maintenance costs of cooling systems.

One of the distinct features of ducted splits is that they provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter for all spaces within an apartment unit through the ducts and ventilation running inside the false ceiling.

Ducted splits consist of two sections: an indoor unit (air conditioner) and an outdoor unit (condenser) which are connected by two copper pipes, providing cold air and distributing it through the ducted splits to the rooms or the living room in each apartment unit (inside the false ceiling).

In general, in the condenser of the ducted splits (outdoor unit), the refrigerant gas is cooled and passed through the copper pipe to the expansion valve. It is then transferred into the coil of the indoor unit of the ducted split as refrigerant gas, ready to absorb the environment heat. In indoor unit coils, the environment heat is taken up by the refrigerant gas inside the coil and the air is cooled by the fan (internal panel) into the supply duct.

duct split

Advantages of Using Ducted Splits:

  • Dual-use of cooling and heating

  • Removing the use of the chiller systems, cooling towers, central boiler rooms, radiators and plumbing

  • The ability to use fresh air as needed

  • The removal of moisture from home space, air filtration and reduction of pollution and disease

  • Being able to use the heating system with hot water coil

  • The ability to install ducted splits for a wide variety of users

  • The possibility to insert air purification filters as well as control the temperature from anywhere in the home through thermostats and thermostatic valves for air adjustment separately

  • Ducted splits are easily set up and easy to use

  • Ducted splits have a long lifetime