With the cooling of the air and the need to increase the ambient temperature, choosing and buying a heating radiator becomes very important. When it comes to choosing the right radiator, there is a wide range of brands with a variety of aluminum, panel, and electric radiators with different functions to consider. Calculating the number of blades and the heating power of each radiator panel requires information such as how to calculate the size of the building, the number of blades, brands, price, and warranty of radiators. In this article, we intend to provide you with a guide for choosing and buying a heating radiator for a satisfactory purchase.
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The amount of heat required for the environment

The first thing to consider when choosing and buying a heating radiator is the size of the room. Because it determines the required heating power of the radiator. Also, the bigger the room, the more heat you need to keep it warm enough. Typically, 2 or 3 radiators are suitable for large environments, while a small room may only need 1 small radiator.
The BTU (or British Thermal Unit) is a universally accepted unit of measurement for the amount of heat used to determine the heat of a radiator. The higher the BTU, the more heat the radiator has! So when buying and choosing the right radiator, make sure that you consider the total amount of BTU for the environment in which you will install the radiator, according to the dimensions and type of environment.

The best place to install the radiator in the building

The most suitable place to install a radiator in a building is the places that are exposed to the greatest penetration of cold either through convection (walls of the building) or through displacements (flow of cold air) such as entrance doors or cold radiation such as the place of room windows. have In general, heating radiators usually cannot adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment and even reduce the relative humidity of the room. In general, there are different types of radiators depending on the environment you need to heat. In the following, we will describe each of them.

  • Living room: usually needs a large radiator with high heat output. The best place to install radiators is under windows and near external walls; Because the hot air created eliminates the possibility of cold air entering through the window seams.
  • Bedroom: Using a small radiator that does not occupy much wall space is the best choice for the bedroom. If you want a powerful device that provides heat, a small radiator is suitable.
  • Bathroom: The best bathroom radiators are usually towel radiators; Because you can easily place towels in the bathroom on its many bars to keep them warm.

The best place to install the radiator in the building

Choosing and buying the best type of heating radiator

There are different types of heating radiators, such as aluminum radiators, steel radiators, panel radiators, and electric heating radiators, each of which has its characteristics and specifications. In the following, we will examine several models of radiators.

Buy an electric radiator

A radiator or electric heater, which is also known as an oil radiator and electric heater, is one of the most popular types of radiators. The electric radiator has the general shape of radiator blocks and is filled with oil instead of water. The elements placed in the radiator cause the oil to heat up and its movement in the radiator fins, and the heating of the radiator fins causes the environment to heat up. The oil in this device is a heat carrier and is permanent and does not need to be replaced at any time.
Compared to gas heaters, electric radiators have greater safety and, of course, higher electricity consumption costs, and for this reason, it is recommended to be widely used in bedrooms and small to medium-sized rooms, because gas heaters and Especially models without chimneys are not suitable for bedroom safety.
Electric heaters mainly have 5 to 15 blades and a power consumption of 900 to 2000 watts. Also, they usually have an automatic thermostat, a wheel, and two heating modes (low and high) and in some models, they have a fan to speed up the distribution of hot air. How to estimate the capacity of the radiator or electric heater required for each of the rooms is presented on the page of the same type of product in temperature control equipment.

Buy an electric radiator

Buying a panel radiator (steel)

Steel radiators are made of two 1.25 mm thick pressed iron sheets facing each other, with hot water flowing between them. Panel radiators are produced as a single convector or as two convectors (with twice the width and more heating). One of the unique features of the panel radiator is easy cleaning due to its integrated body and its extraordinary heating level. Panel radiators are usually produced and supplied in 50 cm axis and block lengths of 60, 80, 90, 100, 120, 140, and 160 cm.

Buying a panel radiator (steel)

Buy aluminum radiator

The aluminum radiator is lightweight due to the metal used and does not rust over time even in humid environments such as the bathroom. The aluminum radiator heater has a long lifespan and is resistant to cracking or rusting. It is possible to reduce or increase the radiator fins and as a result, it is possible to increase the heating power of the radiator block in these radiators. It should be noted that the heat transfer efficiency of aluminum radiators is higher than that of steel radiators.
In general, it can be said that the aluminum radiator is lighter, more beautiful, and has a higher thermal conductivity coefficient than the steel radiator, but it is more expensive in terms of price.
In climatic conditions like Tehran, Karaj, Mashhad, Isfahan, Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Kirkuk, Aleppo, Latakia, Kabul, Beirut, Mazar-e-Sharif, etc., provided there is no excessive penetration of cold air inside and there is only one wall exposed to cold outside air, it can be roughly said that in the middle floors of the building, for each square meter of the useful building, about 85 kilocalories. For the upper floor of the parking lot, for each square meter of useful building, about 95 kilocalories, and for the units located under the roof of the building, about 120 kilocalories per square meter should be considered. (for each additional wall that is in contact with the cold outside air, 20% is added to the above heating values).

Buy aluminum radiator

Choosing and buying the right valves for the radiator

The radiator valve is one of the important parts of the radiator; There are different types of radiator valves and they differ according to the direction and location of the pipes coming out of the wall or floor.
Manual radiator valve: manual valve is used when the thermostatic control is not installed on the radiator itself. These valves allow you to simply turn off or connect the flow of hot water to the heater through one handle. If you are looking for a cheap option with relatively good performance, this type of valve is for you.

Choosing and buying the right valves for the radiator

Thermostatic radiator valves: Thermostatic valves allow you to set the desired temperature and then the valve automatically adjusts the amount of hot water flowing to the heater to maintain that temperature. The advantage of thermostatic valves is that, unlike manual radiator valves, they can fully adjust the ambient temperature.

Radiator thermostatic valve

The best brands of heating radiators

Today, Butan radiators are among the best-selling and most popular heating radiators and have become a serious competitor for domestic and foreign brands in the Iranian market. Product variety and capacity, warranty, and favorable after-sales service have made the Butan heating radiator a reliable product. Butane radiators of different types can meet people's needs for providing heating.
You can also read the article GUIDE TO BUYING THE CHEAPEST HEATING RADIATOR for more information.

Final speech

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