Split air conditioners are air conditioning equipment that provides us with cool and pleasant air on hot days of the year. Of course, currently, many models of air conditioners have heating capabilities and can provide the necessary heat in the cold seasons of the year. If you plan to use air conditioners and splits for cooling and even heating your building, you should pay attention to various factors such as type, capacity, energy consumption, and geographical area of your residence when purchasing it. As you know, a large part of Iran has a tropical climate, and for this reason, air conditioners suitable for this type of weather should be used to provide cool air. In this article, we are going to describe the tropical air conditioner and introduce the best air conditioner and split for tropical areas.

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The best split air conditioner for tropical areas

Types of split air conditioners suitable for different climates

Air conditioners and splits are produced in different types and each type of air conditioner will perform well in its own weather conditions. Air conditioners are divided into the following three types based on weather conditions:

Air conditioner suitable for moderate weather (MODERATE)

Moderate gas coolers, which are also known as T1 coolers, are used in temperate regions such as the northern parts of Iran and the cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Mashhad, Shiraz, Karaj, etc., and they perform best at temperatures between 18 and 43 degrees Celsius.

In such a climate, usually, for each square meter of the infrastructure of residential or office units, based on the conditions of the internal design, about 400 to 700 (but), and for commercial environments about 1000 (btu) air conditioner capacity is taken into consideration.

Air conditioner suitable for cold weather (COLD)

This type of gas and split coolers are suitable for cold areas such as Zanjan, Ardabil, Urmia, Tabriz, etc. and are also known as T2 coolers. Cold air conditioners are most efficient at temperatures from 10 to 35 degrees.

In the above-mentioned cold areas, usually, for each square meter of the infrastructure of residential or office units, based on the conditions of the internal design, about 300 to 600 (but), and for commercial environments about 800 (btu) air conditioner capacity is considered.

Air conditioner suitable for tropical weather (TROPICAL)

Tropical air conditioners are a suitable option for use in tropical areas and are also known as T3. These coolers are a great option for the residents of the southern regions of Iran because they perform well on hot days when the air temperature in these areas reaches above 45 degrees. In such areas, the refrigeration capacity is usually considered to be approximately 600 to 1000 (btu) for each square meter of the useful infrastructure of residential and office units, and for commercial environments, it is about 1200 (btu).

The most important features of tropical split air conditioners

As the best air conditioners and splits for tropical regions, tropical splits have the following features:

  • Tropical air conditioners usually have a long life and can be used for years if properly maintained and serviced continuously.
  • These types of coolers are used in temperate regions in addition to tropical regions.
  • The compressor is one of the most important components used in air conditioners, and the compressors used in tropical air conditioners must perform well at high temperatures. In tropical air conditioners, piston compressors, scroll compressors (especially for air conditioners with a capacity higher than 30,000 (BTU/h)), and T3-type rotary compressors are used.

Tropical air conditioners of Tahvieh company

The ventilation company is one of the reliable Iranian manufacturers of air conditioning equipment that produces and supplies a complete series of air conditioners and thermal splits in various models. Tropical air conditioners have a powerful T3-type rotary compressor and produce optimal air in areas with a maximum temperature of 55 degrees Celsius.

Also, the tropical air conditioners of the ventilation company are available in different capacities from 9000 to 30000 BTU/h and have a beautiful and suitable design. On the other hand, this series of air conditioners of the company can have a long life by using durable and standard parts.

Tropical air conditioners of GPlus company

Goldiran Company, which was the official representative of South Korean LG Company in Iran for many years, launched its home appliance product line in Iran under the brand name G+ in 2017. All kinds of GPlus products, including air conditioners and their splits, quickly opened their place in the Iranian market due to their high quality and efficiency and became one of the best-selling brands of air conditioners.

This company currently produces GAC-HF12M3 tropical air conditioner with a capacity of 12000 BTU/hr, which can be introduced as an example of the best air conditioner for tropical areas. The Tropical GPlus air conditioner has a T3-type rotary compressor, and with high efficiency without the least pressure on the device's engine, it has excellent performance in tropical climates.

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Final word

On the website of the specialized collection of DamaTajhiz, technical information of dozens of models of air conditioners from well-known and well-known brands with original warranties has been presented, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping. In order to get more information and receive advice during office hours, you can contact the experts of the air conditioning unit of DamaTajhiz regarding the air conditioner and tropical split you need through phone number +9821-88822550.

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Warranty conditions: 5 years warranty for compressor replacement and 18 months warranty for technical parts

After-sales service: 10 years

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