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  • Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21
  • Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21

Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21

نوع : رسوب زدای الکترونیکی سایز لوله : 2 اینچ توان مصرفی : 6 وات ابعاد : 121×158×165 میلی متر دارای نصب آسان و بدون نیاز به لوله کشی
  • Type: Electronic descaler
  • Tube size: 2 inches
  • Power consumption: 6 watts
  • Dimensions: 121 × 158 × 165 mm
  • Easy to install without the need for plumbing
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Guide for selecting and purchasing of Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21

Ions are water-soluble solutes that form a precipitate when they are joined together. Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21 transmits electromagnetic waves into the tube using microprocessor technology. Then the electric potential in the current in A magnetic field is induced. This phenomenon upsets the balance between the positive and negative ions in the water and the ions move relative to each other, resulting in the formation of suspended and neutral particles. Based on the snowball phenomenon, these particles absorb other particles in the water and along the path of movement in the water, their size becomes larger, but due to their neutrality, they don't have any tendency to stick and form deposits in the pipe wall and other equipment in contact with water.

Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21

Features of Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21

  • Insignificant power consumption
  • Eco-friendly
  • Resistant to water spray
  • Reduce detergent consumption
  • No need to supply additives
  • No change in the quality of drinking water
  • Easy installation without the need for plumbing
  • Reduce corrosion and increase the life of pipes and equipment
  • Need less irrigation in agriculture and more plant growth
  • Increase heat transfer in converters and save energy
  • Lower cost compared to other descaling methods and similar foreign products
  • Prevent the formation of deposits in the walls of pipes and installations as well as remove pre-formed deposits
  • Pac Ab Control electronic PAC-21 descaler device with small dimensions is used in some systems such as wall warm water, radiators, and packages where sediment formation is one of the main problems due to the limited space.
  • Can be used in all facilities that work with hard water, including types of heat and refrigeration converters, hot water boilers and unit packages, air washers and cooling towers, residential / office / commercial buildings, horticulture and drip irrigation, factories Plastic injection, ice and beverage factories, food and dairy production equipment, oil and petrochemical industries, dehumidifiers and water coolers, dentistry and medical care, laundries, swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis, poultry drinking facilities, car wash equipment, machines Dishwashers and washing machines, distillers and water showers, etc.

Location of Pac Ab Control electronic descaler

Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21 - diagram

 warranty of Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21

Pac Ab Control Electronic descaler Model PAC-21 has 3 years warranty and 10 years of after-sales service. To see more models or different capacities and buy descaler products online click on the link.
In the store and reference site of Damatajhiz, technical information and guaranteed prices of all types of descalers, with the main guarantee, are provided to enjoy a good sense of optimal and smart purchase. 

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