The use of ducted splits for cooling and heating residential apartments, offices, villas, etc. is considered a luxury option with the cost of power equivalent to or even higher than AC splits. Ducted splits commonly replace multiple AC splits in one residential unit. Besides providing independent cooling and heating for each apartment unit, ducted splits significantly reduce cooling systems' operation and maintenance costs.
One of the distinct features of ducted splits is that they provide cooling in the summer and heating in the winter for all spaces within an apartment unit through the ducts and ventilation running inside the false ceiling.
Ducted splits consist of two sections: an indoor unit (air conditioner) and an outdoor unit (condenser) which are connected by two copper pipes, providing cold air and distributing it through the ducted splits to the rooms or the living room in each apartment unit (inside the false ceiling).
In general, in the condenser of the ducted splits (outdoor unit), the refrigerant gas is cooled and passed through the copper pipe to the expansion valve. It is then transferred into the coil of the indoor unit of the ducted split as refrigerant gas, ready to absorb the environmental heat. In indoor unit coils, the environment heat is taken up by the refrigerant gas inside the coil and the air is cooled by the fan (internal panel) into the supply duct.
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Advantages of Using Ducted Splits

- Low installation and setup cost
The most important reason for using such systems is their low initial cost, which is about 50% of other air conditioning systems of similar capacities, such as fan coils and mini chillers.

- Clean air distribution
Due to the circulation of the air inside the inner panel of the duct splits and its passage through the sponge filter, usually cleaner air than the air outside the building can be used in summer and winter.
- Using "variable" or ordinary cycle inverter technologies
Ductsplits are available in 2 types inverters (which automatically change the engine speed) and usual (which have electric motors with fixed rates); the type of inverters automatically turns on at low speed when the environment cools down and when it gets hot. They are set at high speed, and this action causes less electricity consumption. Still, in splits without an inverter, electricity is consumed continuously unless you manually reduce or turn it off.

Note that scroll compressors are usually used in duct splits. This compressor model is cheaper than other existing compressors and also has fewer parts with high mobility and performance; therefore, compared to other compressors in the market, vibration and they have less sound; In addition, scroll type compressors with inverter technology are also used in devices such as mini chillers.

- Intake air filter
Duct splits can also filter suspended particles in the incoming air by washable filters.

- Separation of charges for all building units
Duct splits, unlike central systems such as chillers, allow you to calculate the electricity consumption of each building unit separately, and each unit can monitor its cooling and heating electricity consumption.

- Using split duct instead of splits
If you use duct split instead of several splits or air conditioners, you will see the consumption costs, Repairs, maintenance, etc.

- Reducing the humidity in the surrounding air
Like mini chillers and air conditioners, split duct works based on the refrigeration cycle. On hot summer days, it absorbs the humidity of the ambient air and transfers cooler air to the environment using cooling coils. (It is very suitable for the southern and northern regions of the country that have hot weather)

- A good and strong heater for duct splits
Duct splits can also provide you with heating in the winter; Since the use of gas energy is more economical than electricity and also some regions of the country have cold and semi-cold weather to heat the house, a series of water heating coils are installed in the units inside the duct splits, and the hot water enters it through the package. And in cold seasons such as winter and autumn, hot water enters the unit inside the ducted split, and after the fans of the device rotate, the heat is transferred to the hall and rooms.


advantages of split

Disadvantages of ducted splits

- The air with the set temperature in the evaporator part (indoor unit) is distributed with channels in several parts of the building, as a result of which the temperature of all rooms and halls connected to it will be the same, and the user of each room cannot set the temperature he needs. Set it independently and separately from other rooms.
- Another disadvantage of ducted splits is the sound of its operation. A big fan is installed in the evaporator (unit inside the building) so that it can supply enough air to all the rooms and halls. A larger fan also creates more noise, and this noise is sometimes transmitted through ducts into the building.
- ducted splits cannot be used above the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Types of ducted splits

ducted splits are divided into two types: regular and inverter. In the inverter type, the electric motor works with variable speed and has a high speed. This causes the device to work faster and save energy.
The speed of the compressor varies according to the temperature you set for it, and when the environment cools down, the speed of the motor (compressor) also decreases, and when the temperature of the environment warms up again, the speed of the motor (compressor) also increases. For this reason, this feature reduces energy consumption and saves it.
In the regular type of ducted splits, the motor's electric speed is fixed and can be increased or decreased only manually and with remote control. This is the reason for the high consumption of ordinary split ducts.

Important point: before choosing and buying the required ducted splits, in addition to paying attention to the capacity and sufficient ventilation volume of the selected split duct for the size of the desired space, other important issues such as the type of single-phase or three-phase electricity required by the device should be considered. Pay enough attention to the power supply in the unit and the physical dimensions, especially the height of the inner panel of the split duct, for the possibility of placing it on top of the false ceiling of the respective unit.

Suppose your residential or office unit size is more than 130 square meters. In that case, it is better to have two smaller ducted splits devices, one for the rooms (with installation in the false ceiling of the corridor and between the spaces) and one device for the hall and reception (with building in the ceiling. Use false input unit).

Ducted splits components

Ducted splits internal unit
The internal unit of the ducted splits device is actually the air conditioner that is installed in the ventilated environment (room) and is also known as the inner panel among service workers. In general, the components of the indoor unit are as follows:

- Evaporator converter- evaporator fan
- Blower fan evaporator (air blower)
- Capillary tube - drainage basin
- air filter
- Device board
- Device box

The humidity in the air is set on the cold surface of the coil panel of the ducted splits and then enters the distillation tray and exits from there. The gas used in the split duct is R22 and R410. The placement of condensers and fans depends on the capacity of the split duct. The indoor unit of the duct split device is connected to the ceiling and installed under the false roof. In the duct split device, insulated galvanized channels, polyurethane channels, and insulated flexi pipes are used for air distribution. These channels are installed before the device and transfer the airflow to the desired air-conditioned environments in each unit.

Ducted splits external unit

Duct split outdoor unit is a device that is installed outdoors (such as the roof or terrace of a building). The external unit is known as a condenser among service workers. Its dimensions and weight are different according to the refrigeration capacity and the brand of the device. In general, the components of the external unit are as follows:

- Compressor - Compressor capacitor
- condenser
- Condenser fan
- Condenser fan capacitor
- Fan blade
- Service valves
- Electrical terminal
- Device box

All the components mentioned above are located in the external unit of the ducted splits device, the most important of which is the compressor and condenser. The shape of external unit compressors is usually rotary or scroll and highly efficient. The condenser coil has an electric motor and a fan. Also, the four-way valve is used to reverse the cooling and heating mode.

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Notes you have to consider when installing ducted splits 

Indoor unit installation

- Consider the minimum required distance around the device for installation and service.
- If possible, do not install the indoor unit near bedrooms.
- A minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the outlet of the device and the first take-off should be observed.
- The necessary space for installing the spa coil and tarpaulin should be considered between the outlet of the device and the entrance of the channel.
- The profile of the inspection valve should be executed in such a way that the necessary space is provided for the service of the device.
- If the return channel is not installed, be sure to seal the place where the device is installed so that the device does not suck the air under the ceiling.
- In order to drain water, the necessary slope of the device should be considered.
- The water in this ducted splits device should not be transferred to the sewage well, a separate well should be installed for it.

Installation of external unit

- It is better to install the outdoor unit lower than the indoor unit (that is, the outdoor unit on the ground floor and the indoor unit on higher floors).
- If the external unit is installed higher than the internal unit, an oil trap should be considered for every 5~7 meters of copper pipe height so that all the oil in the compressor is not transferred to the internal unit and does not cause the compressor to fail.
- It is better to prevent direct sunlight from hitting the device by installing a sunshade or shade, increasing the device's efficiency.
- The sunshade or shade should be fine for the heat transfer of the condenser.
- Consider the minimum suitable space around the external unit.
- Install the external unit in a place where its noise and the hot air coming out of the condenser will not disturb other neighbors.
- To prevent noise transmission inside the building, standard shock absorbers should be used to install the external unit.


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