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  • Arya Tahvieh Air Cooled Compression Chillers
  • Arya Tahvieh Air Cooled Compression Chillers

Arya Tahvieh Air Cooled Compression Chillers

نوع مبرد : R134a نوع کمپرسور : اسکرو نوع اواپراتور: Shell &Tube (پوسته و لوله) قابلیت ها : دارای سیستم کنترلی هوشمند با قابلیت اتصال به BMS نوع کندانسور: دارای کندانسور با لوله های مسی و پره های آلومینیومی
  1. Available in refrigeration capacities of 20 to 600 tons
  2. Compressor type: Scroll Danfoss or Copeland brand
  3. Refrigerant gas R22 + shell and tube evaporator
  4. The condenser in the form of copper coils with aluminium (or copper) fin
  5. Suction fan from reputable brands + three-phase power consumption

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Guide for selecting and purchasing Arya Tahvieh Air Cooled Compression Chillers

Aria ventilation air-cooled compression chillers are equipped with compressors from reputable brands such as Screw Bitzer, Bitzer Reciprocating, Screw Hanbel, Skral Danfoss and Skral Copeland and are integrated and separate in capacities of 5 to 600 tons and based on the standards between are designed and produced internationally.
Air-cooled compression chillers of Aryabe ventilation, in general, compression chillers, whose work is based on the compression refrigeration cycle, are used to provide refrigerant gas or cold water for use in air conditioning and industrial refrigeration systems with a temperature of 7 to 12 degrees Celsius.
Air compression chiller or air-cooled compression chiller is one of the most widely used types of compression chillers that are used in climate regions with high relative humidity where it is not possible to use water cooling towers and water chillers. These types of chillers are usually installed in open spaces such as the roof of buildings, and heat energy is removed from the entire system by the air condenser, which consists of coated aluminium fins, copper pipes, and axial fans.

Arya Tahvieh Air Cooled Compression Chillers

Technical specifications of Arya Tahvieh air-cooled compression chiller

  • Evaporator condensing chillers for Arya Tahvieh chillers are of shell and tube type (Shell & Tube); The pipes used in these converters are made of copper and have an external fan and its design is done according to international standards and software.
  •    Arya Tahvieh chillers have condensers in the form of copper coils with aluminium (or copper) fin, which are designed according to the weather conditions and according to the customer's needs.
  •     Arya Tahvieh Company uses suction fans from reputable brands of the blower, German Zilabag and Iran, and German EBM in making these chillers. These fans are perfectly statically and dynamically balanced with low noise operation and low vibration.
  •     Also, the electrical parts used in Arya Tahvieh chillers are prepared from reputable brands and installed in the electrical panel.

Warranty and after-sales service of Arya Tahvieh Air Cooled  Chillers

Arya Tahvieh air-cooled compression chillers have 18 months warranty and 10 years of after-sales service.
Buying air cooled chiller products online since in the reference site of DamaTajhiz, the technical specifications and guaranteed prices of all types of Arya Tahvieh air-cooled compression chillers, with the main guarantee, have been provided for dear customers to create a good feeling of optimal and smart purchase.

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