• Anit Super lux Glass Radiator Snow City Model
  • Anit Super lux Glass Radiator Snow City Model
  • Anit Super lux Glass Radiator Snow City Model
  • Anit Super lux Glass Radiator Snow City Model

Anit Super lux Glass Radiator Model Snow City

از جنس شیشه سکوریت مقاوم بسیار کم مصرف و کارکرد کاملا برقی (بدون وجود روغن یا آب) قابلیت چاپ تصویر دلخواه بر روی رادیاتور نصب بصورت عمودی و افقی (بصورت چند تکه یا پازلی) فقط بصورت ساده (بدون تنظیم دما)

Anit Super lux aluminum radiators are produced in the form of 11 blades, 14 blades, and 17 blades.

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Guide to choose and buy Anit Glass Radiator Snow City Model

Anit Superlux glass radiator, a snow city model, a joint product of Iran and Italy, is a model of an aluminum radiator with a beautiful and high-quality glass facade, which is offered to the markets of Iran and the world by Anit Company.
The technologies and excellent quality of Anit aluminum radiators, along with the supply of the product at a much lower price of a glass radiator than the world price, have increased its demand in all countries of the region and Europe.

Anit Super Lux Aluminum Radiator Snow City model

Features of Anit Super lux Glass Radiator Snow City Model

  • A creative and different design

The variety of colors and models has made this radiator different from the old models of glass radiators.

  • Energy efficiently ++A

The thermal efficiency of the Anit glass radiator is 138 kcal per hour. Optimal energy consumption and having the highest energy efficiency A ++ are among the most important features of Anit radiators.

  • High-pressure tolerance

Anit radiators, due to the use of a special alloy with CNC fittings and threaded assembly and sealing of fittings with three simultaneous methods, are able to withstand operating pressure of more than 50 bar and instantaneous pressure of 120 bar.

  • Use of new microphone technology

In general, increasing the level of contact with air can increase the heat capacity of radiators. In Anit products, the level of air contact has been increased by two special methods of blade design and the use of microphone technology.
Installation of the microphone in the inner wall of these radiators has led to a very high final heat capacity as a result of increasing the contact surface of each blade with air.

  • Produces uniform heating

The lack of temperature difference at the beginning and end of the Anit snow city model glass radiator, which has been obtained by using new technologies, has caused the excellent performance of these products, even at low discharges.

  • Anti-corrosion and decay technology

Anit double-walled radiators are corrosion resistant, anti-fouling, and non-hydrogen gas production.
Using corrosion protection technology, Anit has for the first time controlled the corrosion power of water, which significantly increases the stability and longevity of the heating system.

  • Compatible with thermostatic valve

A glass radiator is most compatible with thermostatic valves, without any reduction in product efficiency. The thermostatic valve is used instead of an ordinary radiator valve in radiators to control heating and not to waste more energy and reduce costs.

Warranty of Anit Super Lux Glass Radiator Snow City Model

Anit glass radiator, considering the use of modern technologies in design and construction, chooses a guaranteed quality and comprehensive cooperation with the audience as its mission and while respecting the rights of customers, puts its product under warranty and after-sales service for up to 10 years.

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