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Water softener& descalers

Sediment in general can be introduced as the enemy of facilities because by depositing sediment inside the pipe, while reducing the flow, the flow rate of the fluid passing through the pipe also decreases. In equipment such as water heaters, deposits are definitely formed and descaling must be done. To choose the best and most suitable Water softener& descalers, you must have information about the type and place of use, applications in heating or cooling systems, etc. So stay with us to provide you with all the necessary information in a professional and complete manner for wholesale purchase.

A guide to choose & buy Water softeners & descalers

Hard water contains salts such as calcium, manganese, and magnesium, which stick to the walls of the water pipes over time and reduce the water pressure and block the pipe in the case of severe sediment formation, and this has the greatest impact on building facilities or industrial workshops. And since the facility is the beating heart of a building, serious damages may be caused to the facility system in the long term. For water purification, this device is installed on the outside of the water pipe or equipment that needs to be protected against sediment.

Types of descaling

Water softener & descalers benefits

  • It has a very low operating cost
  • The beneficial substances of the water will remain in it
  • It has a very small size
  • Reducing the harmful effects of water hardness on the health of the body and the occurrence of problems such as kidney and bladder stones
  • It prolongs the useful life and efficiency of the operation of equipment and devices such as pipes and equipment of facilities.
  • Reducing the possibility of precipitation of calcium and magnesium sulfate in water pipes

Types of sediment remover

Electromagnetic descaler:
A magnetic descalers based on the effect of magnetic waves of a magnet on calcium bicarbonate dissolved in water prevents the formation of calcium deposits in the form of calcite and converts calcium bicarbonate into aragonite.

Electronic descaler:
In electronic descaling using modern microprocessor and signal processing techniques, the device produces a regular complex waveform frequency; When these frequencies are applied, an oscillating electric field is introduced into the water, which causes sufficient stimulation of the water molecules to release carbon dioxide (CO2) and cause the precipitation of calcium bicarbonate; Since precipitation occurs in a major part of water, the crystal grains naturally spread towards the ions in the water; Their size and shape have no physical resemblance to those formed in untreated water


Descaler uses in heating and cooling systems

Air conditioning systems:
Including compression, absorption chillers, cooling tower, air washers

Central heating systems:
including steel boilers, steam boilers, underfloor heating systems, cast iron boilers, industrial heat packages, home heat packages, condensing package

Consumable hot water heat exchangers:
including plate heat exchangers, hot water storage exchangers, domestic water heaters, and private and public hot water supply exchangers for swimming pools and hot tubs (shell and coil exchangers)

Low-pressure steam supply systems
such as laundromats and steam saunas

Drip irrigation systems for agricultural fields
Other systems that use hot water

Application of electronic Water softeners & descalers in industries

  • Livestock and poultry breeding centers, including chicken farms and livestock farms
  • Power plants
  • Pharmaceutical and chemical factories
  • Cement factories
  • Metal smelting factories and induction furnaces
  • Glass and crystal production factories and plastic injection
  • Oil, gas, petrochemical industries, as well as the processing of petroleum products
  • All arc and electric welding systems with the water-mediated fluid cooling process
  • Electronic descaling is ineffective in very hard water.
  • If your water pipes are lead or iron, electronic descaling is ineffective.
  • The descaled water does not remain soft all the time and the sediment is formed again in another part of the system unless you use the Water softener& descalers for all parts of the water system that are subject to heating and sediment formation.

electronic descalers

Tips you should know about electronic anti-scalder before buying:

Electronic descaling is ineffective in very hard water.
- If your water pipes are lead or iron, electronic descaling is ineffective.
- The descaled water does not remain soft all the time and the sediment is formed again in another place of the system unless you use the descaler for all parts of the water system that are subject to heating and sediment formation.

Buy Water softener & descalers

When the water flow in the upper floors of a building with a high importance factor (such as a hospital) does not have the desired flow intensity, or the heating and cooling systems do not have the capacity to ventilate the space, there will be many problems in the work process and service provision, so the use A good descaler is vital.
In order to easily choose and buy a descaler, you must first determine the desired type and brand. On the site of Damatajhiz's specialized collection, technical information of dozens of models of anti-scaling products from reputable brands with original warranty has been presented, so that you, dear ones, can enjoy the good feeling of optimal and smart shopping.

Also note that in the specialized HVAC group of Damatajhiz, all the water softener and descalers are only sold in bulk. Therefore, if you want to wholesale any of these products, feel free to contact us.

Water softener & descalers price

The price of a Water softener& descalers varies according to the type, size, and of course the manufacturer's brand in the market. It should be noted that the prices of all the Water softener& descalers provided on the specialized website of the Damatajhiz collection are up to date and the discounts desired by the consumers have been included in these prices for wholesale purchase.

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