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As you know, the main prerequisite for doing any work is to have proper information about that subject. In order to choose, review the prices, buy and know more about level guages, the following contents are included so that you, dear visitors of the specialized website of Damatajhiz, can use these information to choose and buy different types of buoyancy, magnetic and vibration level meters from the brands Corone, Siemens, Anders Havers, Fantini, Rosemont, etc. in bulk.

User manual and introduction of a level meter or level gauge

A level meter or level meter, as its name suggests, is a tool for measuring the height of the fluid level (liquids and gases) from the bottom of the tank to the surface of the fluid. There are two types of level meters or level gauges, contact and non-contact, and the non-contact type has higher accuracy and speed, more durability in corrosiveness, etc. A level meter or level gauge is a widely used tool in various industries and even for home use, which has two categories, point and continuous. Point level meters have types of resistance, capacitance, buoyancy, magnetic, mechanical, membrane, and optical, and continuous level meters have servo motor, hydrostatic, ultrasonic, radar, radioactive, and laser. Join us in introducing and checking the performance of different types of level meters in the rest of this article (for wholesale purchase).

level control

Level meter

Types of a level meter or point level meter

Resistance level meter

This level meter measures the level of liquids with low electrical resistance. (e.g., non-distilled water)

Resistance level meter

Capacitive level measurement

A capacitive level meter is used immersed, and it measures the fluid level based on the change of the cross-section of the material between the two electrode surfaces and the change of the dielectric amount as a result of the change of the capacitance. The capacitive level meter is unsuitable for viscous, high-viscosity, and deposited materials.

Capacitance level meter

Float level measurement

The float level gauge is a contact level gauge that determines the change in float height and fluid level. This level meter is also not suitable for viscous and deposited materials.

Buoyancy level meter

Magnetic level measurement

In the magnetic level gauge, the fluid level of the tank is measured by placing the float on the fluid. So, the structure connects to the top and bottom of the tank with two flanges. Then the fluid enters the tank where the floating ball is located. The magnetic level meter is used to measure the fluid level in high-pressure tanks and is unsuitable for sticky and sedimented fluids.

Magnetic level meter

Mechanical level measurement

The mechanical level gauge is also used in contact and submerged mode, and by moving the float by the fluid, the level of the microswitch changes, and the fluid level is measured. The mechanical level meter is also not suitable for viscous fluids.

Mechanical level meter

Membrane level measurement

The membrane level gauge is also immersed and sensitive to vibration and pressure. This level meter has installation and use restrictions and is used in cases such as installation on double-walled tanks.

Membrane level gauge

Light level measurement

The optical level gauge is a non-contact level meter that measures the fluid level inside the tanks using an infrared beam. This level meter has limited use because the amount of light in the installation environment affects its correct operation.

Optical level gauge

Types of level meters or continuous level meters

Servo level measurement

The servo motor level meter is a contact level meter that measures the height of the fluid using a floating ball connected to a height change counter with a rope.

Level meter servo motor

Hydrostatic level measurement

The hydrostatic level gauge is installed submerged. The sensor of this level gauge is calibrated based on the atmospheric pressure of the installation location. The pressure difference sensor measures the lowest fluid level based on its weight with the installation location's atmospheric pressure and calculates the fluid's height. This method is used to measure the water level of wells.

Hydrostatic level gauge

Ultrasonic level measurement

The radar level gauge is a non-contact level meter that measures the height of the fluid level by sending and receiving ultrasonic waves and calculating the difference between the sent and received waves. The ultrasonic level gauge can measure different fluids, including water, corrosive and sticky fluids, solids, and flammable fluids.

Ultrasonic level gauge

Non-Contact Radar level measurement

The radar level gauge is a non-contact level meter that measures the fluid level by sending and receiving electromagnetic waves at frequencies above 10 GHz and calculating the frequency difference between the transmitted and received waves. This level meter is not particularly sensitive to the environment and fluid.

Radar level gauge

Radiation level measurement

A radioactive level meter is a non-contact level meter that measures the height of the fluid level by sending light radiation in different spectrums and calculating the difference in radiation in the round trip.

Radioactive level gauge

Laser level measurement

The laser level gauge is a non-contact level gauge and measures the fluid level by sending and receiving laser waves. Since the intensity of the ambient light affects the correct performance of this level meter, it is used in particular conditions. Usually, the laser beam passes through small spaces but sends this beam a long distance.

Laser level meter

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