PacAb Control Electronic Descaler

Pac Ab Control Company, the first manufacturer of electronic water descalers in Iran, using its experienced specialists and studying, researching, and evaluating several electronic descalers, started designing and mass-producing descalers for the first time in Iran with an official license in 1379. Electronic in different sizes. In the following article, we will get to know more about the features and type of function of the electronic descaling remover.

Pacab Control electronic descaling at a glance

Ions are water-soluble solutes that combine to form sediment. Pacab Electronic Descaler uses microprocessor technology to transmit electromagnetic waves into the tube, then electric potential is induced in the flowing water in the magnetic field. This phenomenon disturbs the balance between positive and negative ions in water and the movement of ions relative to each other, and as a result, suspended and neutral particles are formed. These particles attract other particles in water and along the path of movement in water, They become coarser, but due to their neutrality, they no longer tend to stick and form deposits in pipes and other equipment in contact with water. When the ions dissolved in water decrease, it increases the solubility of water.

Pacab Control electronic descaler

Features of the electronic descaler of Pacab Control

  • Saving electricity
  • Increasing heat transfer efficiency
  • Reducing corrosion and increasing the life of pipes and equipment
  • Lower cost compared to other descaling methods and similar foreign products
  • Preventing the formation of deposits in the walls of pipes and facilities, as well as removing already formed deposits

Buy Pacab control electronic descaler

In order to choose and buy a descaler, you must first determine its technical specifications, size, and capacity.

The price of Pacab control electronic sediment remover

In the reference site of Damatajhiz, the technical specifications and the most suitable price of the anti-scaling agent with the original warranty have been presented for you, dear ones, in order to create a good feeling of an optimal and smart purchase.

In the specialized collection and store, Pacab control electronic descaler has a valid 3-year warranty and 10-year after-sales service.

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