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With the beginning of the cold season, the attention and use of heating equipment increases. One of these pieces of equipment, which is used to heat the space of buildings, is the heating radiator. A heating radiator is a type of heat exchanger that has different types (steel, panel, electric, aluminum). The heating power of radiators is different based on the material, dimensions, and thermal level. Each of the radiators has specifications and features. For example, heating radiators are suitable for places that do not need precise control of temperature and humidity; Because radiators cannot adjust the temperature of the environment and also reduce the relative humidity of the room.
Heating radiators may suffer serious problems over time, one of these problems is the heating radiator perforation and water leakage. This article examines the causes of heating radiator holes, if you want to increase information in this area, please join us.
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What are the reasons for holes in the heating radiator?

Today, heating radiators are widely used in the internal heating system and are among the most widely used heating equipment used in public buildings and homes. Heating radiators may be punctured for several reasons, some of which are mentioned below.
The perforation of the heating radiator has a direct relationship with the material of the radiator body and connections. For example, due to the use of steel in steel and panel radiators, there is a possibility of rusting and perforation in the long term, especially in humid areas. Among the other reasons for holes in the heating radiator, we can point out the lack of de-scaling or non-professional de-scaling. Failure to comply with basic de-scaling causes the deposits to become thicker and more permanent in the connections and body of the radiator, and as a result, it leads to damage and damage to the heating radiator.
Among the other reasons for holes and water leaks in the radiator, it is possible to point out a strong blow to the body of the heating radiator. If there is a strong and significant blow to the body of the heating radiator, there is a high possibility of holes and leaks in it. The passage of time is also mentioned as a factor in the perforation of heating radiators. Some radiators may have worked for many years, and this causes the device to rot and leak due to various factors. The high pressure of the hot water circulator pump can also lead to the leakage of the heating radiator connections.

Repairing the hole in the heating radiator

As mentioned above, the perforation of the heating radiator has several reasons. If you see any leakage, contact the facility services as soon as possible and explain the situation. We may have to solve some problems on the way to fix the problem of the hole in the heating radiator. Problems such as replacing the heating radiator pipe and even getting a new heating radiator. Repairs in the field of heating radiator perforation depend on the type of problem.

Introducing a heating radiator model

Some high-quality brands put the buyer's mind at ease by providing a suitable product and product warranty and after-sales service. One of the famous brands of Iran is Radiator, and one of its best-selling models is Iran Radiator's Terms design aluminum radiator. These radiators are made of aluminum and are resistant to rust. One of the characteristics of Iran Radiator brand heating radiators is its variety of sizes and models.
You can also read the article THE BEST HEATING RADIATOR FOR A HOME OR VILLA for more information.

Final speech

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