As you know, air conditioning systems are more important nowadays than in the past, and one of these widely used and efficient air conditioning systems is called a chiller. Chillers are known as the central core of the central cooling system and by reducing the water temperature and its flow in the coils of the fan coils, air conditioners, and other equipment, they perform the cooling of the ambient air. In terms of performance, chillers are divided into three categories: compression, absorption, and centrifugal. The performance of compression chillers in air conditioning is based on the compression refrigeration cycle and its main components are the evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve.
Sometimes cooling towers are used to reduce the temperature of hot water circulating in air conditioning systems or even to reduce the temperature of the water circulating in industrial systems or factories. Since the installation of this advanced equipment is not cheap, it is better to stay with us to give detailed answers to your questions regarding the chiller cooling tower.
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What is the role of the cooling tower in the chiller system?

Water compression chillers need a cooling tower to cool their condensers. The task of the cooling tower of the chiller is to reduce the temperature of the outgoing water from the condenser of the chiller by a few degrees and return it to the chiller. In the functional mechanism of the cooling tower and chiller, there are two water circuits, one of these circuits is water that is cooled in the evaporator of the chiller and is pumped to the fan coils and the air conditioner.
The next circuit flows in the condenser of the chillers and must be cooled again to absorb the refrigerant heat in the condenser, which is pumped to the cooling tower and cooled by rotating in the cooling tower, then to the condenser of the chiller. will be returned.

Design of cooling towers for chillers

There are many parameters to calculate the capacity and design of chiller cooling towers. There are several parameters such as inlet and outlet water temperature, fluid flow rate (flow rate), system composition, control options, etc.
Cooling systems should be made as simple as possible, and together with these simplifications, all the space should be optimally used. Simplification does not mean reducing the equipment and parts of the device, but designing it in such a way that it can be exploited and used by the general public.

Expansion of technology in cooling systems

Chillers and cooling towers have been used as one cooling equipment in buildings and apartments for many years. Refrigeration equipment has not been spared from the blessing of the development of technology and the lifespan of the products and their efficiency have increased. For example: Nowadays, variable speed motors are used in chiller (compressors) and cooling tower motors, and the advantage of these motors is that they do not work at their full power and only produce electricity according to the needs of the consumer by automatically changing the speed. they consume With this equipment, the consumption of electrical energy in these systems has been reduced significantly.

The difference between air and water chiller cooling tower performance

The chiller and cooling towers can be used together. By removing the cooling tower from the circuit of water chillers, the coil and fans on top of the chiller are directly used to cool the refrigerant in the condenser. The way it works is that the refrigerant flows inside the coils and when the fan starts working, the air is passed around the coils in this way the heat is taken from the refrigerant and it turns into a liquid state. This type of condenser is called an air or air-cooled condenser, and the chillers that use these condensers are called air-cooled chillers. The main difference between the chiller cooling tower and the air condensers is that in the first type of water and the second type of air, it performs heat removal.


In this text, we tried to deal with the topic of chiller cooling tower, how it works, how they differ from each other, etc. A chiller cooling tower is one of the basic elements of air conditioning equipment and purchasing its optimal capacity saves energy (electricity, water).
You can also read the article THE IMPLEMENTATION OF A CHILLER IN A BUILDING for more information.

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