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Motorized Valve

As you know, the main prerequisite for doing any work is to have correct information about that subject. Regarding selection, checking the prices, buying, and getting to learn more about motorized valves, the following information is included so that you, dear visitors of the specialized website of DamaTajhiz, can use these tips to get information. Enough to choose and buy two-way and three-way motorized valves of Honeywell, Danfoss, Siemens, etc. brands in bulk.

Guide to choosing and buying motor valves

A motorized valve is a type of electric valve, generally a three-way valve, widely used in HVAC (heating and cooling) industries. The motorized valve is an electric valve that works with an electric actuator. It controls the flow rate and fluid throughput in air conditioning and central heating systems. As one of the essential applications of three-way motorized valves, we can mention their use in the water inlet path to the cold water coil or the hot water coil of air conditioners. When the indoor air temperature of the building reaches the desired temperature in the summer, the three-way motorized valve is commanded to send less cold water to the cold water coil of the air conditioner through the thermostat, and in the same way for the hot water entering the air conditioner coil in the winter. Motorized three-way valves are also used in air conditioning and cooling devices such as fan coils and air conditioners.

Join us in introducing and checking the performance of different types of motor valves in the rest of this article (for wholesale purchase).

Installment purchase of motor valves

Another vital application of motorized valves is their use in double boiler heating packages. As you know, dual wall or ground packages are responsible for heating the environment (radiators) and providing hot water for consumption. When the hot water tap is opened, and the consumer is waiting to touch the hot water, the motorized valve directs the hot water from the secondary heat exchanger built into the package.

boiler motorized valve

Types of motorized valves based on the type of movement

  • Motorized three-way valves are divided into two general types based on the type of movement in the system:
  • Motorized valve with linear movement
  • Rotary valve motor

Of course, it is clear that this is not the only classification of these widely used products, but they can also be classified based on the type of function.

Types of motor valves based on the type of movement

Types of motor valves based on the type of function

Mixer motor valve

This type of valve connects and meets fluids of two paths in a single heating or cooling system.

Mixer motor valve

Divider motorized valve

This type of three-way valve divides the fluid flow into other flows.

Divider motorized valve

 Motorized valve to change the direction of fluid

As the name of this three-way motorized valve suggests, it is used to change the direction of the fluid in the piping system.

Motor valves or three-way valves have three branches and openings; One of these branches is the top way, and the other two are secondary openings that make these products more flexible. These valves can be used to merge, divide and change fluid paths, and this is also why motorized valves are widely used in the cooling and heating industry.

Components of motorized valve

  1. Engine
  2. Three-way body
  3. valve

Components of motorized valve

The motor of motorized valves has three electrical connections, the combination of connections 1 and 2 and their downward movement opens the hot water bath, and the combination of connections 2 and 3 and their upward movement opens the path of the heating circuit in the package. It is heated.

It is worth mentioning that the packages that work with one converter and are called single converter packages do not have a three-way motor valve.

In general, motorized valves can be considered a means to control and adjust the fluid flow, which can be water, oil, air, and steam.

Note that these products help control the flow rate of fluids such as gas and diesel, and by using them, you can prevent leakage and foreseeable damages in the transmission system of these fluids.

Motorized valves have low energy consumption and can ensure the system's security and increase reliability.

In the motor valve group of the reference site and store of Damatajhiz, you can view the information and prices of all types of motor valves from the Honeywell brand for review and selection.

In addition to a valid business license from the heating and air-conditioning trade union, Damatajhiz has an electronic trust symbol. It started operating its store site in 2013 in Tehran's head office.

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Honeywell brass two-way motor valve "1 V5011S1062

Honeywell brass two-way motor valve "1 V5011S1062

  • Fluid type: water / steam
  • Connection type: manual
  • Flow coefficient: 10 Kvs m3 / h
  • Fluid temperature range: 120 ~ 2 ° C for 16 bar pressure
  • Fluid temperature range: 170 ~ 2 ° C for pressure of 14.9 bar
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