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Emaux Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter

Since the 1980s, Emaux started its activities in the field of producing all kinds of swimming pool equipment, including swimming pool filters and jacuzzis. One of the main products of this company is the production of swimming pools and jacuzzi filters. The variety and high quality of Emaux products have made this brand widely accepted in the world markets. To get more information about the technical specifications, features, capacities, and reasonable price of Emaux pool and jacuzzi filters, stay with us in the rest of this article.

Emaux Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter company at a glance

Today, Emaux is one of the companies providing specialized products for swimming pools, mineral water springs, aquatic centres, water parks, public aquariums, etc.; Emaux is one of the best-selling brands of pool, sauna, and jacuzzi equipment in Iran and the world, and Emaux pool and jacuzzi filter have a one-year warranty and five years of after-sales service.
The head office of Emaux is currently located in Hong Kong, and other offices of this company have been established in Australia and China.

Emaux Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter

In the sand filter of the Emaux pool, the ratio of the amount of water passing to the surface of silica and sand is high, and this means that these sand filters have a higher flow rate due to their small dimensions. Emaux fibreglass sand filters contain less silica and sand than metal sand filters. However, due to the quality of this product, the quality of pool water filtration is maintained. In general, the maximum temperature allowed in all Emaux swimming pools and jacuzzi filters should be 50 degrees Celsius. The Emaux pool sand filter system is sensitive to temperature increase; For this reason, it is recommended to use a thermostat and electric valve on the heating lines. Otherwise, a sudden increase in temperature will damage the sand filter system and reduce its life.
Also, the maximum working pressure in the sand filter of the Emaux swimming pool should be 50 Psi. As a result, you should be very careful in choosing the type of pool pump. Pool pumps apply different pressures. If the pressure is more than 50 Psi, serious and irreparable damage will be done to the Emaux sand filter. These filters cannot be repaired due to their special material (fibreglass) and in case of carelessness and damage to Emaux sand filters. Emaux pool sand filter is produced in P, MFS, MFV, and NL series.

Buying Emaux Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter

To choose and buy a suitable filter for a swimming pool or hot tub, in addition to the dimensions and size of the filter, which must be ideal for the space of the engine room, the capacity or the amount of water in the bowl of the swimming pool or hot tub, the maximum working pressure that can be tolerated by the filter (how to calculate the pool filter based on The type of filter (sand, cartridge, diatom) is somewhat different); And among other important things, it should be mentioned that the head and flow rate of the filtration pump is proportional, as well as the pressure drop of the water flow passing through the filter.
To choose and buy Emaux swimming pool and jacuzzi filters easily, technical information with the original warranty has been provided on the site of DamaTajhiz's specialized collection, so that you can enjoy the good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase. You can contact our experts and this Buy quality product.

The price of the Emaux Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter

The price of the swimming pool and jacuzzi filter should be based on the dimensions, filtration capacity, filtration volume, water level, and covered volume in open and closed pools, and you can choose the best model among filters according to your needs and budget. Choose the Emaux swimming pool and jacuzzi treatment on the DamaTajhiz website.
It should be noted that the prices of all Emaux swimming pool and jacuzzi filters provided on the website of the DamaTajhiz collection are up to date and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices; So these prices also include the part of guaranteeing the best price of DamaTajhiz site.

Instalment purchase of Emaux Swimming Pool & Jacuzzi Purification filter

To facilitate your purchase of you, dear customers, the DamaTajhiz collection has provided the possibility of instalment sales. You can refer to the instalment purchase page for the instalment purchase of the Emaux swimming pool and jacuzzi filters.


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