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Gplus Split Ac Unit

If you want to compare and select G Plus Split Ac Units from different brands, continue reading this article. We will provide information about the various types of Split Ac Units and G Plus Split Acs regarding capacity, specifications, and affordable prices. Additionally, you can visit DamaTajhiz's website, a reliable source, to access the latest price list of G Plus Ac Units, including any special discounts available.

G Plus: A Comprehensive Overview of Company History and Products

G Plus Split Ac Units are one of the latest Iranian Split Ac Unit brands offered by Goldiran. The Goldiran Company, which is reminiscent of South Korea's LG products, has recently produced a variety of electrical appliances, such as air conditioning systems, under the name G Plus.
After years of representing LG products in Iran, in 2017, Goldiran Company introduced its exclusive brand G Plus to Iran and the Middle East markets employing internal experts and using standard and high-quality primary parts.

The G Plus brand was first introduced to the Iranian electrical appliances market by producing a variety of televisions. Then it started producing various Split Ac Unit systems such as split Ac Units, Air Purifiers, ducted splits, and Fan Coil Units. Stay with us in this article to learn about G Plus Split Ac Units.

In addition to the special design and beautiful appearance of G Plus products, these devices also meet the standards of a superior Split Ac Unit. They are considered a suitable alternative to LG Split Ac Units. These features have made them a suitable choice for the ventilation system of your home or workplace.

G Plus: A Comprehensive Overview of Company History and Products

G Plus Split AC Unit: Models and Capacities Overview

G Plus Split AC is available in two categories, tropical and temperate, using R410a refrigerant gas and a rotary compressor.
The temperate type is produced in 5 capacities: 9000, 12000, 18000, 24000, and 30000. The tropical type is produced in two capacities of 12000 and 36000.
In general, G Plus Split Ac Units with the ability to provide cooling and heating in capacities of 9000 to 60000 BTU per hour are offered for use in residential and office units in temperate and tropical climate regions. These products have very low consumption due to being equipped with a smart inverter compressor in some models. The price of a G Plus inverter split AC is usually higher than its non-inverter type.

Which model of G Plus split ac unit is the best?

To identify the best G Plus split ac unit model for the Split Ac Unit system for your desired environment, first, you need to calculate the required capacity. To calculate that, please refer to the split ac unit capacity table in the following.

Regarding the fact that the G Plus Split Ac Units are reasonably priced compared to similar brands, you can choose a higher capacity within a certain budget. You can see the price of G Plus Split Ac Units on the reference website and store of DamaTajhiz HVAC.
Which model of G Plus split ac unit is the best?

G Plus AC Units: Common Features & Benefits

Most models of G Plus Split Air Conditioning Units share similar specifications, which are described below in a way that is easy for most people to understand.Intelligent compressor inverter: this type of motor does not turn off when the room temperature reaches your desired level; Rather, it reduces the cooling power by changing the engine speed. It prevents repeated starts so that electricity consumption decreases and the device's efficiency increases.

Golden fins: The fins or blades of the G Plus Split Ac Unit's evaporator and condenser contribute to a longer lifespan, corrosion prevention, and increased durability of the device. Also, the increased contact surface of the device with the air causes more temperature exchange.
Turbo mode: The Turbo function of the G Plus Split Ac Unit can provide cooling or heating to your environment in the shortest possible time. When you get home, you can quickly bring the home environment to the desired temperature by choosing this function.

Eco-friendly performance:Environmentally-friendly performance
The G+ Spower usage through both its motor type and the activation of the Eco function, making it more energy-efficient than typical inverter split AC units. This function helps the Split AC unit to cool or heat in a more affordable way by controlling the temperature.

Sleep Mode: While you are sleeping, the G Plus Split Ac Unit's Sleep Mode function provides the best temperature settings for your comfort in sleep. During this function, the G PlusSplit Ac Unit increases the temperature in heating mode and decreases it in cooling mode, either by 1 degree every 60 minutes, and this process will be done by 2 degrees for 2 hours. If you choose this mode, the device will turn off automatically after 10 hours.

Auto Restart: The G Plus split AC has an Auto Restart feature, and if the power is disconnected and reconnected, the device will restart with the same previous settings and start working. This function is very useful for special environments, such as server rooms.

Table for calculating the capacity of G Plus Split Ac Units

Split Ac Unit capacity (BTU) for units under the roof (square meters) for other floors (square meters)

Capacity of Split Ac Unit (BTU) For units under the roof (square meters) for other floors (square meters)
9000 To 12 To 15
12000 To 17 To 22
18000 To 25 To 35
24000 To 34 To 45
32000 To 45 To 64
45000 Standing To 55 To 75
60000 Standing To 75 To 100
90000 Standing To 110 To 150

Everything You Need to Know About Purchasing a G Plus Split AC Unit

Analysing the location where the Split AC unit will be installed and determining the capacity are the first steps in purchasing a G Plus Split AC unit. You should consider the size and use of your intended environment before purchasing a Split AC unit, as they are manufactured and supplied in a variety of types with different cooling, heating and ventilation capacities. This will help you choose the appropriate Split AC unit at an affordable price in terms of model and ventilation capacity.

Then you should consider things like energy consumption, features, brand and benefits of the relevant Split Ac unit.

The DamaTajhz website offers detailed technical information about various G Plus Split Ac Unit models from reputable brands, all of which come with original warranties. This company enables you to enjoy the gratification of making an educated and smart purchase decision.
The Gplus Split AC unit from DamaTajhiz will keep you cool this summer. In a Cozy Place, avoid the heat. Order right away!

Analyzing the Price of G Plus Split AC Unit

The price of G Plus Split Ac Units differs based on their type, capacity, and model. All products are supplied with a valid and reliable warranty and after-sales service.
It should be noted that all G Plus Split Ac Unit models presented on the website of DamaTajhiz HVAC have product identifiers and reasonable prices, and the discounts desired by consumers have been included in these prices.

Warranty and after-sales service of the G Plus Split Ac Unit

Goldiran Company offers all models of G Plus Split Ac Units with a 5-year warranty for compressor replacement, an 18-month warranty for other parts, and 10 years of after-sales service to consumers.

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Dear Users:

While thanking you for your trust in the technical opinions of the DamaTajhiz sales experts, it should be noted that the choice of the desired product brand based on the capacity, history, brand strength, service, and product price is ultimately determined by the buyer. But in split AC units, most users and buyers choose best-selling brands such as LG, Hisense, Green, Iran Radiator, G Plus, etc., due to their quality, price, And after-sales services.

If, after reading the above article, you have more questions about deciding on the purchase of split AC units, you can contact the experts of the air conditioning equipment department after contacting the DamaTajhiz HVAC Group and extension numbers 117-119-120-126-317 Get advice and ask your questions.

Since DamaTajhiz HVAC Group, as an official member of the Heating and Air Conditioning Dealers Union, provides all kinds of air conditioners and splits in the Middle East region, if you need a Room Split AC Units for any of the countries in the region, you can place your purchase order with Reassurance, product warranty and reasonable price to our sales experts.

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GPlus inverter Split Ac Unit Model GAC-HV24MN1

GPlus inverter Split Ac Unit 24000 Model GAC-HV24MN1

  1. Function: cooling and heating + inverter
  2. Energy-saving with energy class A
  3. For an area of ​​34 to 45 square meters (depending on conditions)
  4. Refrigerant gas R410a and rotary compressor + free pipe
  5. Suitable for temperate climates
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GPlus inverter split air conditioner model GAC-HV18MN1

GPlus inverter split air conditioner 18000 model GAC-HV18MN1

  1. Function: cooling and heating + inverter
  2. Energy-saving with energy class A
  3. For an area of ​​25 to 35 square meters (depending on conditions)
  4. Refrigerant gas R410a and rotary compressor + free pipe
  5. Suitable for temperate climates
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